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Best Things to Do in Essaouira

Supposing you have not been to Essaouira, there many things to do in Essaouira city, it is a scenic city situated approximately three hours drive, Coastal side of Morocco. Getting there is not only an unforgettable experience but an experience that one would wish to have every day of their life. The city offers an ideal blend of culture and aqua sports.

Although Essaouira is located right on the sea, it is bounded by a golden-stones wall, which blends cheerful cobalt and astounding wipe-out graceful with djellabas and scent of flavors. If you hike up to the roof of one of the numerous promenade restaurants, you will be surprised by the remarkable oceanic views and the boats curtailed at the harbor.

best things to do in essaouira

This 18th era city has beautiful fishing havens, with a magnificent and unique stretch of a coastline. The coastal wind makes it the ideal place to learn activities such as kite surfing.  

Essaouira influences Africans, Arabs, Romans, and French, blends to a serene coastal city. With more than 300 days of sunlight and continually warm temperatures, you have a faultless vacation. It is a quiet location to get your relaxed vacation days. Most people who have visited Essaouira tell stories of how they visited the place and fell in love and afterward obtained a one-way coupon. You will comprehend the reason after you see it.

Unfortunately, the city is among the most unrecognized towns of Morocco. Essaouira is an excellent choice for a romantic, family vacation or a solo tour.

Tourists often come to enjoy the Morocco renowned right-hand brakes, sunrise strolls, yoga, camel’s lounge across the sandbanks, among other activities. If you doubt what to do while there, worry no more. There is joy in the endless things that one can relish while exploring the major magnetism sites.

Here are the best things to do in Essaouira city:

Stay in a Deluxe Villa

deluxe vella essaouira
Traditional Deluxe Villa in Essaouira

If you visit Essaouira, you will want to enjoy your trip and relax in a luxurious villa. Magnificent lush gardens surround Essaouira. Anouk villa is about a 10-minutes drive from the center stage of Essaouira and offers you a little paradise as a welcome note.

You will be received by the hysterical and outbound proprietor, Anouk, and his incredible and observant crew. The sense of style created in the villa is a modern one, giving the Instagrammer’s vibe.

The curtains, lavish floorings, and pillows make an appealing sitting area, whereas the pebble walls and hatched ceilings provide a rural impression. The vast alfresco is ideal for the guests to do their morning exercise or recline and bask while studying something. The villa has an indoor pool, suitable for a concavity, while the after-lunch sunshine is at its best.

Besides, every room is exceptionally decorated with ornate woodwork, brass fittings, and old-style bedding, giving a sense of style that one would wish for. Also, some rooms have a secluded balcony and outside showers. Others have elegant clawfoot plunge baths encircled by scented candles to give a romantic and beautiful relaxation evening. Ideally, every room in the villa has its style of beauty.

Try some camel milk cheese from La Fromagerie

la fromagerie essaouira
La Fromagerie, Camel milk cheese producer

If you have not tasted camel milk cheese before, here is a golden opportunity to have the irresistible cheese of your life. One can get the cheese from a La Fromagerie cheese farm located opposite Anouk Villa.

The cheese farm offers a quiet place to sit and bask in the sun while enjoying the diverse cheese made by numerous animals. The camel cheese is a must-try! It is comparable to cheese from goat milk in both flavor and texture. The cheese is served in different ways; hence you have a chance to get the maximum out of the savoring experience.

cheese essaouira 1
Camel Milk Cheese to taste in Essaouira

Ensure you have the cheese with a glass of locally made red wine as you spend the few hours in the beautiful outdoor sitting area. If fortunate enough, you can get a glimpse of the newborn camel calves!

Tour along the ramparts of Essaouira city

rampart essaouira
Essaouira ramparts

These thick ramparts show how the coastline town was heartened against attacks in the 18th century. A French Military architect constructed the walls to protect the port from port robbers. The attractive and magnificent pieces of unique architecture provide the city with a great setting, with the souks sheathed inside the ramparts.

They have been well maintained, and in 2001, it was acknowledged as a World Heritage Site. However, the commercial trade became renowned because the city connected Morocco and Saharan with Europe and the global world.

Don’t just walk along; climb the pathway of these thick walls to get a clear oceanic view while sopping in the antiquity of the vast citadel. You will be surprised the ramparts have withstood the continuous pounding of the sea surfs.

Camel ride on the beach in Essaouira

essaouira camel ride
Essaouira Camel Ride

Unlike most beaches in Morocco, the coast located in Essaouira isn’t precisely perfect for tanning. It is ideal for captivating long treads, observing or doing kite surfing, and befriending the local camels and horses.

Often, Moroccan residents offer camel and horse rides to tourists. Also, the ATVs will drop away from you once you are close. Riding ATVs is often preferred by most people, compared to the pretty animals.

One can also choose to have short rides along the beach or have long rides through the sandbanks in the area. However, all these are done at a price, and be sure to bargain before hopping on one.

You also learn the history of Morocco, along the way, from your dedicated guides while transiting to the local farmland and other reliable Berber townships at the speed of your choice.

Horse riding in Essaouira

essaouira horse ride
Essaouira Horse riding

Supposing water sporting activities are not on your to-do list, you can have a great experience with horse riding at the beach. The beautiful coastline of Essaouira city is an excellent place for horse riding. One can dash through the surfs and over the dunes.

Who wouldn’t want to channel their inner cowboy or girl into the wild coastline of Morocco?  The sport has been present for over 15 years. For the horse-riding beginners, tutorials are offered, and one is given maximum support they would need.

The horse-riding adventure is pocket-friendly and has different packages, from a one-hour long ride to several days of back horse riding. It is an activity worth experiencing.

Go shopping at Le Souk

shopping in essaouira
Le Souk, the traditional Essaouira Market

The ancient Essaouira city has numerous shops along the passageways, packed with every item you would need, or what you lacked in Marrakech, and probably in Fes. However, the owners of these shops are less belligerent in their coercive ways of getting you to purchase from them.

Various items, including shoes, cushions, leather bags, which spill out into the pathways, and plush Berber rug draperies from the parapets. Also, some spices pleasure your wits and bedspreads of different sizes and colors, which can be the best for your home.

Remarkably, the shop across the Mohamed Ben Museum has a wide variety of quality leather goods, and the prices are negotiable.

Moreover, if you haven’t shopped at Le Souk, Essaouira key shopping center, you have not exhausted your exploration. This famous street is bundled with rows of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, aromatic spices, among other local art and craft.

While here, you have a chance to stop at a café for freshly prepared mint tea while you watch people barter for cheap souvenirs and clothes in the bazaar.

You can also visit Essaouira during the weekend to enjoy the flea market, often conducted at Le Souk. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss, as you pick newfangled and affordable items for your home, such as wood carvings, jewelry, among other leather products.

Learn to kitesurf (Best things to do in Essaouira)

kitesurf essaouira 1
Kitesurf in Essaouira

Essaouira is great for watersports such as kite surfing, windsurfing among other activities. This is possible to the strong winds experienced around the year, particularly in summer. Besides, there are several surf shops where you can obtain surfing tools.

Also, windsurfing schools are numerous and are great for beginners. Tutorials are accessible in either an individual or group setting, depending on your comfort level. The surfing training can be customized to your preferred length, and a team of experts is often ready to help till you get confident in the water and give it a trial.

Ideally, the love of being dubbed by the strong winds of the city while kite surfing is no surprise that it’s the main reason for the fame of Essaouira. Kite surfing is done all year round since the strong winds blow throughout.  

Moreover, the settings alongside the golden-sand coastline are ideal for kitesurfing, among other watersports. Also, the beach is shielded from the dangerous solid waves by the island of Mogador; thus, not many strong waves reach the island.

The oceanic temperatures are often maintained between a range of 19-230C throughout the year, making it a perfect place for watersports, ad an opportunity to learn another sport- kite surfing. One can also rent a standard surfboard and wet suits for other water explorations.

Visit the Argan oil cooperative

argan oil cooperative 1
Visit the Argan oil cooperative in Essaouira ❤

Surprisingly, the argan tree is originally from Morocco. You will find argan oil and argan products in different places. Since you are visiting Essaouira, why not tour the argan oil cooperative, and witness the most important products of Morocco being made their origin.

You will find women in rooms decorated with argan trees while they use the traditional tools to compress oil from the grains and finish the complex procedure of forming argan cream. This is probably something you have not seen before. What is more satisfying is that you will be watching the process firsthand, and it’s definitely worth your time and money.

Visit the Sidi Mohammed Abdallah Museum

Mohammed Abdallah Museum
The Sidi Mohammed Abdallah Museum in Essaouira

Essaouira city is characterized by more art galleries than museums, unlike most other cities in Morocco. However, Sidi Mohammed Abdallah Museum is the highlight for ancient enthusiasts. It was named after Ben Mohammed Abdallah, the founder of the modern-day Essaouira city.

The museum is situated in a 19th-century castle, used to serve as a royal home, a municipal house, and a youth center. It now houses an assortment of historic pottery, ancient costumes, woodcarving, jewelry, music instruments, old coins, armaments, and draperies.

It is the perfect place to discover tales of a century-old Berber history.

Gnaoua Festival in Essaouira

Gnaoua Festival essaouira
The Gnawa Fistival of Essaouira

The Gnaoua Festival is a music festival, usually held yearly in Essaouira city. The world music festival is held over three exciting and busy days in June. Close to a million people are always welcome to the event, filling the highways and locations with the North African sounds, traditions, and sights.

The fantastic thing is that the event is usually free for the tourists to watch and enjoy the cultural practices.

It is usually more than just a simple music centenary. Art and cultural performances are done, with over 20 stages spread throughout the medina of Essaouira. Tourists look forward to having African and modern funk from beyond Africa.

Tour the Essaouira port

Essaouira port
Essaouira port, Morocco

Essaouira port is among the landmarks of the city. You cannot go wrong with visiting the port. It provides a lively intellectual picture of regular life in Morocco due to its endless beehive of events.

Here, you have a chance to watch the boats’ movement in and out of the harbor. Also, you see the fishing nets being unfolded for maintenances and watching the old-style blue fishing boats being made.

It is ideal for visiting the port before noon when the resident fishermen come in with their clasp of the day. Also, the lively atmosphere of fish auction in the market hall, right after the port gate, is a fantastic experience.

Besides, please stop in the afternoon to buy your fresh fish from the vendors, and have it cooked for lunch. Essaouira port is a beautiful site to visit; at sunset, take a shot-winning picture of the bright blue fishing vessels against the background of blistering orange sky.

In conclusion, you cannot visit Essaouira without trying Moroccan sweets.

Moroccan Sweets

Moroccan sweets essaouira
Moroccan Sweets to try in Essaouira

Most Moroccans have a sweet tooth, and the best way to end your meal is with a delicious pastry and several tins of sweet mint tea.

These are found in countless Essaouira medina stalls, and they are in various types, from creamy gelato, chocolate crepes, and other flavors. Patisserie Driss, situated right opposite Central Square showcases their pastries and other goodies, so you want to stop by and get some.

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