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Best Hotels to Stay in Tetouan City

After you have packed your bags and made a list of things you want to do and experience on your vacation in Tetouan city, you must remember accommodation. While checking your itinerary, check if you have accommodation covered. Whether you have suitable accommodation is a determinant of whether you will make or break your trip.

hotels to stay in Tetouan

Touring around Tetouan city all day is exhausting. It would be best to have a suitable hotel to rest in and relax. Refreshment after a long trip will help calm your mind and plan for the next activity. This city has plenty of hotels and motels you can book.

Tetouan city has a range of accommodation types you can try out. There are guest houses, motels, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, parks, and campsites. These accommodations can be serviced or non-serviced. With these options on the list, you need to make the best decision to fit your personal preferences, needs, and vacations itinerary.

Your accommodation is your home base at the end of the day. Accommodation affects your daily activities either positively or negatively. Tetouan has plenty of hotels where you can rest after a long trip. Below is a list of these hotels.

Hôtel El Yacouta

Hotel El Yacouta is one of the best hotels to stay in Tetouan city, with plenty of amenities and world-class services are offered here.

tetouan hotels
Hotel Yacouta, Tetouan, Morocco

Location of Hotel Yacouta:

Hotel Al Yacouta is appropriately located next to a famous golf course in the city. It is nine minutes drive from Saint Ramel cathedral. Form Mohammed V avenue, you drive fifteen minutes to the left exit. It is located four kilometers from Plaza Primo, which is on the upper side of Tetouan city.

Rooms Amenities:

They have duplex rooms with a home feeling. The rooms are connected to a complimentary wireless internet to enable access and stay connected to the internet. Entertainment is taken care of since they have a satellite program.

Hotel El Yacouta rooms
Hotel El Yacouta rooms

The bathrooms are fixed with bathtubs or hot showers and complimentary toiletry. The beds are comfortable and king-size. These rooms are also restored with conveniences like curtains, blackout drapes, desks, and phones.

Property Amenities:

Hotel Al Yacouta has a restaurant, a dinner, and a lounge bar. The restaurant makes the best Moroccan cuisines and traditional dishes. The sweet aroma from the kitchen will make you stop by and have lunch. The dinner makes the best coffee and snacks that can be served in the guestrooms. You may wrap up your day with a cocktail at the lounge bar while listening to cool music.

Top Reasons to Stay:

I would recommend Hotel Al Yacouta in Tetouan city for your accommodation. The room amenities are exceptional, with world-class service at your doorstep. They offer a warm complimentary buffet breakfast served daily from 7 am to 11 am.

There are other amenities featured in this hotel. They include laundry services, a business center, a front desk, and 24 hours security system. A road trip air shuttle is available at your request. Conference rooms are also available for events. This hotel has parking with CCTV cameras for security purposes.

Hotel Makarim Tetouan

This hotel has exceptionally outstanding service and is known for serving the best cuisines and traditional Moroccan foods. The staff in this hotel is highly professional and honest with their guests. Hotel Makarim Tetouan offers world-class accommodation.

tetouan hotel 5 stars
Hotel Makarim Tetouan


Hotel Makarim Tetouan is located fifteen minutes from Hassan II mosque and the Primo Plaza. It is located at the central business center of Tetouan city. To access this hotel from Mohammed V avenue, you will have to drive four kilometers to the exit.

Rooms Amenities:

The room has a beautiful view of the terrace where you can relax and enjoy the breeze. This hotel offers concierge services and complimentary wireless internet access. They have a modernized air conditioner to keep the rooms refreshed all the time. This hotel provides professional room service that is just a phone call away.

Hotel Makarim Tetouan
Hotel Makarim Tetouan rooms

Their rooms are luxurious and spacious. The bathrooms are fixed with bathtubs or hot showers. Enjoy the warm, treated water in the bathtub while sipping on your cocktail. The beds are king-size and are made by professional housekeepers.

Property Amenities:

Hotel Makarim Tetouan has a restaurant where you can grab lunch or enjoy dinner. They make different cuisines from various cultures and make traditional Moroccan food. They offer a candle-lit dinner at your request. They serve breakfast from around 7 am to 9 am at a fee.

A coffee cafe is located at the entrance of the hotel. This café makes the best African coffee and serves fresh snacks. Other amenities offered at the building include laundry services, parking 24 hours front desk, multilingual staff, and security services.

Top Reasons to Stay:

Hotel Makarim Tetouan offers world-class accommodation with home feeling comfortability. It is popularly known in Tetouan city for making the best African foods and unique morocco cuisines. I would recommend this hotel to all international tourists and locals. The strategic location of this hotel plays a significant role in ensuring it is easily accessible.

Hotel Blanco Riad

While planning for a place to stay after a tiresome day of hiking and touring around, you must plan for the best luxurious and comfortable hotel to avoid inconvenience and nuisance. Hotel Blanco Riad is heart to comfort and luxury. This hotel is famous in Tetouan city for offering world-class accommodation.

Tetouan where to stay
Hotel Blanco Riad, Tetouan, Morocco


Hotel Blanca Raid is located in a prime area of Tetouan city. Ideally, it is situated in a tourist area near popular tourist attraction sites. After hiking at the Rif Mountains, tourists flock to this hotel for an evening bonfire at the gardens. The hotel is located at the central business center of Tetouan city. It is 30 minutes drive from Muhammed V avenue.

Rooms Amenities:

Hotel Blanco Raid is a beautiful place where you can relax and take a rest from all the daily hustle. Guests will find their stay here one of a kind considering the list of amenities in this hotel. The guest rooms are designed well to make sure the guests enjoy an optimal level of comfortability.

Hotel Blanco Raid Tetouan
Hotel Blanco Raid rooms, Tetouan

They offer a welcoming décor to assure the guest enjoys the stay at the hotel. They offer complimentary wireless internet, a fax machine, an air conditioner, and free Wi-Fi in all the guest rooms to ensure the guest feels comfortable.

The beds are king-size and very comfortable to sleep on. These guest rooms are fixed with bathtubs and hot showers. They have beautiful curtains with flower details flowing on the doors and the windows.

Property Amenities:

Hotel Blanco Raid features other amenities like a souvenir shop, ticket services, taxi services, and roundly services. You can get all these services in the comfort of your room. They have a beautiful and well-cultivated garden for your evening parties, dinner, and team building. The conference halls are spacious and well organized for meetings.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The staff at Hotel Blanco Raid are always ready to provide the best services to the guest. They offer a welcoming décor to ensure the guest feel safe and secure. The security systems are modern. Hygiene is a sensitive issue in all guest rooms. This hotel observes hygiene and puts up tight measures to ensure cleanliness.

The hospitality of the guests comes first in this hotel. They offer the best services and make the best recipes. The cocktails at the lounge bar are the best and make the stay worthwhile.

Hotel La Paloma

Hotel La Paloma is best known in Tetouan city for its spacious rooms that accommodate the guests and their luggage. The guest rooms are comfortable with luxuries like Champaign, chocolate, and small size fridge to ensure the guest enjoys the stay and will defiantly come again.

best hotel in Tetouan
Hotel La Paloma, Tetouan, Morocco


Hotel La Paloma is situated in a prime-rated area of Antalya. This hotel is a family business. It is built in the Ottoman architectural design. You can explore the delight of the historic city of Antalya while in this hotel. Hotel La Paloma was renovated in the year 2004.

Rooms Amenities:

The guest rooms offer a variety of amenities to make your stay here memorable and feel the home’s comfortability. They have professional staff to ensure the guests are provided with world-class service. Their comfortable king-size beds will make you sleep all night and wish not to wake up.

Hotel La Paloma Tetouan
Hotel La Paloma rooms, Tetouan

The guest rooms are well fitted with luxury amenities like air conditioners, television, heaters, and terraces. Hotel La Paloma offers various recreational amenities like swimming and a garden for events and team building.

Property Amenities:

Hotel La Paloma has a garden in the backyard that you can book for a social event like a wedding and team building. The gardens are well cultivated with beautiful grass and flowers of all kinds. There are plenty of trees to provide shades and a cool breeze. They have a delightful swimming pool for adults and a separate pool for kids.

Top Reasons to Stay:

Hotel La Paloma is best known in Tetouan city for making the tastiest Turkish unique cuisines and other international dishes. The restaurant is well set and meets the guest’s requirements. I recommend you to visit this hotel and enjoy the comfortably furnished guest rooms.

They offer conference services with medium and large capacity for meets and gatherings. They have feature en-suite facilities and tasteful decorations to ensure the guests enjoy their stay here. This hotel is located a few minutes drive from the city center. The extra amenities like the swimming pool and the garden makes it outstanding.

El Reducto Hotel

If you want a unique and upscale hotel experience, I would recommend El Reducto. This hotel is popular in Tetouan city as the best hotel offering extravagant services at a reasonable price.

Tetouan luxury hotel
El Reducto Hotel, Tetouan, Morocco


Hotel El Reducto is located 300 meters from the royal place of morocco. As you enter the city gate, the hotel is located on the left side. This is a walking distance of the central business center. The hotel is one of the Tetouan city best medina. The architecture is a combination of Moroccan and Spanish décor that you can spot from a distance

Rooms Amenities:

El Reducto hotel is popularly known for offering individually decorated rooms with private amenities. These guest rooms have a combination touch of Spanish and morocco details. The Spanish tiles décor finish the room making them attractive and appealing to any guest.

El Reducto hotel rooms
El Reducto Hotel rooms

Property Amenities:

The guest rooms are spacious and luxurious to fit the guests and their luggage. There are other extra amenities to make you enjoy the stay, they include, complimentary internet connection, television, and air conditioners.

Property Amenities:

El Reducto hotel offers other amenities such as a massage parlor and spa. After a long tiresome tour in the city of Tetouan, you need to relax and cool down your mind. Have a warm argan oil massage at the parlor located inside the hotel’s building.

They have professional massagers to ensure you are relaxed. Other amenities offered at the building include beauty treatment and a facial make-over. Before stepping out for the next activity you might want a facial make-over to look appealing and shiny throughout the day.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The rooms offer standard accommodation at a reasonable price. The security systems are advanced to ensure the utmost security for the guests. El Reducto hotel is located at the central business center of Tetouan city making it easily accessible to locals and international tourists. The staffs are professional, have a warm welcoming heart, and offer the best services.

Hotel A44

You can book accommodation in Hotel A44 through a travel agent. This is a simple process, you just call and book at the comfort of your home. It is easy to get a contact for this hotel online.

Hotel A44 Tetouan Morocco
Hotel A44, Tetouan, Morocco


Hotel A44 is located at the entrance of Tetuan city. It is among the hotels that have a strategic location that is easily accessible by locals and international tourists. Located 48 kilometers from Tangier city. Sania Ramel Airport is located a few meters from hotel A44. The strategic location of a hotel is a great determinant of increasing or decreasing sales at the end of the day.

Rooms Amenities:

Hotel A44 offers world-class accommodation making it outstanding in Tetouan city. The guest rooms are spacious and luxurious. Air conditioner on the walls to ensure a good flow of air. The bathrooms are fixed with a bath tau and a hot shower.

Hotel A44 rooms
Hotel A44 rooms

You can view the beautiful amenities of Tetouan city through the terrace as you sip on the cocktail from the lounge bar. The king-size bed and comfortable beddings will make you enjoy the sleep. The beautiful curtains flow on the doors and the window making the room more elegant.

Property Amenities:

Hotel A44 offers outside catering services. They make traditional Moroccan dishes and cuisines from different cultures. If you have an event at home, you can hire staff from this hotel to spice up your event with delinquent recipes.

 They also have conference rooms for meetings and gatherings. A well-cultivated garden in the back yard with children playground and a park. This hotel has secure parking with CCTV cameras to ensure utmost security.

Top Reasons to Stay:

Hotel A44 has a serene environment offering the best accommodation to the guests. The staffs are well-trained professionals that offer the best services. Guest rooms are spacious with luxury amenities to ensure the home’s feeling of comfortability.

 They offer a variety of opinions in addition to room service, they include dinner at the restaurant and a cocktail at the lounge bar. The security of this hotel is upgraded with modern security services.

Prestige Hotel

Prestige Hotel is a 5-star hotel offering the best accommodation around Tetouan city. It offers all the necessary amenities and luxury to ensure the comfortability of the guest.

Prestige Hotel Tetouan
Prestige Hotel, Tetouan


Prestige hotel is located 48 kilometers from Tangier. This is a few minutes from the central business district of Tetouan city. Chefchaouene is 45 kilometers from the Prestige. Other medinas surrounding this hotel include the Sania Ramel Airport, which is located 5 kilometers away.

Rooms Amenities:

Prestige hotel guest rooms are fitted with amenities to make sure the guests are comfortable and enjoying their stay at the hotel. These amenities include a well-fitted air conditioner, a television set, satellite channels, and free Wi-Fi.

Prestige Hotel guest rooms
Prestige Hotel guest rooms, Tetouan

They have double bedrooms that can occupy more than two guests. The rooms are spacious and comfortable to ensure the guests fit with their luggage. The bathroom is well fitted with a bathtub and hot shower. You can have a beautiful view of Tetouan city from the balcony.

Property Amenities:

Other amenities in the hotel building include a sauna and a fitness center. Before heading out for the next activity of the day, you might decide to step into the gym and get a little bit healthier. Free private car parking with 24 hours security is provided to the guests. Laundry services, a supermarket, and a gas station are available on the hotel premises.

Top Reasons to Stay:

Prestige hotel is a secure place with a modern security system to ensure maximum security of their guests. The staff here offers the best and most professional services. They serve all the necessary luxuries which are important to keep the guests entertained. The fitness center is fully equipped with modern equipment and operates 24 hours.

The hotel has a beautifully cultivated garden for evening parties and bonfires. Conference halls for meeting with a capacity of up to three thousand people. For the best pastry contact Prestige hotel. The restaurant serves the best Moroccan traditional dishes and cuisines for different cultures.

Hotel Atenas

The secrete of excelling in the hotel business is having a self-drive staff that understands how to fulfill the client’s needs and expectations. Hotel Atenas has a professional staff to make sure customer service is the priority.

Hotel Atenas
Hotel Atenas, Tetouan, Morocco


Hotel Atenas is strategically located at the center of Tetouan city 10 minutes drive from Hassan II squire and 10 minutes drive from Mohammed V Avenue. You drive 10 kilometers from the great Martil beach in northeast Morocco. The archeological museum is a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Rooms Amenities:

The beds are comfortably fitted with beautiful linen to complete the décor. The rooms are fitted with luxury amenities such as widescreen, air conditioners, a bench, a complimentary internet connection, free Wi-Fi, and a luggage stand where you can place your suitcases.

Hotel Atenas Rooms
Hotel Atenas Rooms

The guests are acknowledged upon arrival, this trait is excellent and makes the guest feel welcomed and comfortable. Hotel Atenas is popularly known for its spacious excellent rooms with a view of the airport from the terrace. The terrace is fitted with a comfortable couch where you relax and enjoy your cold drink and the cool breeze.

Property Amenities:

Hotel Atenas has a rooftop terrace that has a beautiful view of the Tetouan city. They have a restaurant that offers international cuisines and makes traditional Moroccan dishes. Other amenities at the hotel building include a coffee shop a garden, laundry services, security services, and taxi services.

Top Reasons to Stay:

They offer all services at the doors step. The security systems are modern to ensure your maximum security. The hotel has a professional staff to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the stay.


Why should I choose to stay in Tetouan city hotels?

After touring around the city of Tetouan, you need a place to relax, cool down, and have a rest. This city has the best hotel accommodation with the best cuisine and Morocco traditional foods.

Take a cold cocktail at the lounge listening to cool soothing music. They have advanced security systems to ensure the guests are safe and enjoy their stay.

What factors should I consider while choosing a hotel to stay in Tetouan city?

There are a few factors to consider while choosing accommodation, one of the factors is budget, and this factor plays a major role in influencing where and for how long you can stay in the hotel. Consider the total amount of money that you are willing and able to spend throughout your stay in the hotel. Work within your budget.

Other factors include the strategic location of the hotel and its accessibility. Services offered are also a determinant of the choice of hotel. A hotel with professional hospitality skills is the best choice.

How are the services offered?

Hotels in Tetouan city offer the best accommodation with luxurious amenities to make sure you feel home comfortable. The guest rooms are fitted with extra amenities like an Internet connection, free Wi-Fi, air conditioners, bath tabs, or hot showers. Guests’ comfort is a priority in these hotels.


Almost all hotels face a rapid change in guest preferences, expectations, and behaviors. A repeated and successful business is a reward for delivering a memorable experience to the guests through unique amenities and stellar customer services. 

Hotels are adopting developed technology that is exciting and game-changing. The competition is getting tougher and it’s a wake-up call for all investors. one of the implemented technology is the smart room keys, which allows the guest to open the rooms with just a simple swipe on the doors.

Before you decide to settle in a hotel, you should do thorough research on the facility and the quality of services they offer to avoid inconveniences.

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