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Car rental in Casablanca Morocco

Morocco’s commercial capital, Casablanca, is a hub of international energy and local affluence. Although the city is often overlooked in favor of most tourist-centered Moroccan cities, travelers who peer below the surface of Casablanca see the country in its natural light.

Car rental in Casablanca

Casablanca maintains its engaging style, although it may not be the best romantic escape as the famous film Casablanca suggests.

However, taking your time and not rushing through the city helps you reap plenty of rewards. It is, therefore, vital that you get the best car rental in Casablanca. This will help you indulge your curiosity further with a drive to the surrounding deserts and coastal towns.

There are various locations where you can pick up your car in Casablanca. The most common rental car location or car hire location is the Mohammed V International Airport (CMN). It is about half an hour’s drive or approximately (35km) from the city center.

The top car rental brands in Casablanca, Morocco, includes but are not limited to Europcar, Aircar, Budget, Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty. The local currency used is mainly Moroccan Dirham (MAD).

In addition, the average temperatures of Casablanca range from 23oC, warmest in July, and 13oC, coldest in January. While motoring around Casablanca, it may feel like second nature to drivers from the states. Drivers use the right side of the road while driving in Casablanca and the rest parts of Morocco.

Top tips for renting a car in Casablanca

  • If planning to come to Casablanca, always book your rental cars for at least one week before your trip so that you can get a below-average price for your rental car.
  • Although it may sound strange for drivers from abroad, constant communication is vital while navigating traffic in Casablanca. Drivers constantly make eye contact, signal their hands, and honk to alert other divers to their intentions. It is essential as a driver to watch out for other drivers’ signals and try to do the same back.
  • Luckily for car drivers in Casablanca, there is always reasonably moderate rush hour traffic. However, in the morning during the workweek, there is usually some congestion from 6.30 am to 9 am, and in the afternoon, it picks back up from around 4 pm and finally clears up around 6. Pm. Apart from the said hours, traffic should not be a problem. Just enjoy steering clear of driving in the old town, where most streets are pretty small.
  • Can’t wait to start your trip in Casablanca? Suppose you want to rent a car from the rental car counters and your flight is landing at the Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport. In that case, you can find the rental car counters in the Arrival Hall just adjacent to Terminal 1.

Since you now have the top tips to know when renting a car in Casablanca, we can now look at the different car rentals in Casablanca that you can choose a comfortable car from:


Europcar car rent in Casablanca
Europcar car rent in Casablanca

With Europcar, you can benefit from great deals throughout the year for seamless car hire experiences in Casablanca, Morocco. Besides, why not travel your way by selecting a car from the top collection of brand-new vehicles in either of the stations located across Casablanca?

Whether you plan to get a car rental in Casablanca as part o your vacation or rent a car for a special event, be sure to get a vehicle that suits your needs for an epic experience, from the wide range of economy and luxury models available. Europcar is a global car rental dealer, and they pride themselves on providing world-class service. They also offer flexible short-term and long-term rental cars, and all of them at great prices without any hidden charges.

car rental casablanca morocco
Europcar, car rental, Casablanca, Morocco

With Europcar, you get friendly services, new cars, and lower prices, and all are part of their daily offers.

Whether you are hiring a car for pleasure or business purposes, or you need to get a van or a car, Europcar has a car for your every need in Casablanca. Europcar has a fleet of vehicles, and when you rent a car from them, you are assured to be in safe hands from the moment you collect your keys to your destination. They have hundreds of vehicles to choose from, including economical small cars, convertibles, luxury cars, and sports cars.

car rental in casablanca morocco

If you want relaxed and efficient driving, choose automatic cars; convertibles if you love the feeling of wind in your hair; sports cars for daring and fun to drive vehicle; luxury cars for a stylish and exceptional selection; and economy cars for low fuel and excellent choice.

car rental in casablanca morocco airport
cheap car rental casablanca morocco

While coming to get your rental car from Europcar, always remember to carry your driving license, a valid credit card, and additional proof of identity such as a passport if you are hiring abroad.

At Europcar, they have a green program, and they understand the environmental impact of car hire. Therefore, they have wholeheartedly maintained and ensured a sustainable development program and are always proud to have their first car hire company at Casablanca with certified commitment.

Why renting a car with Europcar?

The top reasons to reserve your rental car with Europcar are getting the best rates in the market, unlocking rewards with the privilege loyalty program, and ensuring that your data is safe with a reliable rental car dealer.

Thrifty Casablanca

Thrifty Casablanca car rental
Thrifty Casablanca car rental

Thrifty Casablanca is a car rental agency that operates in many cities in Morocco. Suppose you have thought of renting a car while in Casablanca, this is the company to contact. They have different types of vehicles at affordable prices.

Thrifty Casablanca is a notable and reliable car rental company with modern cars that frequently undergo mechanical inspection to ensure safety for their clients.

car rental casablanca
Thrifty Casablanca, car rental

With Thrifty, you are guaranteed value for money, cleanliness of the vehicles, and excellent car hire pick-up and drop-off processes.

With Thrifty, there are no hidden charges that one could encounter. Besides, they also offer free cancellation for their rental cars. Thrifty offers a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, making them the best car rental in Casablanca. The company’s fleet of vehicles includes hatchbacks, sedans, wagons, jeeps, convertibles, and executive cars of diverse brands.

The most popular brands include:

  • Dacia
  • Volvo
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Chevrolet
  • Kia
  • Hyundai, etc.
 car rental casablanca airport
Car rentalin Casablanca, Morocco

These cars, among others, can be rented at Thrifty Casablanca. All their vehicles are always maintained to enhance safety while driving. The company has been in operation for the longest time, and clients always leave positive feedback.

Renting a car at Thrifty is usually streamlined without any problematic situations. From the moment you book your selected car to the moment of picking your keys, no hidden charges or concerns come up. Everything is outlined and straightforward. For example, it is impossible to find a situation where you have been allocated the wrong car or find that your selected car has not yet arrived.

car rental morocco
Car rental, Morocco

In addition, if a car has some scratches, they are recorded in the rental contract. This ensures that you will not be charged for the minor damages you have nothing to do with when you return your vehicle. Thrifty Casablanca respects its clients and always strives to make a comfortable and relaxing journey as much as possible.

Choosing a car at Thrifty is a simple thing to do. However, clients are advised to understand why they need to rent a car first to make an informed decision. For instance, if you are looking to get a cheaper car, probably from the airport to the city, or ride around through the city with luggage, a sedan or a hatch will be a good choice for you.

rent a car in morocco casablanca
Rent a car in Morocco, Casablanca

On the other hand, if you want to do extreme adventures and even ride to a forest, steppes, etc., an offroad car will be an excellent option for you. For a perfect cross-country, with a large trunk renting a wagon will be ideal. 


Hertz Car rental in Morocco
Hertz Car rental in Morocco

Hertz offers car rental services at unbeatable prices. Besides, they have two rental locations in Casablanca, making it easy for you to find the best cars near you. The most popular location to find Hertz is at the Mohamed V airport. In addition, the most popular car type is a mini with an average price and an excellent deal for touring around the city. a mini car usually is cheaper than other car types on average.

rental cars casablanca morocco
Rental cars Casablanca, Morocco

When booking your rental car in Hertz, booking at least one day before your trip is advisable to get a below-average price. Also, they offer airport pick-up services from the Mohamed V airport in Casablanca. With Hertz, you are guaranteed a safe, comfortable driving experience.

car rental in casablanca morocco airport
Hertz, car rental in Casablanca, Morocco


Budged car rental in Casablanca
Budged car rental in Casablanca, Morocco

Budget is a car rental partner that offers affordable car rental services for all the visitors coming to Casablanca. They are located at the airport terminal two to ensure you don’t struggle while moving around.

car rental in casablanca airport
Budget, car rental in casablanca airport

Average budget car rental charges are approximately $40 per day, but that varies with the different car types available.

rent car in casablanca airport
Rent car in Casablanca airport

They offer free cancellation and enhanced cleanliness. Why not discover the best of Casablanca from tours, trips, events, and attractions with a rental car from the budget?


Aircar car rental in casablanca
Aircar, car rental in casablanca

Aircar is a great car rental provider with tremendous affordable cars for every passenger. They are located at the Mohamed V airport terminal two for easy access to passengers at the airport.

With Aircar, you have guaranteed fast and easy drop-off and pick-up services. Their staff has an honest reputation for efficiency. Also, they don’t have any hidden charges, no credit card fees, or even amendment fees.

They guarantee their clients’ overall value for money of your car rental. The time taken to book and collect your car is minimal, ensuring you don’t get late for your trips. The vehicles are well maintained with frequent servicing and the car’s general condition. They also have time flexibility.

The most popular car rental deals in Aircar includes:

cheap car rentals casablanca

 A compact, for a Fiat Panda or similar car,

car rental casablanca airport mohamed v

Economy for a Dacia Logan or similar car,

casablanca rental car

The standard for a Dacia Duster or a similar car,

casablanca car rental

Minivan for Nissan Evalia or a similar car, 

rent car casablanca

And Special for Dacia Dokker or a similar car, among others.


What type of cars can one rent in Casablanca?

There are different rental cars in Casablanca, and one may choose either depending on their preference and taste. If you want to save some coins on fuel while navigating Casablanca, you can’t beat a mini. These nifty rides prove bigger is not always the best choice, especially if you find parking spaces. Why not zip around the bustling city streets with ease, and you won’t have to worry about your parallel parking skills.

On the other hand, if you need a car with more room space for travel, the standard mid-size or full-size vehicles give you all the space you need.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Casablanca?

One can rent a car in Casablanca for 18 years and above. Rental car dealers in Casablanca often charge younger drivers an extra fee which covers more severe damages risks involved. Besides, young motorists are usually not allowed to rent luxury or specialty vehicles by most car dealers. Always read the fine print of the rental car dealer you are renting the car from.

What do you need to rent a car in Casablanca?

Before driving a vehicle in Casablanca, you need to have your driver’s license and a credit card under the same name. In addition, if you choose not to take the rental company’s insurance coverage, you may be required to have shown proof of alternative insurance coverage. However, the rules of different rental car dealers vary, so you may need to read and understand their terms and conditions for their rental cars before you rent one.

In conclusion

No Moroccan vacation is complete without a vehicle. Don’t miss out on the most significant opportunity to see the scenic and vibrant desert landscape for yourself. It is best if you are visiting Casablanca to rent your car. The city is conveniently located within a short driving distance of some of Morocco’s tourist spots.

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