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Best Things to Do in Agadir

Have you ever imagined a place where the ocean and desert are just right beside each other? It is possible, and the name of the place in Agadir. Not only this but it is enriched with beautiful mountains and valleys that make this place heaven. The variety of things to do and places to visit in Agadir will make it difficult to decide where to visit. So to make a proper plan, I have enlisted Best Things to do in Agadir, which will surely make your time worthy.

best things to do in agadir

Let’s explore the best things to do in Agadir:

1. Visit Agadir Beach

agadir beach
Agadir Beach

Agadir beach is famous for its natural beauty as it has a huge stretch of sand alongside crystal-clear water. You can go with your loved ones over there to enjoy a swim in calm as the atmosphere there is super attractive. Children are also welcome because rescuers are on patrol constantly, making this a safe place for families.

You can also bring fancy cheese and fresh fruits to have a picnic on the beach or plan a bonfire at night, which is also a peaceful thing to do. People love to go surfing on the Agadir beach, which is an exceptional adventure as many local companies offer complete packages.

2. Jet skiing on the Beach

jet ski
Jet Ski in Agadir

If you want your time to be spent in a refreshing way, then nothing is better than riding a jetski in the oceans at ultimate speed. This provides you with limitless freedom and joy, which you have never experienced before. These rides are available at Agadir beach, and all activities happen under the provisions of the experts, which make it safe.

3. Boat Trips in Agadir

agadir boat trips
Agadir Boat Trips

The boat trip is also the most pleasurable activity to do in the Agadir. This includes a journey inside the open Beach during which you can do fishing, swimming, and water-related activities. This is also a fascinating experience.

The company which manages these trips also provides you with the food on the boat, so you can relax inside the ocean while eating fresh food is also like a treat. This activity is mainly carried out in the months of the summer when the water is warm. If you ever visit Agadir, make sure you take a boat tour because you will not regret it.

4. Water Surfing – Best Things to Do In Agadir

water surfing agadir
Agadir Water Surfing

Surfing on an ocean gives you a feeling like you are riding on the world, and you can do this on Agadir beach, where tourist companies provide you with the experts to provide you with the equipment required for water surfing to properly guide you while riding.

Rescuers are always present with you while riding, which makes it a safe activity. Thousands of locals and tourists love to go water surfing on Agadir beach. Those who love water surfing and want to make their time memorable should consider water surfing in Agadir.

5. Buggy Ride on the Coastal Line

buggy driving agadir
Agadir Buggy Driving

Riding a buggy near the Beach is a beautiful experience and this a popular activity which the tourists and locals carry out. The beautiful coastal lines with deserts and the rocks cure on the other side are perfect for this activity. No place other than Agadir can provide you with such experience.

6. Camel Ride in Agadir

agadir camel ride
Agadir Camel Ride

If you came to Agadir and have not seen a sunset, then why did you come to Agadir?. This is true. If you plan to go to Agadir or present in the Agadir, then surely plan a camel ride in the sunset near the coastal lines.

You will experience incredibly breathtaking scenes as in the silence, and you will be riding on a camel with water on one side and desert on the other side. It is an unforgettable memory. Some local companies can also arrange a dinner for you after the sunset camel ride near the Beach that surely enriches the whole experience. 

The camel rides are also offered to explore the deserts, which most tourists also love, and you can also enjoy them. The local trip advisors will go through the beautiful trails inside the deserts, which also is memorable. It is recommended to do this activity in groups and in the winter season when the temperature is low.

7. Agadir Quad Biking

agadir quad biking
Agadir ATV Quad Biking

Everyone knows about the deserts of Agadir, which are famous for their sand domes. So a lot of people love to do quad biking over there, which gives you an adrenaline experience.

Touring in the desert can be tiring, which makes this activity very famous. A ride inside the desert is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty and take a lot of photographs of the beautiful landscapes. You can ride on the built roadmaps, which are supervised by the authorities. It is a very safe and enjoyable experience. Many small shops are also present near these routes which also serve you with food and drinks.

8. Agadir Sand Surfing

sand surfing agadir
Agadir Sand Surfing

Sand surfing is getting popular day by day, but you cannot do this activity anywhere in the world. Luckily the Agarid is considered one of the finest places to do sand surfing in the desert, which is present just some kilometers away. Thousands of tourists visit again just to do sand surfing in the months of winter when the temperature is not that high. 

To do sand surfing, you should hire an expert who will provide you with all the equipment and guide you everywhere. This is important because sand surfing is done on smooth planes and for an ordinary person to identify the perfect locations. It is recommended to do sand surfing in the sunsets when the temperature is comparatively low.

You will never experience a ride like this anywhere as you are surfing on a desert that is just located just near oceans which immensely empowers the scenery and makes it look like a dream come true. After doing the sand surfing, you can also visit the sea and have a bath.

9. Ride on Air Balloon

agadir air ballons
Agadir Air Balloon

Don’t miss the Agadir sunrise balloon if you’re planning to visit or are currently in Agadir. It is basically a hot air ballooning experience at sunrise, which is unrepeatable as you fly in the sky like a bird and enjoy all the scenes and landscapes in silence. Such a moment is something more than a dream which cannot be explained in words.

The air balloon flies over the high Atlas Mountains and near the Atlantic oceans, enhancing your experience by providing the most stunning scenery and amazing coastline, illuminated by the morning sunrise. The rides are timed to coincide with the sunrise for such spectacular views. After the ride, riders are served freshly made breakfast which makes it more worthy.

10. Crocodile garden in Agadir

crocodile garden agadir
Crocodile Garden

In Agadir, the most popular tourist attraction is the crocodile garden. Actually, this place justifies its fame as it has such incredible distinctive landmarks with a lot of crocodiles and their related species. To increase the natural beauty, different rare plants are also present in the garden.

It was made by a famous French designer who was born in Morocco. The garden officials state that almost 325 crocodiles that vary in size are present, which were imported from different countries to make a unique park of its own types. Regarding landscaping, there are four gardens present which contain different types of plants like rare and exotic plants with colorful flowers that increase the beauty. It is said that almost 3000 plants are present in the whole garden. 

Tourists and locals alike are attracted to the crocodile garden because of its unique characteristics. People love to visit this place to capture beautiful pictures with crocodiles and plants, and this garden is only of its kind as it consists of a considerable number of crocodiles at a single place which makes this place worthy of visiting.

Wooden benches are also present in the garden if you want to sit and relax to enjoy the landscapes formed by the beautiful flowers and the incredible natural waterfalls created by the lakes. You can also celebrate your occasions in the crocodile park and make them more memorable. It would be best if you didn’t miss seeing such a beautiful place in Agadir.

11. Souss Massa National Park

souss massa national park
Souss Massa National Park

The other most visited place in Agadir is Souss Massa National Park. It is believed that almost millions of people visit this park annually. This immense popularity is that this park inhabits the endangered species of animals and birds, which are very rare, so people visit this place to explore more.

This mega-park is converted into animal reserves as it has an extensive collection of birds and mammals. Animals such as deer, oryx with horns which are endangered and very rare, are present in this park. This mega park covers almost 33,000 square hectares of land, including natural lakes and magnificent rock carvings with a river flowing on the northern side.

These rock carvings with the waters make fantastic scenes which is also a point of attraction for most people. Waterbirds inhabit the river and the natural lakes that pass through the parks; most are migratory birds and endangered. It is said that almost 300 species of birds are present in the Souss Massa national park.

Many local companies provide horse rides which allow you to see the whole park and the animals with ease. Benches are also present near the river where you can relax and see the rock carving shapes with flowing fresh river waters at the same time. Many cafes and restaurants are also present in the park, which serve your famous food dishes and drinks, enhancing the whole adventure.

12. Paradise Valley

paradise valley
Paradise Valley

Paradise valley is one of the most famous tourist destinations globally. This valley is present in the renowned atlas mountains of the Agadir. It is present 20km away from the center of the Agadir towards the north in the Tamraght River valley. It is one of the country’s natural reserves and earns some good revenue for the locals as millions of tourists and fellow citizens visit here.

The paradise valley is famous for its abundance of water pools enriched with multiple small waterfalls that originate from the rocks that make a spectacular view. There are small huts and rooms in this valley where you can relax.

You can tour the surrounding area with your family on safari trips that are organized by the valley management team. While touring the sites, you will see the giant bird cages that will surely catch your attention; make sure to take pictures with them as they are very rare of their kind.

You can also visit domestic parks that have fondling goats and deer. People love to play with them and take pictures with them. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants present in the valley which serve the best local and famous food. If you want to spend a night in the valley, then you can also rent rooms in these restaurants.

13. La Medina

la medina agadir
La Medina, Agadir

One of the best historical places in Agadir is to visit La medina, which was built in 1990 using traditional methods and things by an Italian artist. It is actually a museum which is a few kilometers away from the center of the Agadir.  This museum consists of historical things and handicrafts that should be explored. A small restaurant is also present inside the museum to dine in while exploring the museum.

14. Memoire d’Agadir

memoire dagadir
Memoire D’Agadir Museum

Another historical place to visit in Agadir is Memoire D’agadir, a museum built-in 1960 to remember the 15,000 people who lost their lives and 35,000 people who got homeless after the deadliest earthquake that happened in the country.

This museum consists of things related to that incident like newspaper cuttings etc. So in order to know about this incident and pray for the souls, you can visit this historical museum.

15. La Grande Roue d’Agadir

le grand roue dagadir
La Grande Roue D’Agadir

With a fifty-meter Ferris wheel, this place is ideal for the joy seekers who enjoy feeling joy multiple times a day. The ride is very cheap and safe as the wind sensors are used in order to prevent any disasters, and regular maintenance is carried out. So if you are with your family, then you should surely visit the La Grande Roue d’Agadir.

16. Watch Dolphin Show

dolphin show agadir
The Dolphin Show

The Dolphin show is one of the best things which you can watch in Agadir, and it is just 15 minutes drive away from Agadir. The dolphin show consists of the dolphin with sea lions performing different stunts and also communicating with the humans. While watching them, you can also eat the food as vendors are selling it.  You can also take pictures with them and swim with them. I am sure this will be an experience you will never forget.

17. Take a Desert Tour from Agadir

agadir desert tours
Agadir Desert Tours

The deserts of the Agadir are with natural sand and rock carvings. Local Morocco tour companies in the Agadir allow you to explore the beautiful deserts by arranging tours which are usually done in groups. You can join them to feel the beauty of deserts. Primarily jeeps are used for this purpose, but you can also make this tour happen on a camel if your mood strikes.


I enlisted the best things which you can do while exploring the beautiful city of Morocco, Agadir. From enjoying a sunset on the air balloon to sand & water surfing and a visit to natural places like paradise valley with a perfect blend of historical visits. I made sure to write a perfect guide for you, so it helps you make your holidays memorable. I hope this article answered all of your questions about the trips and helped you to make the right decision.

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