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11 Best Places to Stay in Essaouira

If you plan a trip to Morocco to visit a small town on the coastal side, Essaouira, the last thing that should bother you is where to stay. We got you! Essaouira is a two-hours’ drive west of Marrakech. It is a fantastic, relaxed place and more conventional than the neighboring city.

best places to stay in essaouira

It is jam-packed with experts who call it the breezy seaside town due to its strong and constant Atlantic winds, making it a sandy, sunny destination unfriendly for individuals who come to sunbathe on the beach. However, if you are a wind and kite surfer, this is the best place for you.

There are numerous restaurants with delicious meals, dynamic rooftop inns, and warm, welcoming residents who will make your stay comfortable. You will love it! Essaouira also has numerous Moroccan traditional houses with interior gardens that will make your staycation memorable.

Also, there are diverse villas that you will love during your visit. We commend that you stay at least a few nights. People who come usually have a return ticket, but the next visit is a one-way ticket to come live here.

Your trip to come to explore Essaouira is an excellent choice! You will be amazed by the beauty of the small city. The city’s protected harbor is a vital trademark, which builds to the huge eventful medina.

Besides, the beautifully designed fort is among the major attraction sites for the city. Most restaurants obtain their fresh ingredients from the eventful fishing harbor to make delicious and flavorful dishes.

Check out the best places you can stay for your maximum comfort as you enjoy touring Essaouira.

Villa Quieta

Villa Quieta Essaouira
Villa Quieta in Essaouira, Morocco

Villa Quieta is one of the best places to stay in Essaouira, it is a remarkable lavish villa for an Instagrammer’s dream. Although it is not a traditional riad, it is endorsed and makes you feel like you stepped into a Moroccan royal palace.

The elaborate tiles and brickwork cover the ramparts and ceilings, whereas the luxurious textiles and metallic spotlights create a deluxe sitting room. Your shots here will be award-winning.

The lodgings are large and furnished with every amenity you could need for your comfort. If you are tired of relaxing in your private space, an outdoor swimming pool surrounding the garden could give you a fantastic pleasant relaxation. It is an ideal little oasis to spend your hot afternoon.

Villa Quieta is situated outside the medina, right on the beachside. It offers an opportunity to observe kite surfers glid transversely in the sea in the evening, right from the luxury of your private room. You can also take a stroll to the town, which is pretty attractive, walking along the footpath bordering the beach.

Riad Chbanate

Riad Chbanate Essaouira
Riad Chbanate in Essaouira, Morocco

Right on the city wall, you find this gorgeous riad in Essaouira, The Riad Chbanate. It has magnificent brickwork, elaborate woodwork, and an attractive ancient décor all through. When you step inside, the dimmed illumination offers a cave feeling, making you feel the coziness of the place.

The rooms are large, and they all oversee the inside patio. Most of the rooms here have a private fireplace to cozy up during the winter season. Besides, there’s an air conditioner in every room, a television set, among other necessary amenities for your comfort.

If you are tired of going out to get food, there is room service provided. Also, the breakfast served in the villa is fantastic, and most guests love it. The keen and attentive staff around are always ready to help, to ensure your comfort.

Their rooftop is the perfect place to escape the stress of the medina. You will enjoy your stay in a stunning, comfy riad all through your vacation to Essaouira.

Salut Maroc

Salut Maroc Essaouira
Salut Maroc in Essaouira, Morocco

Salut Maroc is an excellent choice for your stay if you are looking for a fun, funky, and vibrant riad in Essaouira. The ramparts are jam-packed with intriguing decorations, and each piece of furniture is custom make. You will have the best award-winning shots from this gorgeous riad.

You will be surprised by the stunning rooftop covered in lively tiles, and it provides remarkable scenic views of the city. Although you don’t stay in this villa, you can’t miss visiting their rooftop bar and restaurant to enjoy some ice-cold drinks and mint tea while enjoying the spectacular views.

Besides, the copper bathtub in your private room is more than excellent. It is a feeling rarely found in the riad of Morocco. You have to check in with them.

Riad Emotion

Riad Emotion Essaouira
Riad Emotion in Essaouira, Morocco

This loveliest, and charming riad, is situated in the heart of the medina. The hosts running the riad are most welcoming, making you feel comfortable and part of the family. Once you arrive, every staff makes you feel appreciated and welcome and ensures you enjoy your stay.

Their rooms are large enough, giving you a private sitting area and all the toiletries you would require. Each room has its unique style, and every detail has been articulately made to create a living space that gives an ancient and modern feel. The luxurious beds are comfortable, giving you a goodnight’s relaxation.

Riad Emotion also has an elegant walkway with numerous sunbeds accessible for the afternoon lounge in the sunshine. You can also have your homemade Moroccan breakfast on the rooftop or at the comfort of your room. The place makes you feel right at home. Don’t miss checking in with them.

Riad Dar Maya

Riad Dar Maya Essaouira
Riad Dar Maya in Essaouira, Morocco

It’s all about the natural lighting and the attractive Moroccan spotlights that cap this deluxe riad. Riad Dar Maya is situated in the souks and makes a captivating haven. Guests are set to take benefit of the stunning rooftop walkways, library, hot tubs, and hammam. Your first welcoming note is at the central garden, with some Moroccan traditional snacks and drinks.

The rooms have modest, elegant décor, and a high level of cleanliness is maintained for your comfort. A private fireplace in each room is provided to enhance your chilly nights while in Essaouira. Visitors also get to enjoy a large bathtub, ideal for a soak after a long day at the beach.

Moreover, one can enjoy a heavy breakfast or lunch on the roof, then be back in the evening for a cup of mint tea while enjoying the scenic view.

Riad Rayhane

Riad Rayhane Essaouira
Riad Rayhane in Essaouira, Morocco

It’s a newly renovated riad, with an undeniably reliable manager. The décor is in subdued tones, accompanied with attractive brickwork throughout. The sitting area has a great style, with a peaceful setting for cuddling while reading a book during the chilly days.

The Riad Rayhane has spacious rooms, which are relaxed and spotlessly clean. WI-FI is provided in every room and all over the riad for online lovers to make your stay lively. Also, a TV is provided in each room; hence you are kept updated with the news.

Each room also has a balcony, hence on a lazy afternoon, you can spend your time watching the beauty of Essaouira. Besides, the rooftop terrace is equipped with comfy lounge chairs and provides you with a beautiful view of your photography services.

Be sure to book a reservation for a massage on the spot of a spa center and hammam—there is no better way to keep yourself relaxed while you let everything go. Just for the note, their prices are affordable, hence no need to worry. You enjoy your vacation in Essaouira while having the experience of a luxurious staycation at a reasonable price.

Riad Malaika

Riad Malaika Essaouira
Riad Malaika in Essaouira, Morocco

What other way would you enjoy the standard Moroccan finishes and the charming setting in Essaouira, other than the Riad Malaika? You will appreciate the traditional tiling of the room and the elegant stonework.

The place has been maintained to reserve the inventive construction. The rooms are large, suitable, relaxed, and noiseless, offering a serene environment ideal for a long night’s sleep.

Looking at the rooftop, it is among the spots in the riad you cannot miss. Besides, you will want to dine at the in-house restaurant, where the food is unbelievably delicious. Be sure to order the mutton tagine! You will undoubtedly appreciate how every staff works to make you get comfortable and feel welcome. Riad Malaika is the best place to stay for your vacation.

Riad Dar Awil

Riad Dar Awil Essaouira
Riad Dar Awil in Essaouira, Morocco

Usually, some riads have rooms which can make you feel enclosed in a dark room, due to their poor lighting, and the unkempt rooms. However, it is utterly opposite once you step into Dar Awil.

Their lighting is perfect, airy rooms, and most important, spotlessly clean. The beds are more than comfortable, giving you a relaxing feel after a long day of tours. You will love the décor in the room.

Riad Dar Awil is located in a central location of Essaouira, hence easier to access the small town with no hassle. Don’t miss a cup of tea while on the rooftop terrace, enjoying the beautiful sunset scenery of the old city.

Guests love the complimentary breakfast served every morning. The whole package is topped by the fantastic staff who ensure everything is perfect for your staycation. Also, they give a homely feeling, with the services provided, making you want more of the riad. Don’t miss any chance.

Villa Garance

Villa Garance Essaouira
Villa Garance in Essaouira, Morocco

Supposing you are tired of the Moroccan style, then Riad Garance is the right place for you. The riad offers a beautifully decorated environment, with a decorated blend of Berber, Arabic, and Jewish styles influence.

 It is situated with the town ramparts of Essaouira, a ten-minute walk to the beach.

 You will love the spacious rooms with large windows to allow more natural light in the room. Ideally, the large windows open to the street below, giving you a lighter and a broader view of the souks. Guests are also provided with Natural toiletries to use during their few days’ staycations.

It is a peaceful raid, with a scenic rooftop view of the souks. Numerous sitting areas are offered, and some have shades for when the sun gets scorching hot. There is no better place to enjoy your perfectly prepared traditional dishes throughout the day.

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Casa Lila & Spa – Best Places to Stay in Essaouira

Casa Lila Spa Essaouira
Casa Lila & Spa in Essaouira, Morocco

A wealthy spice merchant owns this purple-themed colorful riad. The merchant renovated it into a brilliant place for people to spend some days in their Essaouira vacation. It is centrally located and close to most shops and other inns.

Every room has a unique style, with an appealing and offering an intriguing feel. The sitting area is one place that you will fall in love with. Also, the rooftop walkway gives a beautiful view of the city, perfect for unwinding after a long tour.

The staff attending are welcoming and do inexplicably good work to ensure your love your stay, lacking nothing for use around the serenity. The prices are affordable, hence for budget travelers.

In conclusion, book your stay with Dar Adul.

Dar Adul

Dar Adul Essaouira
Dar Adul, a guest house in Essaouira, Morocco

Dar Adul is a striking and distinctive Riad owned and managed by a French artist. It is appealing to the location and a perfect place for a younger generation who appreciate a relaxed atmosphere.

The owner has speckled his mark on the Riad, with numerous colorful artworks lining the walls. It is located along the terrace of some city’s best food joints, such as Caravane café.

The menu includes French cuisine. Besides, the Riad has an atmospheric and jangly setting, with live music from Daniel’s charismatic manager. Dar Adul has six lodgings on the first floor of the guest rooms overseeing the yard.

Every room has a quaint layout decorated with elegant old-fashioned fixtures, which gives a comfy setting. Besides, they are filled with dated lamps, giving a dimmed feel.

The shower room is elegantly decorated, with beautiful floral tiles. Each room is uniquely furnished, with some having beds on the mezzanines, accessible by painted ladders. A blast of color also appears on each room’s corner, hence a scruffier and more stylish than groomed style.

Guests can take breakfast in the ground floor salon while seated in armchairs and viewing the breezy Atlantic waves from the two-storied rooftop terrace.

Besides, if you love great long walks while in Essaouira, it is the perfect place for you since the walkways extend towards the former residence of Bob Marley.

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