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14 Best things to Do in Casablanca

Ever been to Casablanca? There are many things to do in Casablanca, it has a populace of about five million people. The climate is moderate; hence one can plan the visit at any time.

The months of July to September are the hottest, with temperatures of 70-90℉. On the other hand, the coolest months are from December to February, with about 60℉.

 It is the main entrance to Morocco and is often referred to as the pecuniary heart of Morocco; since the primary international airport is situated there. Casablanca is the business powerhouse. There are tons of reasons to visit Casablanca.

things to do in Casablanca

Often people visit Casablanca for religious motives, while others come to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beaches. Casablanca should be top of your bucket list.

The beautiful coastline, splendid mosques, and other mouth-watering restaurant selections will give you the best exploring experience. If you are wondering what you would do after visiting Casablanca, here are things you can’t miss and ensure you hit all the city’s highlights!

1. Visit the Hassan 2 Mosque; 1st things to do in Casablanca

hassan 2 mosque
Hassan 2 Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

Exploring Hassan 2 Mosque is no exception. The sea views and the fresh breeze from the sea cannot be compared to anything. Looking at a brief history, the mosque was built in 1993 and took about six years to be completed. It is set on a viewpoint overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Hassan 2 Mosque is the second largest Mosque in Africa and among the few open to non-Muslims. This allows the non-Muslims to appreciate its glory, irrespective of their belief.

Its stunning interior has a capacity of up to 25000 people and offers Muslims a unique feeling and chance to pray on a glass floor, directly over the sea.

Here everyone has a chance to admire the beautiful piece of art any time from the spacious courtyard, which can accommodate further 80000 people. Its turquoise marble tiles, arranged in brilliant classic Islamic designs, hence shine dazzlingly in sunlight. This mosque is the number one item to explore Casablanca.

2. Visit the Rick’s Café

ricks cafe
Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca

How can you visit Casablanca and not stop at the Rick’s Café, a restaurant named after the famous Humphrey Borgata and Bregman Ingrid; Classic film starring. The renowned Rick’s café is everything enthusiastic film fans can imagine- drifting back to the 1040s, accomplished with décor and melody from the movie.

Besides, it is a 1930 piano that fills the restaurant with melodic tunes, ensuring you are taken back in time on a movie treat. The décor installed in this magnificent castle is redolent of those in the film.  The café extends to numerous floors, having each individualized table set design. It sits inside the walls of the Old Medina.  

No one wants to miss the experience! That’s the exact feeling the Casablanca film directors would want you to experience the beautiful city while sipping some chilled cocktails drinks. Besides being encircled by the beautiful art creations and being entertained by pungent melody! Just recall taking your quote book…

3. Taste Casablanca’s  cookery section on a food expedition

food casablanca
Moroccan Food, Casablanca

The high chances are that you have not explored all the Moroccan dishes from the renowned cousins, mint tea, tagines, among others. Moroccan food is not only delicious but also diverse.

Tourists in Casablanca can enjoy a guided food tour into the city’s own rich culinary culture, courtesy of a famous local food company running a variety of theme-based experiences and tours in the city.

 The trip offers an opportunity to visit numerous renowned food spots, including the Central Market, fruit juice bars, and liquor of Boulevard V. here, you will enjoy gourmet coffee and teas in a fine dining restaurant.

Moreover, the day’s biggest highlight is selecting fish from a local market and watching it being cooked in a casual eatery. Your food tour guide will also educate you on some rich antiquity food traditions as you enjoy the magic of the flavors.

4. Do some shopping in the Old and New Medinas of Casablanca

Casablanca medina shopping
Casablanca medina, Morocco

If you are wondering what to do in Casablance, hit the markets. It is a rare bargain to glimpse into the everyday life of Morocco’s people.  Shopping in the New and Old Medinas is a must for the tourist. It is almost impossible to squeeze through the numerous souls throughout the country without pausing for a look.

 The wide variety of items, from the luminously colored scarves and bedspreads, a leather of bag packs of different sizes and shapes, elaborate metal lamps, hand-painted pottery, and strong spices, will make you regret having carried a small suitcase!

Luckily, the shops in Old Medina have everything you would need, whether you are a local or a vacationer, without discrimination. Designer items and other things like perfumes are intermixed.

It is a place with an amiable alley and handicraft shops, and you can load on everything you have desired to have. Tourists find less hassle here compared to many other emporiums in Morocco. Besides, be sure to pass by the Patisserie Bennis for world-class pastries.

Since the district is a blend of the suburban and market streets, it is a great place to experience the pulse of Casablanca life. You’ll find a lot of interesting shrines dedicated to the local Muslim residents of Medina’s south section.  

5. Take time to admire the ART Deco in Casablanca

art deco casablanca
Art Deco in Casablanca

Lively Casablanca city center will leave you to have the best feeling of all time!. Ideally, the feeling is like you stepped into a time machine and wish to stop the time. Art DECO movement surpassed in the 20th century, and the architects who gladly embraced it virtually seized Casablanca.  You cannot have your eyes off the wide range of historic buildings.

Some of the buildings are original but scrambled shabbiness, while some have been well maintained and eye-capturing. Besides, this locality is a true portion of Morocco’s antiquity as a French colony.

There are several places to tour, but the best to visit is the Boulevard Mohammed. Here you can stroll alongside the new tram of Casablanca. This street will lead you to the huge and busy squire surrounded by shops, offices, and restaurants.

The other notable site for visitors is the Grande Poste. It is a clock barbican of Wilaya, a government building. It’s time to enjoy the beautiful art while you learn the history of Morocco.

6. Take time to visit Casablanca’s Cathedral

casablancas cathedral
Casablanca’s Cathedral

The Cathedral is a harmonious combination of the Morrocan style and European style. It was constructed in early 1930. Although it was left to wane in the past, and the current dilapidated state needs renovations, the structure is still an eye-catcher.

You don’t want to miss the chance. While there, just hit the door, and if you are fortunate enough, the guardian will be glad to welcome you inside, of course in exchange for a tip, to explore the spiraling interior of the Cathedral.

7. Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism

museum judaism
Judaism Museum

The villa is Casablanca’s tranquility, which has a dedicated history of Morocco and the Jewish community. The interesting history stretches back to 2000 years. The villa has an extensive linking with the local Jewish community. Besides, it was initially used as a Jewish orphanage.

This is the place to discover traditional costumes, photographs, dioramas, and religious items, tracing the rich tradition of Moroccan Jews, with a focus on Casablanca’s Jewish community.

All the items and other collections are well labeled, with extensive data explaining the antiquity and cultural worth of the exhibitions. Although all the exhibitions are worth a visit, the most stimulating parade is the synagogue. It originally hails from the town of Larache, which was relocated and rebuilt here.

8. Indulge in the fine dining experience at the Riad 21

riad 21 casablanca
Riad 21 in Casablanca, Morocco

If you are on the lookout for a lavish meal in luxurious environments, Riad 21 is the place to be. It is one of Casablanca’s top dining spots. The restaurant is spectacular and has a golden dining area, with a view behold the old Moroccan style.

It is very remarkable for a total economic friendly visit. The venue is relaxed open for light breakfast and coffees. It allows tourists to have a fine dining experience and a relaxed atmosphere.

9. Take a guided city tour

casablanca city tour
Casablanca city tour

Often, the best way to learn about a city is by taking a guided tour. The half-day tour gives you a chance to explore as many areas as possible and ensures you get to know all the city’s highlights.

The guided tour to Casablanca is a great way to learn about Morocco’s historical and cultural economic sites. After the hotel picks up, you experience an airconditioned minibus tour around the city while stopping at Casablanca’s highlights and notable landmarks.

You will learn facts and fascinating discoveries before you return to your hotel. The numerous activities and discoveries to be unleashed cannot be matched.

10. Hit the Beach in Mohammedia

mohamadia day tour
Mohammedia, Morocco

No more worrying about where else to visit while in Casablanca. The coastal city is approximately 28 kilometers, Northside of Casablanca, and is fronted by some amazing beaches. If you are looking for a relaxed alternative, you don’t have to look any further. 

Mohammedia is an excellent place, with lots of laid-back allure. You have an opportunity to wander through the small Medina District. The new town side is attractively contained and laid out, with numerous outstanding boulevards lined with palm trees.

While you enjoy the beach vibes, either during the summer or any weekend, you notice that almost half of Casablanca is absconded for the day. All the restaurants and cafés burst, and the sand strum with diverse activities. Mohammedia beach has consistent train contact with Casablanca.

11. Take a day trip to Azemmour
azemmour day trip 1
Azemmour, Morocco

The village of Azemmour is about 88 kilometers southern side of Casablanca. The historical overview of this place is fascinating and has a couple of eye-catching sites showcasing that long occupancy and extending to Punic eras.  

Discover why the tourist board endorsing Morocco’s Atlantic coastline someway left the Azemmour reeking their bucket list. The main attraction and historic sites are the Adobe-built fortifications surrounding the minor medina area—the link to the KasbahKasbah, dated from the 17th century.

If you are looking for a place to stroll, this is the place to be! It is probable to walk over the parapets at nearly diverse points. Besides, you have a chance to visit Azemmour’s beach, situated some kilometers away from the town. It has one of the amazing coastlines, which is kept undisclosed. Ideally, the allure lies typically that nobody appears to stop over of the place.    

12. Tour, the El Jadida’s Citadel, listed in UNESCO
el jadida citadel
El Jadida’s Citadel, Morocco

Why not discover the fortress of El Jadida? It is roughly 103 kilometers south of Casablanca. It is a 16th-century citadel, not only facing the sea but also UNESCO-listed. It is worth stopping to explore the beautiful scenery while on a journey to the southern coastline.

Tourists and locals have a chance to scramble up onto the ramparts for excellent sea views. Besides, you can stroll through the various tracks where several segments have been conserved. The bastion prison situated in the northern corner was converted to El Jadida’s synagogue.

Several atmospheric cisterns centrally placed in the fortress were used as a filming location in the famous movie ‘Orson Welles’.

13. Take a trip down to Oualidia
oualidia morocco
Oualidia, Morocco

If you haven’t been to Oualidia, then you are missing a lot. This is the place to do nothing complex than just observing the tidal isle appear and vanish. The flashiness of flamingos and other birds playing with the bounty of water is not only fascinating but gives one a chilled and calm beach vibe. This charming coastal region is 182 kilometers southside of Casablanca.

The warm and chilled side is the perfect vibe you want to look out for. The Kasbah should be enough reason to tour the place. Most visitors tour here to experience amazing seafood dining firsthand while enjoying the sweep of the shore that runs alongside the lagoon.  

It is the best place to take a break from the busy city life. Oualidia is the favorite spot for foodie travelers who want to have a variety of seafood. The local restaurants serve them while fresh from the sea.

14. Take a desert tour to Merzouga and Marrakech from Casablanca
camel ride in Merzouga
Camel ride in the Merzouga Desert, Erg Chebbi dunes

Visiting and exploring Casablanca is undoubtedly a great idea, but taking a Casablanca Desert Tour to the Merzouga Sahara (Erg Chebbi) won’t be worthless as a sightseeing tour of Casablanca and one of the best things to do in Casablanca.

Planning a Sahara desert tour from Casablanca and back or ending elsewhere like in Marrakech is a chance for a complete Morocco trip, it’s your opportunity to enjoy a camel ride over the sea sand of the Erg Chebbi spending overnight camping under, visit all the interesting sites along the way including the famous and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah.

Don’t hesitate to find out more details about these designed Morocco desert tour itineraries from Casablanca here.

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