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Casablanca to Marrakech – 5 Ways to Travel

Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in Morocco. It is the capital of the mid-southwest region of Marrakesh- Safi. It is situated on the west side of the Atlas Mountains. It is approximately 580 km southwest of Tangier, 327 km south of Rabat, Morocco’s capital, 239 km south of Casablanca, and 246 km northwest of Agadir. However, the last thing to worry about traveling from Casablanca to Marrakech is the means to get there.

Marrakesh attracts thousands of visitors every year for both business and pleasure. Whether you are trying to have a last-minute break or a much-needed getaway, you can always get a transport means from Casablanca.

There are numerous ways you could use for your transport means, and you will be there in just a couple of hours:

casablanca to marrakech

Casablanca to Marrakech by Train

For the most part, tarins in Morocco are comfortable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive to reach Morocco’s most popular tourist destinations. Supposing you have a trip from Casablanca to Marrakech in mind, taking a train is always a great idea. Most visitors choose the convenience of flying into Casablanca airport and then travel by rail from Casablanca to Marrakech and other cities such as Fez and Tangier. A high-speed train can cover the distance between the cities in just hours. Taking a train is among the fastest means for travel, and a very comfortable means.

casablanca to marrakech by train
Train Station, Casablanca, Morocco

All the trains serving the Casablanca to Marrakech railway route are safe, modern, and well-equipped. The passengers are welcome to take advantage of the comfy seats, generous legroom, and more than enough space for the luggage during the journey.

The trains boast impeccable punctuality and a broad schedule with ten daily departures. Making planning a railway trip from Casablanca to Marrakech as easy as 123.

The shortest travel time is two h 39 min, and the longest travel time is two h 39 min- never changes. The lowest train ticket cost is $27, and the average daily departure is five. In addition, the earliest departure is 09:35, while the latest departure time is 17:35.

What train company runs between Casablanca and Marrakech.

Morocco’s state-owned network, ONCF, runs all the services between the two cities. All the services feature both first- and second-class seating.

Cost of Train Tickets in Casablanca

The ticket prices between Casablanca and Marrakech rages from 49-13 DH (Moroccan Dirham) for a second-class ticket to 120-150 DH for a first-class ticket.

Also, the ticket prices vary according to the services and the type of fare you purchase. Fare types are outlined below, ranging from non-refundable to fully flexible.

The ticket policy is the exchange before departure and refund before departure. In addition, the no flex is not exchangeable and non- refundable. The semi-Flex is exchangeable for free once and a 50% refund. The Flex is exchangeable unlimited free. The refundable in full until D-1 of the travel date. It is refundable with 20% withholding beyond.

First or second-class tickets for the Casablanca to Marrakech rail service.

First Class

The first-class train tickets are not as expensive as the second-class fare but are recommended, especially for longer trips.

casablanca to marrakech

First-class compartments will be airconditioned have more room and allocated seating. If you get to the ticket office early enough, you can reserve a window seat in first class, enabling you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Depending on the service, a one-way ticket type ranges from 120-150 DH.

A quick tip for you: the mid-morning and evening trains services tend to be cheaper.


A second-class train ticket for travel from Casablanca to Marrakech is not a problem. However, long train rides such as Marrakech to Tangier, eight hrs. Especially on the overnight service, we recommend buying a first-class ticket.

train casablanca to marrakech

The second-class compartments have recently been furnished so now have air conditioning and air conditioning and are much more comfortable than in previous years. These improvements coincide with the new high-speed train service between Casablanca and Tangier. However, the second-class will be cramped, accommodating as many as eight passengers per compartment on a first-come, first-served basis. You may even have to stand in the second call during the busy days until a seat becomes free.

casablanca to marrakech train tickets

A one-way fare differs depending on the service and type of ticket. Expect prices of 49DH for one-way no flex, one-way semi-flex 87-132 DH, one-way Flex 106-139 DH.

Tip for Train Travel in Casablanca, Morocco

They have a food cart that will travel through the train once throughout the journey with basic drinks and snacks. It is recommended that you bring plenty of drinking water with you.

Storing luggage on second-class trains in Casablanca, Morocco.

Unless you are lucky, the train compartments don’t have enough room for passengers. The luggage must be stored at the other end of the carriage in an open area opposite the entry.

It is recommended that you carry a lockable luggage cable for times like this, when you may have to lock your luggage to a fixed structure on the train.

Buying the train tickets in Casablanca, Morocco.

Ideally, you can book the train tickets for travel from Casablanca to Marrakech online through ONCF. You can also do that with a Moroccan-issued credit card.

You may also choose to ask a tour operator or Moroccan travel agent to purchase tickets for you in advance, but this is not necessary. The easiest is to buy your tickets in person at the station.

Best time to purchase train tickets

One can buy the tickets on the day you are traveling from the train station, as the trains depart every few hours and are rarely full.

However, for a first-class ticket, especially during the peak season and holidays, it may be best to go to the station a day or two before you buy your tickets in advance. First-class seats can be reserved up to a month in advance.

Casablanca to Marrakech by bus

The buses in Casablanca offer the most remote places and available services. Bus services operate 82 direct buses per day and 577 direct buses per week from Marrakech to Casablanca. The journey via bus to Marrakech takes around 5 hours, and the ticket price starts from 24 USD to about 26 USD. However, depending on the traffic, it could be longer or shorter. That’s the big unknown between taking a bus rather than a train.

Casablanca to Marrakech by bus

Bus travel from Casablanca to Marrakech is one of the easiest and most popular ways. It is often the cheapest and usually comfortable. It is a bit cheaper than the train, but it takes longer. You need to decide whether the money you save on the bus transport is worth the extra time in transit. Often, you will have about six stops during your five-hour trip. CTM offers bus routes to Casablanca.

casablanca marrakesh bus

If you are on a long trip, taking a bus isn’t going to eat into your time in Casablanca, Morocco. However, if you are on a short vacation, taking a much faster transport means to save your time can be a huge deal.

Where to purchase bus tickets

The cost of bus travel from Casablanca to Marrakech also depends on different things such as the day and time of travel.

Just like the train, you must purchase your ticket at the bus station before you depart. The cheapest trip is available, and you can check online before you plan your visit. In addition, it is recommended that you book your ticket as early as possible to ensure you get the cheapest bus ticket to Marrakech.

Busses are a very popular mode of transport, and it is not unheard of for busses to be sold out. The CTM bus station to Marrakech is right opposite the train station.

Advantages of taking a bus to Marrakech

  • It is the least expensive transport option
  • Buses depart every hour
  • Luggage storage room under the bus


  • It takes the longest time
  • It isn’t much cheaper than the train
  • Buses often sell out

Casablanca to Marrakech by plane

Whether it’s an obligation or the sake of your sanity, sometimes you need to getaway. Maybe you need a flight from Casablanca and Marrakech to attend your cousin’s wedding, pitch a business idea to your boss, or perhaps treat yourself to a minivacation. Air travel is one of the most convenient routes to choose from. It is safe, fast, and it’s comfortable.

Casablanca to Marrakech by plane
Casablanca to Marrakech by plane

Both Casablanca and Marrakech have airports. So, if you wanted, you could fly between the two cities. A major concern with flights earlier was the ticket booking procedure. But with digitalization, this step is an easy one. One experiences a hassle-free booking experience online and gets the flight tickets easily with just a few clicks. 

The flight itself takes only 50 minutes to Marrakech, but it is everything else that comes with flying that might slow you down.

Between Casablanca and Marrakech, four airplanes are operational. The cabin classes include first class, business, prem Econ, and Economy. The airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights: Royal Air Maroc, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. However, you have to confirm the booking policies on the booking site.

The best season to beat the crowds with an average 26% drop in the prices is in May, the low season. November is the high season, where most popular time to fly with an average 19% increase in price.

Casablanca to Marrakech by car

A non-stop drive from Casablanca to Marrakech is about 149 miles or 240km. The driving time covered can amount to two hours, 45 minutes. However, Casablanca to Marrakech can be interesting, especially if you stop along the way.

Casablanca to Marrakech by car
Casablanca to Marrakech by car

If you are looking to get to Marrakech by taxi, you will probably pay anywhere between 1000-1500 Dirham in total for a taxi from Casablanca airport to Marrakech. This may seem an expensive way of travel, but if you factor in the chances of being stuck on the train and sometimes having to wait for a train at the station, you would wish that you paid the sum of money and got to Marrakech after three hours at most.

The estimated fuel cost from Casablanca to Marrakech is about US$20- US30. Before your trip to Marrakech by road, it is important to check the road conditions and weather. You can also check out the stop-over places to eat along the way before getting to Marrakech.

Casablanca to Marrakech by shuttle

Depending on the airline used, cars wait for you outside, while the airport representatives wait at the arrival area with your name on a paper to escort you to the car or shuttle. You can also get a shuttle off-airport, a short distance from the airport terminal.

The ground transportation at the Casablanca Mohammed V airport is limited to train services that run on-site and connect directly to the Casablanca Port station. There are taxi and rental car services available at the main terminal. However, why not get where you need to be by reserving a shuttle instead?

Casablanca to Marrakech by shuttle
Casablanca to Marrakech by shuttle

The Casablanca shuttle services transportation range includes several classes so that you can choose from the level of service you need for your journey. The entry-level class costs the equivalent of a taxi ride, but you receive more personalized services and bonus features.

If you are keen on saving your budget, then the shuttle bus services at the Casablanca airport to Marrakech are a great way to go.

Airport shuttles don’t take much time to leave. Once you have checked with a GO Airport shuttle agent, you should wait no more than 30 minutes. Most shuttles leave within ten minutes.

You can also use SuperShuttle services, among the top van choices for a shared ride service. The tickets cost about MAD80-MAD150, and the journey takes about three hours.

In conclusion

There are limitless options for travel from Casablanca to Marrakech. It all comes down to one’s personal choice and what transport means works best for you. One person may prefer to take a train, while the other prefers to take a bus or shuttle to their destination. However, the takeaway here is that it is very easy to move from Casablanca to Marrakech. The distance shouldn’t be an issue.


How far is Casablanca from Marrakech?

Casablanca to Marrakech distance is 245 km.

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