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Is Casablanca Safe?

Casablanca is the most populous city and the largest city in Morocco. It is also a very important and well-known city in Morocco. It is located 70 km southside of Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. Casablanca has a large port on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The administrative center of Casablanca is Settat, and it forms the prefecture of Casablanca.So, is Casablanca safe?

is casablanca safe

Casablanca is the industrial, cosmopolitan, and economic heart of Morocco. It is the largest city and boasts the world’s largest artificial port.

Casablanca is popular for its blend of different lifestyles and traditional cultural influences. It is one of the most liberal areas in Morocco, but one should always be respectful of its values.

However, not everything is butterflies and rainbows. The city is ridden in poverty, which is prevalent in slums on the city’s outskirts and has led to high rates of drug use, crimes, and even prostitution.

So, how safe is Casablanca?

Visiting Casablanca is generally very safe for travel. However, this doesn’t mean that crimes don’t happen, just like any other city in the world. If you are traveling, you will want to exercise caution and be aware of your surrounding at all times. Casablanca is safe but traveling with a lot of common sense comes a long way. Most trips in Casablanca often end up well and successful. However, there are other threats such as air pollution and traffic flow, and both pose a serious threat.

how safe is casablanca
The Hassan 2 Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

The tourist numbers to Casablanca have been continually growing each year and are also projected to grow impressively. The continual growth of tourist numbers indicates that the place is safe for travel.

And, do bad things happen in Casablanca? Absolutely!

Most complaints from Casablanca are the nature of pushy people and petty theft, which is common even in most other cities in Morocco and other countries. These issues raise concern, and tourists must maximize their safety and ensure your trip to Casablanca is smooth sailing.

Other people have complained about getting lost in the city’s busy streets due to the ever-changing street names from French, Spanish, and Arabic. But, google maps should be helping and do the job easily.

Generally, Morocco is the most politically stable country in North America. The Moroccan government always invests in the country’s infrastructure in various cities, such as Casablanca, to attract more tourists. This is because more tourists have more cash flow at the end of the day.

Usually, you will not see many political demonstrations in Casablanca. But, If they appear, there are not usually harmful to the tourists. It would be best to stay out of it and not engage in the protests. You will be safer.

 What are some of the Dangers and warnings in Casablanca?

The overall risk of Casablanca is low.

Casablanca is by far most the safest city to visit in Morocco. The crime rates in the city are low. However, tourists are advised to keep safe by being vigilant at all times and always ensuring their belongings and valuables are in a safe place. In addition, it is expected that all tourists be mindful and respect the Islam culture and customs.

Transport and Taxi risks are low.

Transport means in Casablanca is safe to use. However, while on public transport, tourists are advised to keep their belongings and valuables in a safe place. Also, while using taxis, one must be careful, especially the petite taxis.

things not to do casablanca
A Street in Casablanca, Morocco

You can try and hail a taxi from a short distance from the tourist attractions and railroads stations to get better fare prices and more honest drivers. Always find out the typical fare to your destination by either asking a local or google online to avoid being scammed.

Taxis in Casablanca usually have day fare and night fare. The night fare is usually more than the day fare by close to 50% more than the daily fare. Always ensure you check the right fare registered on the meter before starting your tour. Also, note that the legitimate daytime and night fare may vary with the cost of gas, so always ensure you check the current day and night fare by either asking a local.

While driving a car or motorcycle in Casablanca, adhere strictly to the laws. Always wear your seatbelt; this is mandatory for everyone. It is also against the law to use your phone while driving. The traffic police are everywhere on the roads and are usually serious about enforcing traffic laws, fines to traffic laws breakers, even minor violations.

Pickpockets risk are low

Usually, small, petty crimes are every day in Casablanca, so you should never let your guard down. Casablanca has moderate to high crime rates, so tourists should always pay attention and use common sense. Particularly, if you are in a crowded place and tourist landmarks, you should always be careful. Most people have reported theft cases, of items such as mobile phones, even in broad daylight, so you must be careful.

It is common for thieves to steal phones, cash, and other small items even in daylight. You should always avoid using phones while on busy streets, even on less busy streets. Thieves use fast means such as motorcycles to steal and disappear in seconds.

While in the Old Medina, avoid walking at night and even showing large amounts of money or showy jewelry or wristwatches. Women especially should avoid walking alone in the city at night. 

Also, if you are looking to buy an item, ensure you ask for the price in Dirhams before you make the payment. There are times vendors will quote the prices in Rials, a much less valuable currency than the Dirhams, and hope that the buyer pays for the item in Dirhams.

Don’t carry with you all your liquid cash, credit cards, and passports when going out.

Natural disaster risks are medium

It is worth noting that Morocco is an earthquake zone, and Casablanca is situated in a seismically dangerous region, and earthquakes can occur in Casablanca. Smaller earthquakes occasionally occur in Morocco, with the recent and strongest earthquake in 2004 in northern Morocco killing more than 500 people.

Terrorism risks are medium

Casablanca has been the target of terrorist attacks in the past, so we can not entirely rule out the risk. Terrorists are somewhat likely to try and conduct terrorist attacks since there have been threats to personalities and government institutions. Also, political demonstrations occur, although they are mostly peaceful. Always ensure you study the political environment and are up to date with the current news before coming to Casablanca.

Mugging risks are low

Mugging is not so common in Casablanca, and neither is abduction. When it comes to crimes and violence altogether, you don’t have to worry about your safety. However, it is advised that you avoid poorly lit and quiet places, especially at night. Always be vigilant wherever you are.

Scams risks are low

Like any other city in Morocco, there are a few scams in Casablanca. Cyber scams and other scammers extorting money from locals and tourists through emails are the most common ones. Also, the reported scams were requests for money in exchange for other services and certain investments.

Women Tourists risks are low

Sometimes, women will probably encounter unpleasant instances on the streets if walking alone at night. However, this is often just disturbing hisses and cat-calls. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t be polite to annoying people because you are a tourist. No Moroccan woman would put up with that kind of behavior. Having dark glasses make it easier for one to avoid direct eye contact. Visitors and locals are advised to keep off from dark areas and other deserted places and not walk alone at night.

casablanca morocco safety
A woman Traveling in Casablanca, Morocco

Drinking in Casablanca

Morocco is an Islamic country, but alcohol is still legalized and sold in most cities like Casablanca. Tourists and locals get numerous bars and restaurants serving beer, alcohol, and wine. Most of the stores in Casablanca also sell takeaway alcohol. However, drinking on the streets is illegal.

Tourists are advised to avoid drinking water from a bottle with no seal cap. In addition, one should not accept ice in drinks or even raw washed vegetables. This is to ensure the minimal occurrence of food poisoning from your target.  

So, is Casablanca Safe?

Generally, Casablanca is considered a safe city for tourists. You will not face any problems while traveling in Casablanca in most instances. Although we cannot rule out petty crimes, it has relatively low crime rates. One should always be aware of their surroundings and be vigilant all the time.

Most common Casablanca crimes can be avoided if you follow the rules and use common sense. Nobody needs to tell you to keep your phone and money safe while walking to crowded places.

It is also worth noting that in Casablanca, it is difficult to walk down the street without being asked by someone if they could help you carry something, sell you something or even give you directions to wherever you are walking. This is particularly true for women walking on the streets. They will keep having men cat-calling them. Don’t be polite to anyone since no Moroccan woman should condone such behavior.

The other possible danger in Casablanca is the driving conditions. Sometimes, taking a taxi can be terrifying, especially when weaving in and out of the busy traffic at a very high speed. Crossing a busy street can be more dangerous. However, pedestrians can safely cross the road if they wait patiently on an opening and run fast.

Also, while taking a taxi, make sure you use a licensed taxi with a taximeter. This will help you avoid the chances of running into a robbery.

Things you should never do in Casablanca

Casablanca is an attractive destination with numerous attractions sites. Casablanca attracts different tourists with different interests. However, to ensure your safety in Casablanca, there are certain things you should never do while here.

Things you should never do in Casablanca
Casablanca city, Morocco
  • Disrespect Islam. More than 90% of the Casablanca population identifies as Muslims. Islam is the state religion of Morocco. Disrespecting the Islam religion in Casablanca can offend the local people. Although Morocco generally is the most liberal country, no visitors should disrespect their host. Don’t get this twisted. You can ask religious questions to educate yourself, but limit the discussions only to factual matters rather than giving your controversial opinions. Remember to respect the rules that forbid non-Muslims to keep off certain places such as mosques and shrines. Keep with the standards of the local people.
  • Use your left hand while eating. Most of the traditional Moroccan dishes are eaten with bare hands. Be careful to use only your right hand to eat with, though; the left hand is considered unclean, as it is typically the hand used when going to the toilet. While unwittingly using your left hand to eat with is unlikely to cause any drama, it might raise a few eyebrows or induce a few snickers or scowls.
  • Walk around in beachwear, while around the beach and not away from the beach. The religious and cultural norms and the general standards of dressing in Casablanca are honestly conservative. Walking with beachwear is certainly not an appropriate attire while exploring Casablanca city, regardless of how hot the weather is. Use bikinis and bathing suits for the beach and ensure you cover up when leaving your hotel room, restaurant or wherever the place you may be.
  • Don’t walk alone at night. Walking in a well-lit and busy street is not a problem. You must, however, be careful while walking at night. It is always good to be aware of your surroundings since you may not know the lurks around the corner, particularly in the medina. Petty crimes are rampant, especially targeting tourists unaware of Casablanca and how people live.
  • Don’t walk alone in deserted streets, especially for women. Any woman walking alone in the streets attracts unwarranted attention from idle men, increasing the chances of being followed and even the likelihood of groping.

In conclusion

Casablanca is safe for a tour, but visiting requires that you be tough and keep an eagle eye out of possible problems. Be more skeptical if you notice something fishy or unusual. For anyone planning to visit Casablanca, I would recommend it. You must keep an extra eye out, especially with your belonging and other valuable items. Casablanca is worth the visit, and it is a lot safer than you think!

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