10+ Best Places to Eat in Essaouira

best places to eat in essaouira

Wondering where to eat and what to eat, well, worry no more, Essaouira, a port city in Morocco’s coastal side, has excellent quality restaurants and food spots. Essaouira is exposed to the strong Atlantic winds, giving you a relaxed and magical experience. At the same time, you have a mouth-watering meal and a refreshing thirst-quencher … Read more

11 Best Places to Stay in Essaouira

best places to stay in essaouira

If you plan a trip to Morocco to visit a small town on the coastal side, Essaouira, the last thing that should bother you is where to stay. We got you! Essaouira is a two-hours’ drive west of Marrakech. It is a fantastic, relaxed place and more conventional than the neighboring city. It is jam-packed … Read more

Best Things to Do in Essaouira

best things to do in essaouira

Supposing you have not been to Essaouira, there many things to do in Essaouira city, it is a scenic city situated approximately three hours drive, Coastal side of Morocco. Getting there is not only an unforgettable experience but an experience that one would wish to have every day of their life. The city offers an … Read more

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