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Best Things to Do in Tetouan

Seven miles from the Mediterranean Sea, along the Martil River, lies Tetouan. Tetouan is a modern city in Morocco surrounded by beaches and has an excellent reputation. Tetouan city has a beautiful setting with modern streets and has around-the-clock activities making it a great tourist attraction around Morocco.

Following are some activities and best things to do in Tetouan city.

best things to do in Tetouan

This great city was inhabited by the Idris Dynasty in the 9th century and was fortified by the Marinid Dynasty in the 14ht century. Spanish troops later captured it in 1860, and it became the capital of Spanish Morocco and made Francisco Franco the headquarters. In 1965, the Marinid Dynasty fought, and Tetouan city was given back to Moroccans.

Tetouan city is commercialized with an economy based on light manufacturing and craft works. It is a cultural city with several artisan schools, music schools, national museums of traditional arts and archaeology, and an archival library. Tourists visit this city to learn more about it and read about its origins. If you want to know more about the city, you are free to walk around since it is a secured city.

Best Things to Do in Tetouan, indoor and outdoor activities:

A Day Trip To Chefchaouen City

Chefchaouen city should be the first place to visit. It is a holy city located 66km southern
Tetouan. It has many mosques and sanctuaries where thousands gather annually for faith
practices. It has been noted to be Morocco’s most picturesque town.

is tetouan worth visiting
Chefchaouen City, Morocco

The houses and medina are all painted in a blue wash color; this is a tradition that was introduced in the 1930s. This city has incredibly photogenic streets with a few actual sites.

When listing things to do in Chefchaouen city, do not miss to visit the much-restored Kasbah. This medina is currently the home of Tetouan’s ethnographic museum. You can study the culture of the Muslims and other believers of this town.

You can take an easy 2km hike to the east of this town, following the great Ras Maa River near the Spanish mosque. A trip in Chefchaouen is all about wandering the wriggling alleys and ends up soaking up the ambiance. Do not forget your camera during this trip full of the colorful medina for great memories.

Exprole The Medina in Tetouan City

Tetouan city is the most influenced city by the Hispano Moorish. This influence has made it retain its authentic Andalusian soul. Architectural historians regard this city as the country’s
best-preserved medina. It has a thorough atmosphere to explore and learn about cultures.

Tetouan Morocco
Tetouan City, Morocco

When you dig through the alleyway of this great city, you capture a new picture of the perfect local scene with lots of lovely and crumbling houses lining the narrow winding streets. It’s what makes it one of the best things to do in Tetouan.

A few of the traditional buildings within this medina have been transformed and were opened up to the public recently as cultural centers and museums. During your medina strolls in this city, they are worth visiting and learning more about Hispano

The vision of Tetouan photography and picture collection is hosted in the Dar El Oddi
which is being stored medina mansion. This collection is meant to trace the city’s history from the 16th century to the 20th century.

Sultan Moulay Abdurrahman built the medinas fortress wall, which brings out the Tetouan’s
interesting Ethnography Museum
. It is found inside the Bab el-Okla gates of ramparts. Inside this fortress wall are well-organized displays that explain and demonstrate the local ceremonies.

Brush Up On History At The Archaeological Museum

Visiting the city of Tetouan is an excellent opportunity to learn the history and culture of the Moroccans. The archaeological museum has tons of information about the origins of the great city its medina and its traditional cultural practices.

tetouan what to see
The Archaeological Museum in Tetouan

This museum is in the Tetouan’s Ville Nouvelle. It is known for its exhibits that include a superb Roman mosaic of the Three Graces is unearthed at the great Lixus archaeological site near the town of Larache. Larache is a town in morocco situated on the northern Atlantic coast. In this museum, you can also find the displays of artifacts that are brought from across Northern Morocco.

This artifact includes pottery, coin, bronze, and prehistoric tools. This museum is a literature library that houses more than sixty thousand volumes of the city. If you are interested in history, visiting this museum in Tetouan city is worth it. There are tons of information that can add to your knowledge.

Take notes that the exhibit in this museum are not labeled in English. History lovers who visit the city of Tetouan do not miss the visit to this museum since it is located in a serene environment that is easily accessible. Its architectural design is attractive, and the information is well organized for easy access and a relaxed time for reading.

Drive To The Northeast Coastline Of Morocco

The northeast coastline of morocco has breathtaking scenery that is prime in the city of Tetouan. Hiring a car for a tour in this city is worth it. The winding streets are at the heart of the shores, taking you on tour past the calm villages and fantastic weather beaches.

what to do in tetouan morocco
Tetouan, the Northeast Coastline Of Morocco

You find a beach with great architectural design with every twist and turn. Coastal Moroccan life is a slice of rural life that is hard to beat. While walking along the beach, you are likely to spot the sand that is empty along the way.

The northeast coastline of Morocco is a great adventure, and you can hoop in for a picnic or a quick swim in the ocean. Heading southeast from the Tetouan city, following the coastal highway down to the El-Jebha village, lies the best panoramic views of the beach. For lovers enjoying the cool weather on the beach, this is a must-visit anytime you are in Tetouan city.

Sunbathe And Swim At The Great Martil

Martil is popularly known for fishing. It is located ten kilometers east of Tetouan city. If you want easygoing fishing, this is the port to visit.

tetouan attractions
Martil Beach

The Moroccan flock to this coastal resort, particularly during July and August, for their summer beach holidays. There are plenty of shoreside restaurants that dish up the catch of the day, and they make great seafood cuisines. It is usually busy on the weekends.

A visit here is an exciting contrast to the Tetouan’s old-world charm. There is no traditional atmosphere since the entire shorefront of the beach is scrubbed up and modern.  If you are seeking a cool sea breeze or a day trip, you could base yourself here.

Much of Martil’s accommodations are rentals. The tourist industry in the coastal region is squarely higher than the domestic tourism market. Martins has the best beach life compared to other coastal towns in morocco. It has a significant tourist attraction site.

Mountain Bike Or Hike At Al-Hoceima National park

Al-Hoceima is the largest national park covering areas of the central mountain region that swoop down to the coastal region. Hills and the Rif Mountain surround this park. For
bike riders and hike lovers, this is a must-visit park.

tetouan beaches morocco
Al-Hoceima National park, Morocco

This park is less visited than the Talassemtane national park. Talassemtane national park is located a few kilometers from al-Hociema national park. It is easy to access the park since the streets around are modern.

For bike lovers and hiking is the best place to visit when you are in Tetouan city. Inside the park is a protected area home to endemic endogenous trees. Other trees in this park include Aleppo pine, wild olive, and carob tree. The surrounding of this park is the isolated villages connected by the dirt tracks.

These villages can be navigated by bikes or forward vehicles. This national park is at the coastal area of Tetouan city and habituates dramatic limestone cliffs and beaches isolated to the northern region.

Café Hopin Tetouans Ville Nouvelle

Tetouan’s Ville Nouvelle is also known as the new city. Located along with the Mohammed V Avenue, this city begins at the vast plaza of place Hassan 2 and is sided by the royal
palace and the mosque of Pasha.

Tetouan Medina
Tetouan’s Ville Nouvelle, Morocco

Cafes and restaurants along the roads surround it. Mint tea is one of the favorite hot beverages prepared in these cafes. People travel with friends and family to enjoy the traditional made here For the best coffee and mint herbal tea, pull a seat in one of these cafés and enjoy.

Ville Nouvelle is a great place for sightseeing, take a walk from the plaza, up to Mohammed V avenue then to the old Spanish cathedral of Iglesia De Bacteria is fully functioning up to date. While walking along with the town’s old railway station building, you will find the Tetouan of modern art. This museum is home to the best Moroccan collection of contemporary artwork.

Take A Resort Beach Break On Cabo Negro Beach

Agadir is on the Atlantic coast and remains to be the most popular beach escape in Tetouan city. Domestic tourists come in large numbers to the resort of the Mediterranean to enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean.

Cabo Negro Beach
Cabo Negro Beach, Tetouan

Moroccans and other tourists decamp the Cobo Negro beach to enjoy the sandy shorelines during the summers. These shorelines are dotted with beach resorts that offer all-inclusive beach break deals. The beach is often quiet and empty when Cabo Negro hits the snooze button outside the peak summer.

If you have toured the city of Tetouan during the spring season or the early fall, go for a lazy
beach day, soak up your towel and enjoy the sand alongside other beach lovers around. The beach is crowded during summertime. I would advise a visit to Cobo Negro during this season.

Trek in The Talassentane National Park

Tallacentane national park lies in the southeast of Tangier and the city of Tetouan. Rif mountains surround this park and are a paradise for lovers of mountain bikes, hikers, and trekkers. This national park is one of the most popular parks to explore.

Talassentane National Park
Tallacentane national park, Tetouan

Take a walk in the isolated villages, the thickly forested hills, and enjoy the wind-carved geographical features. The panoramas of this park sometimes stretch out to the Mediterranean Sea.

While hiking on the cliffs of Talassemtane park, there is excellent bird viewing, and there is a chance of spotting the Barbary apes.

What a nice view of the eagles as they fly into the skies. The Chefchaouen organizes the park. They are helping to guide you through the park. You can also decide to hire a tour guide to take you through the park.

Shop Amid Tetouans Souk District

Barter trade is commonly found in the Souk district. The medina makes it a fun place to trade goods such as food staffs, snacks, and other contents from the many stalls that surround the winding streets of Souk. People visit this town to get involved in the rising bustling local actions.

Amid Tetouans Souk District
Amid Tetouans Souk District

El Fouki market is commonly where the locals purchase wheat and yeast to make their bread. Loaves of all sizes and shapes are freshly baked in the oven if you cannot bake your bread. The traditional loafs made of raw yeast are also available in these stores.

Guerra El Kibira is where traders set up stalls specializing in clothing and textile. They make lovely and colorful textiles for sale to locals, and international tourists visit this market to buy quality textiles and clothing.

El Hot market is where you find goldsmith-handcrafted jewelry and other beautiful ceramic craftwork. Souk district is a must-visit while buying a special gift such as golden jewelry. They offer fair prices for their jewelry compared to other tourist-oriented markets around Souk.

Why Should You Visit Tetouan City?

  • Arts and architecture mainly influence Tetouan city from Spain. If you love to learn new cultural activities, this is the place to be. This city is the center of different cultural activities.
  • Here you find all kinds of museums, schools of art, crafts and music and a traditional ancient library. Beaches around Tetouan city are highly recommended during the summer seasons. Sunbathing and swimming are the activities you primarily find on these beaches.
  • The city of Tetouan is renowned for its multicultural center. Its medina has been a world heritage site of UNESCO since 1997. In the area of art crafts, this city has been part of the UNESCO creative cities network.
  • Tetouan city laneway medina has plenty of food staff and piles of greenery straight from the gardens. The groceries are all green and fresh. They have plenty of staple food and traditional dishes, fresh, natural spices.
  • Tetouan city offers an excellent opportunity for street photography. The white walls in this medina are significant to photographers. The ancient medina may seem small, but you can still spend a few hours wandering the streets. The good thing about this city is that it feels intact and authentic.
  • They have more places selling tourists wares and souvenirs. This is a great attraction to local and international tourists. Day-to-day items are also sold in huge quantities as the locals flock to the stalls around this medina.
  • The casbah found in Tetouan is an impressive attraction facing the mountains and overlooking the city. It has a quiet rundown you can visit to clear your mind, and it is worth climbing the hills and enjoying the view. This authenticity makes the character of Tetouan city outlive, and you may think you are in Greece or Spain.
  • There are beautiful cats in the streets of Tetouan city. You could spend all day snapping them. They are believed to guide the city. The laneways are usually quiet in the morning, which gives them plenty of room to wander around the town and act as they own it. These acts make excellent street photography.
  • The magic of the night fading away in the mountains and the colors of the day slowly dimming is a fabulous instance to want to travel to Tetouan city. They set as Arabic nights practiced in the Ottoman Empire in the evening sky. Watching the golden hour will make you want to visit this city in the evening.
  • Tetouan city is worth visiting to enjoy the 24 hours economy. Considering that Moroccan towns have fascinating medina, you would not want to miss a visit to this city every time you come to morocco. The stalls are open with plenty of items you would like to shop for. From food staff to wears, you can shop anytime, any day.
  • The cemetery is fully open to the members of the public. You may not be fun of the cemetery, but they are often good insight into the local culture. There are plenty of cemeteries in Tetouan city and are easily accessible.
  • When you want to visit Tetouan city, you must do your best to understand the Spanish language. Asking for directions in the streets is made more accessible by some locals that understand a few languages spoken worldwide. These locals make it easier to stroll the streets of Tetouan.
  • The archways and doors in the streets of Tetouan city are subject to street photography on their own. They have so much history and characters. These doors are made so that they combine well with the archways. This architecture is beautiful.
  • You feel secure while strolling the streets of Tetouan city. Security is their priority. Improved security means economic rise and more tourist visits.
  • Tetouan city is located strategically where it is easily accessible. You can access this city from any dimension from morocco.
  • The restaurants in the Tetouan city make great cuisines using traditional natural spices. After touring around the mountains and the beaches, these are selenic places to visit, have a good meal, take a drink and relax.
  • There is plenty of accommodation in the city. After a tiresome day touring around the city, you need a place to lie down and rest. You will find duplex accommodation with a home feeling, and comfortability is their priority.
  • You can make a reasonable budget while you want to visit Tetouan city. Life in this city is relatively affordable and can fit your proposed budget.
  • The medina in the city of Tetouan is a relaxed place to wander and make memorable moments. During the summer, I would advise you to travel here and relax for a day or two and make the best memories.


Tetouan city is one of the favorite cities for traditional architecture and culture lovers. This city has plenty of medinas that are tourist-attracting. It has a lovely atmosphere which is a prime tourist attraction. There are thousands of activities in this city. Hiking, bike riding, fishing, and skate surfing are among the activities in the city.

You can visit Morocco and miss a tour in Tetouan city. You would have missed a lot. The
surrounding of this city has an excellent base for nature lovers and trekkers set out to explore Morocco. Tetouan city should be on your following list of towns to trip to.

Also known as the old town, Tetouan city medina has retained the authentic Andalusian soul. This medina has made the city the most Hispano- Moorish influenced of all Moroccan cities. Tetouan is the best town for history lovers since it has plenty of museums with tones of information.

This city is a favorite for culture lovers and traditional architecture lovers. It has a favorable
atmosphere with a beautiful medina that is a great attraction for tourists from all over the globe. For trekkers and nature lovers, this is a must-visit city since it is an excellent base to set out and explore.

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