Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca

7 Best Customized Desert Tour Packages & Itineraries from Casablanca

Morocco Tours from Casablanca

These comprehensive Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca is an opportunity to hit Morocco’s highlights. Wander through kasbahs, spice markets, and cities pulsing with energy. Climb onto a camel and explore the edge of the Sahara before admiring the views from the heights of the Atlas Mountains.

Experience the energy of imperial cities as you explore souks stuffed with exotic wares. Then take a moment to appreciate this amazing adventure as you camp under shining stars among some of the world’s biggest sand dunes. Look no further, our desert tours packages and itineraries from Casablanca can offer all this and more.

1. Casablanca to Marrakech Desert Tours (4 to 8 Days)

Meet the best Casablanca to Marrakech desert tours via Rabat, Fes, Merzouga Sahara (Erg Chebbi dunes), and Dades Valley. Avoiding the long distances and long, exhausting driving hours, these tours are the shortest possible tours from Casablanca to the Merzouga Desert. At least you need 4 days and 3 nights in our humble opinion.

In each of these tours is an opportunity to visit certain places and every day that is added is an opportunity either to visit a new place or city or spend more time in one of the places included in the shorter tour, and so on. Don’t hesitate to read more details, see photos, a detailed itinerary, and a map of your most convenient tour from Casablanca, we have different options: from Standard and Medium to luxury tours.


Casablanca 4 Days Tour

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4. Grand Morocco Desert Tours from Casablanca

The grand Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca allow you to discover a big part of the country and spend enough time in each place visited, unlike the short tours.

These tours include accommodations, desert camp, experienced English-speaking driver/guide, and a local guide in the most interesting places like Fes and Marrakech.


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More About The Customized Desert Tours from Casablanca

Casablanca or “The Economical City” is the big and largest city of Morocco in terms of population and one of the Moroccan imperial cities. Although it does not have many historical attractions, Casablanca remains the arrival and departure point to many flights in various directions as it has one of the largest airports in the country.

Therefore, we intended to provide many tours from Casablanca in the direction of the most important places and famous tourist cities, including the cities of Marrakech and Fes.

As locals travel experts at Morocco Tours Agency, and in the interest of facilitating travel and transportation from Casablanca to the various parts of the Kingdom and avoiding you much and much research and comparisons. We save you these efforts and serve these Morocco tours from Casablanca to you on a golden plate!

All the Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca are customizable and can be designed to meet your needs and preferences. No matter how new your ideas are, we are here to listen to help you for the best experience as you expected it or even more.

Morocco Sahara Desert Tours rom Casablanca
Hassan 2 Mosque, Casablanca

What do these Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca usually include?

In general, the Casablanca Desert Tours include the following depending on the tour type, in other meaning the type of accommodations you would like to stay in.

Private Casablanca Desert Tours

  • Experienced English speaking driver/guide
  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodations
  • Private comfortable transportation
  • Private room at the accommodations (At your preferred room type)
  • Private tent at the Desert Camp (At your preferred tent type)
  • Camel ride (Or 4×4 transfer from and to the camp as an alternative to Camels)
  • Sandboarding
  • Fuel
  • Dinner & Breakfast are usually included, except in some imperial cities for grand tours like Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen.

Here are the different options provided and their meaning

Standard TourLuxury TourMixed Tour (Medium)
- Private Transportation
- Standard Hotels/Riads
- Standard Desert Camp
- Private Transportation
- Luxury Hotels/Riads
- Luxury Desert Camp
- Private Transportation
- Standard Hotels/Riads
- Luxury Desert Camp

What do I need to bring for the night in the desert?

Not surprisingly, only your necessary things. No sleeping bag is needed. Both the standard and luxury camps are well equipped with real beds, pillows, and enough blankets…etc

What we recommend regarding the clothes is long pants, light shoes, Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat (especially in the summer), and a small backpack to put your things in.

What is the difference between the standard and luxury camps?

  • Standard Camp: the tents are private, but the toilets and bathrooms are separated and shared.
  • Luxury Camp: the tents are private and a little bit larger with their private toilet and bathroom, the hot water inside each tent. Furthermore, there is a WIFI and a place where you can charge your phone and camera.

Is it possible to do other activities while in the Merzouga desert, like ATVs?

Yes, of course, you can add ATVs or Buggies in the sand dunes to your desert tour as an extra and it will be included in the tour price.

Flexibility is one of defining hallmarks of our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca.

Flexibility is one of defining characteristics of our Morocco tours from Casablanca. You are required to let us know in advance or while on the tour.

How is the booking process?

Free Booking! To book any tour, usually, we ask for a small deposit to be paid through Paypal, Wise, or bank transfer. The rest of the payment is payable in cash to your driver/guide at the pick-up.

Paying the deposit is free, in case you would like to pay the full amount or half off, in order to avoid carrying much cash, it is possible to do it through Paypal, Wise, or bank transfer.

– To pay the full amount by Paypal, there will be 5% extra to cover the Paypal fees.

– To pay the full amount by Wise or bank transfer there will be a 2% extra to cover the transaction fee.

Note: Currently we do not accept credit cards and bank transfers are a time-consuming and high-fee process.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • For a complete refund, please cancel at least 30 days in advance of the date of the tour.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days in advance, the deposit is nonrefundable, but it is still available for your use if you reschedule your trip in the future.
Conclusion: Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca

Finally, we hope that we could offer your dream tour on our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca, otherwise, we are very happy to hear from you and to assist you with finding a better experience. Our goal is to book better, travel better, and feel better!

Your suggestions, ideas, and changes are the complementaries to our expertise. They may also become itineraries for new journeys within our Tours from Casablanca in the future. Feel free to contact us anytime and anywhere.

Reviews & Testimonials by our Happy Clients

Meet our happy clients and hear what they thought about our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca.

Kamila B
Kamila B
A TripAdvisor User
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A wonderful destination

In February of that year, I was in Morocco for 14 days with my 6-year-old daughter. We contracted the Morocco Tours Agency service who lives in the country and knows the best everything there. We start with Casablanca, then continue on to the beautiful blue city, Fes, Merzouga, Dades, Ouarzazate, and finally Beautiful Marrakech.

We love everything from the cuisine to the wonderful night in the desert. My daughter enjoyed it a lot and enjoyed all the experiences. I recommend the service, the hotels, the incredible attention we got. It is very worthwhile to know this exotic destination.

Paolla H
Paolla H
A TripAdvisor User
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One of the best Morocco Sahara desert tours from Casablanca

I was in Morocco in October and made contact with the Morocco Tours Agency. From the first contact, I felt a lot of receptivity on the part of the company. They put together an affordable and affordable 8-day itinerary. Morocco is beautiful and we love the experience.

I also visited the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech and it is very worth visiting. I recommend the work of this agency and thank you for the kindness with which you received us.

Juliana G
Juliana G
A TripAdvisor User
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Exceptional Casablanca desert tours

It was a 9-day trip through Morocco, the itinerary prepared for me and my friend was excellent, as well as the attention and professionalism employed to make the trip safe, fun, and unforgettable.

We had no problems with anything. Even questions that were not the responsibility of the organizer, she helped us ... and guided us about the life and customs of the region.

Both the guides, the driver, and the transfer hired by the organizer were very professional and polite. We know a new world, a different reality, which has left its mark and its lessons on us.

I would like to give a special thanks to the staff of the Morocco Tours Agency.

I wish that many other people can fulfill the dream of a trip like this and have the tranquility that we had and the commitment that was dedicated to us.

Carval O
Carval O
A TripAdvisor User
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Unforgettable desert experience!

Visiting Morocco has been my dream for many years. Traveling to Morocco not only helped me to realize my dream, but it provided me with security and fun before, during, and after the trip. The service was more than complete at a super affordable cost.

This agency is very dedicated and went out of their way to make sure everything was in line with my taste and my pocket (very important).

We camped in the Sahara desert, what an incredible experience to see the sky clear and starry, we camel with the Bedouins, we visited Fes and Casablanca, the girls, mosques ... I can only say that it was incredible and I am very grateful to have found Morocco Tours Agency.

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