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Best Places to Eat in Tetouan City

The world is accustomed to the food menu of the Moroccan, which was brought to Morocco by the Berbers. This ethnic group dominated Morocco and inhabited the region over 2000 years ago. They introduced staple food that consisted of local ingredients such as figs and olive. They introduced recipes to prepare poultry and lamb stews. These traditional ingredients are still used in the current restaurants of Tetouan city.

best places to eat in Tetouan city

The Berbers were soon joined by another group of people that introduced other recipes, spices, and other cooking methods. Conquerors and traders from different places including the Carthaginians and the Arabians came later and introduced new techniques and ingredients later adopted by the restaurants in Tetouan city and other cities in Morocco.

Morocco is renowned for making diverse cuisines. Many cultures contributed to the Moroccan culinary palette by introducing their recipes, spices, and ways of food preparation. Tetuan city is known for adopting the best cuisines from traditional recipes.

This city has the best hotels in Morocco that offer traditional staple food. Following is a list of restaurants and the best places to eat in Tetouan city.

Blanco Riad hotel and restaurant

Blanco Raid hotel and restaurant is known for making modern Moroccan cuisines and traditional staple foods. It is among the best hotel in Tetouan city. They prepare a continental breakfast early in the morning. Enjoy lunch or dine at the terrace shaded with lamp stands and couch.

Blanco Raid hotel is one of the best places to eat in Tetouan city, it is located 100 meters from the Tetouan Royal Palace, 500 meters from Plaza Promo, and 4 kilometers from the Ramel airport. It is easily accessible from Tetouan central business center.

Tetouan restaurants
Blanco Riad hotel and restaurant, Tetouan

Which Food Do They Offer?

The best food prepared in Blanco Raid hotel and restaurant is chicken tagine. This is a traditional Moroccan cuisine prepared using various natural spices such as garlic, preserved lemons, onions, and olive. Chicken pieces are braised in the spices and deep-fried.
Traditionally, the dish was prepared in a clay vessel with a cone-shaped lid; you do not need one to prepare. For the best-prepared chicken tagine, I recommend Blanco Raid hotel and restaurant.

Another dish prepared in this hotel is Couscous. This dish is also known as Seksu. It is a national food of the Moroccan people. Couscous is affectionately given the name mystery due to its hissing sound as the steam it produces moves through the hole of the steamer.

This cuisine is prepared from a steal steamer called the couscoussiere. Blanco Raid hotel makes the tastiest couscous in Tetouan city. I would recommend any guest visiting Tetouan city to hop in and enjoy this cuisine.


Blanco Raid hotel and restaurants offer other amenities in the building. These amenities include a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the medina in Tetouan city. Accommodation is provided at this hotel.

The guest rooms are private cottages with luxury amenities such as a complimentary internet connection, air conditioner, satellite, and free Wi-Fi. A 24 hours security system and parking are offered at the hotel amenity.


Food prices in Blanco Raid hotel are relatively lower compared to other hotels in Tetouan city. They offer quality food for reasonable prices. A chicken tagine will cost you around 50 -55 MAD, equivalent to 5 EUR.

Chams Hotel And Restaurant

Chams hotel and restaurant offers a variety of local and international cuisines. The onset restaurant provides 24 hours’ services. This hotel has a professional staff to ensure the food is prepared and served at the best presentation.

best restaurant in Tetouan 2
The Chams Hotel & Restaurant, Tetouan

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the beautifully cultivated garden or the restaurant. Chams hotel and restaurant is located 10 minutes from the city center, 15 minutes drive from the Martial and 5 kilometers from the Ramel airport. Types of dishes offered in this hotel include zaalouk and harira.

Eggplants and tomatoes are among the common ingredients featured in Moroccan dishes. These ingredients are mixed with other spices from the garden to come up with the tastiest hot and cold salads. 

Zaalouk is made from combining simple ingredients in the right proportion to produce quality and bold flavors.  This salad is made with tomatoes, eggplant, olive oil, and garlic. Zaalouk is served as a side dish to several meals, or you can present it as a dip alongside a loaf of crusty bread.

Harira is also a dish served in Chams hotel and restaurant. This is a traditional Moroccan tomato soup. It is prepared with chickpeas and lentils. This soup is a must-try. It is a wonderful fragrant with zesty seasoning to give it a silk texture.

Chefs at Chams hotel are professional in making this soup. You will have missed a lot if you don’t try this soup while visiting Tetouan city.


Chams hotel and restaurant offer a swimming pool separated from the kid’s pool. A garden around the pool where you can relax and enjoy the breeze. After a long tour in Tetouan city, a swim will cool you down and help you relax.

They have spacious private suites fixed with luxurious amenities such as a private terrace where you can view Tetouan city. King size beds with beautiful linen to complete the décor.
Other amenities include a 24 hours security system, complimentary internet connection, satellite, accessible Wi-Fi bathtubs or hot shower, and private parking with security cameras.


Food price in Morocco varies from one hotel to the other. For a day, you can spend around 132MAD on food and drinks. A bowl of harira soup in charms hotel and restaurant costs at53MAD. The prices are relatively fair and with a good budget, you can be able to try a variety of different cuisines.

Hotel Makarim

Hotel Makarim has one of the best restaurants in Tetouan city. This restaurant offers different cuisines from various cultures in morocco. The common dishes are Moroccan traditional staple food and other international cuisines.

Hotel Makarim is located 15 minutes from the Hassan II mosque and Primo Plaza, 4 kilometers from Mohammed V Avenue, and is 50 meters from Japawarn golf club and resort. This is a secure place to visit and enjoy your stay in Tetouan city.

Tetouan restaurant Morocco
Hotel Makarim, Tetouan

Which Food Do They Offer?

The city of Tetouan is always associated with this particular dish as their favorite. It is the most famous food the citizens serve their guests even in homes. Hotel Makarim offers this dish to the guests to welcome them and experience the culture of the city.

Tangia is a unique dish with a distinct taste and a sweet flavor. It is prepared with meat and other spices such as olive oil, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and wheat flour as the base spice.  Tangia is prepared in a bakery or Farran. This dish is commonly enjoyed during the spring season and Ramadhan.

Since ancient times, fried chicken is the most common and basic dish prepared in restaurants in Tetouan city. Apart from Tetouan city, friend chicken is a well-known dish and is prepared in almost every hotel. This dish is common on occasions such as weddings birth parties among others.

Hotel Makarim prepares this dish using various recipes and traditional spices. To make it taste different from others, they prepare it using the newly introduced spices in the market. Visit Makarim restaurant and try their chicken and feel the difference.


Other amenities in the hotel building include a coffee shop. Stop by the coffee shop and enjoy a variety of coffee prepared with different types of coffee, this coffee shop makes the best and the healthiest coffee around Tetouan city. You can also grab a quick, freshly baked snack to go with your coffee.

 They offer luxurious accommodations with the hotel premises. The guest rooms are fitted with king-size beds and colorful linen to complete the décor. Bathtubs and hot showers, complementary internet connection, air conditioners, and free Wi-Fi are among the amenities to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable.

 Other features include laundry services, a 24 hours security system, a front desk, free parking, and multilingual staff at your request.


The food prices in the hotel Makarim vary with the kind of dish you want to enjoy, some dishes are relatively expensive than others. Spices used and the time taken to prepare are some of the factors to consider while pricing. A dish of tangia is relatively expensive than a dish of fried chicken. A dish of tangia will cost you around 60MAD per person in Makarim hotel.

El Ducto Hotel and Restaurant

El Ducto Hotel and restaurant is one of the best hotels in Tetouan city known for making Moroccan traditional dishes using different types of natural spices. It is also known for making international dishes such as samire.

Elegance is key in this hotel, it offers a mixture of Spanish décor and the traditional Moroccan architecture to bring out a unique style that is different from other hotels in Tetouan city.

El Ducto hotel restaurant
El Ducto hotel restaurant, Tetouan

Raid El Reducto is located at the entrance of Tetouan city medina, 200 meters and 5 minutes drive from the Royal place, 5 minutes drive from the central business center. This hotel is located at a serene location to allow most tourists to easily locate it.

Which Type Of Food Do They Offer?

Trotters is a dish rich in vitamins fats and proteins, it is prepared with cows and lamb feet which are cooked with hot and hummus spices to improve their taste, it is dipped in garlic and vinegar. The largest component of this dish is fats and protein that helps in retaining the body’s energy.

El Ducto hotel prepares this dish on a daily basis since it is a Moroccan common dish. They say if you want to strengthen your bones, this should be one of the best dishes to choose. When you spend the whole day touring around Tetouan city, this is the best dish to regain your body energy

Tetouan is an imperial and ancient city known for making the best pastela. It is one of the luxurious and most loved traditional dishes in morocco. Though it is highly demanding in its preparations. Pastela is loved and enjoyed almost every day by the Moroccans. This dish is prepared using chicken and pigeons or can be prepared using fish and other seafood. 

El Ducto hotel and restaurant prepare this dish on daily basis. This is a favorite dish for international and local tourists. The ingredients used include garlic, ginger, and olive oil.


The hotel offers other featured amenities include,

Accommodation: They offer world-class accommodation with luxurious amenities such as private suites with private parking. The suite has a terrace with a view of Tetouan city and a couch to relax as you sip your drink. Other amenities include a complimentary internet connection, satellite channels, air conditioners, bathtub or hot shower, and a free Wi-Fi

Bar and Lounge: You can take a drink as you listen to their cool music at the lounge. After lunch or dinner guests sit at the lounge to relax and enjoy the cocktails prepared by the professional barman.

Conference Hall: They have spacious conference halls for meetings and gatherings. The halls are of medium and maximum size with a capacity of up to 5000 people. Other features include a 24 hours security system, laundry services, 24 hours front desk, and public parking.


The prices in El Ducto hotel are relatively higher compared to other hotels in Tetouan city. The prices of food are higher in comparison with other restaurants. They have quality food and varieties international food hence their prices.

Hotel Al Mandari

Hotel Al Manadri is known for preparing international and local Moroccan cuisines. The staffs at this hotel are professional in making the food and ensuring the guests get the best services at their request. It is one of the best hotels loved by both local and international tourists.

Hotel Al Mandari
Hotel Al Mandari, Tetouan

Hotel Al Mandari is located 30 kilometers from Ceuta and 46 kilometers from Tangier. It has a neighboring golf club and is 5 kilometers from the Saina Ramel airport.

Which Type of Foods Do They Offer?


SAFFA dish
SAFFA, a Moroccan dish

Saffa is a Moroccan dish made from rice, vermicelli, and any kind of pastry. This dish is made with the same spices and method of cooking as a couscous dish. Each sofa dish is prepared separately from others. The chicken sofa is prepared differently from other types of sofa.

When serving chicken, you hide it under Saffa for a surprise taste. Fine sugar and cinnamon spices are used to decorate this dish. Hotel Al Mandari prepares this every day since it is the guests’ favorite. Among other dishes, this is one of the most loved in this restaurant.


Hotel Al Mandari prepare the tastiest bisara in town. You will not have enjoyed Moroccan cuisines if you have not tried bisara. This dish is made from dried and crushed fava beans harvested in the northern region of morocco.

The beans are harvested while raw, peeled, and crushed on the motor into small pieces. Spices used to make this dish include, vegetables, garlic, ginger, and olive oil. Bisara is best served with wheat bread or barley. It can be taken for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Other features in the hotel building include a garden and accommodation.

They have a garden in the backyard. This garden is well cultivated with different kinds of flowers and other decors. The gardens are used for functions such as weddings and graduation parties. Candlelit dinner and bonfire are performed at night in the garden

Hotel Al Mandari offers world-class accommodation with private suites and separate rooms. Each guest room is situated in a private space which has a terrace and a small garden for relaxing.

The guest rooms are fitted with luxurious amenities such as a complimentary internet connection, air conditioners, wine and chocolate for couples, satellite channels, a widescreen television, and free Wi-Fi. They have 24 hours security systems.

Other features include laundry services, multilingual staff, taxi services, a supermarket, and 24 hours front desk.


The cost of a meal for one person per day is roughly 60MAD. This is a price for meals only. Drinks and accommodation are charged differently. Hotel Al Mandari is known for offering relatively fair prices on its services.

Dar Rehla Bab Remouz hotel and restaurant

Dar Rehla Bab Remouz is a comfortable vacation home of your choice. This is the most luxurious vacation home in Tetouan city. They offer international cuisines and Moroccan traditional staple food. They have a unique taste of the Moroccan staple food. Different spices are used to enhance the taste of these common foods.

Dar Rehla Bab Remouz hotel and restaurant
Dar Rehla Bab Remouz hotel and restaurant

Dar Rehla Bab Remouz is strategically located at the central business center of Tetouan city, a 10-minute walk from the Feddan Park and Tetouan palace, 700 meters from the Tetouan Kasban, and 2 kilometers from Plaza Primo.

What Kind Of Food Do They Offer?

Moroccan Cured And Dried Meat – Gueddid

Gueddid is a dish of meat preserved by drying under the sun or grilled on charcoal fire. Drying is a common traditional and tribal culture method used worldwide for meat preservation. This dish is common at Dar Rehla Bab Remouz, they prepare it on daily basis.

The guests enjoy it while served with vegetables and bread. Meat pieces are collected, sprinkled with salt and spices, mixed with spices, left for some time for the spices to seep into the meat the grilled on charcoal fire. This dish is also known as Moroccan cured and dried meat.

Meat with Prunes     

Meat with prunes is a common dish prepared in Dal Rehla Bab Remouz hotel and restaurant. It is a common dish at restaurants and at home. It is commonly for reunion parties.

Prunes are spices used for adding a distinctive flavor to the meat. This is a common dish in all restaurants in Tetouan city. To make this dish, sweet and sour spices are commonly used to bring out the main taste of meat with prunes.


Other amenities featured at the hotel building include:

Accommodation: They offer luxurious accommodation in Tetouan city. The guest rooms are situated on private suits with a private garden, a terrace, and private parking. These guest rooms are fitted with luxurious amenities such as a complimentary internet connection, king-size beds,  bathtubs or hot showers, free wifi, air conditioners, and satellite channels. They have a 24 hours security system.

Conference Hall: They offer conference halls for meetings and gatherings. You can call and book a conference hall at a reasonable price. The halls can accommodate up to 1000 people.

Other featured amenities include laundry services, a health center, 24 hours front desk, taxi services, and public parking at the entrance.


The prices of food in Dar Rehla Bab Remouz hotel and restaurant are relatively lower compared to other restaurants in Tetouan city. They offer good quality food and professional services at a reasonable price. The price of one dish of meat with prunes goes for around 50MAD. The price of food per person a day will cost around 100MAD.


Tetouan city has many restaurants offering quality food. It would not be a complete tour to morocco without tasting their international and traditional Moroccan cuisines. Restaurants hire professional skilled chefs to ensure the food is prepared with world standards. Quality food means good business.

Restaurants in Tetouan city offer the best services to the guests to ensure they comfortably enjoy their stay. They hire professionals to ensure guests are served to their requests. These restaurants offer other luxury amenities such as accommodation and swimming pools to make sure you enjoy your stay.


Why choose to eat at hotels and restaurants in Tetouan city?

Hotels in Tetuan city offer worldwide cuisines and traditional Moroccan staple foods. They have professional chefs trained to prepare these dishes. Quality is their priority to ensure the guest are served according to their expectations. It will not be a complete tour of Tetouan city without tasting some of these Moroccan cuisines.

Which are the common factors to consider while choosing a hotel to eat at in Tetouan city?

There are several factors to consider while choosing a place to eat, this is to avoid inconveniences and unnecessary budgets. Before settling down in a hotel, do thorough research on the prices and the quality of services offered.

Do restaurants in Tetuan city offer good food?

Restaurants in this city are known for making the best international and traditional cuisines using natural ingredients from their farms. They make quality food at reasonable prices, this attracts local and international tourists.

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