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Best Places to eat in Marrakech

When planning a visit to Marrakech, you don’t have to worry about where to eat. There are many places to eat in Marrakech. Marrakech is a city with an appetite, and if you are trying to visit all the beautiful attraction sites, you will require some energy.  

Food in the Red City is not only cousins and tagine. Numerous traditional dishes will leave your mouth wet. The food industry in Marrakech is a big one since the city gets tourists coming for a vacation, more than double the number of residents.

best places to eat in marrakech

This can be a reason someone may be hesitant of where to eat when you encounter thousands of them rambling while relishing the city’s goodies.  There is a wide range of restaurants offering a variety of dishes from the traditional dishes, Mediterranean, French, to the Moroccan blend joints. You will find most in nifty inns and the Gueliz.

Usually, eating in Marrakech is considered to be an act of exploration. You will find street vendors filling their foods such as Msemmen smooth doughs with spices and onions, high-end café’s serving mint tea to stunning sunsets, and longwinded momentous inhabitances renovated into the city’s optimum eateries.

You will find visitors digging into the city’s twisting corridors t find the rarest dishes. Besides, chefs will also share and show off their cookery legacy and munificent and local ingredients.

Most travelers wrestle to get a more all-inclusive assortment of savors anywhere in Marrakech city. Since eating and eating is the rhythm of life for most people, tourists find themselves swept up upsurge after taking a delightful wave of special diet. If you are looking for a place to have your meal, well, look no further. It’s our job to help. Below are some of the best restaurants and café’s you can sit and enjoy your favorite dish.

Let’s explore the best places to eat in Marrakech:

Plus 61

The Plus 61 Restaurant in Marrakech

The Plus 61 is a hot, light, and airy spot. It is a casual Australian restaurant, which is determinedly ingrained in Morocco. It incorporates as much local produce as possible obtained from the organic market down the road. The chefs bring out excellent results which are simple, very moreish, and punchy.

Recent hits have been the rotating menu, which includes roast sirloin snack with brinjal delight, baked chile, Allium cepa, baked Brassica oleracea botrytis salad with brinjal delight almonds, pomegranates, and minty chickpeas.

At Plus 61, you don’t want to slip the homemade spinach, ricotta, or the tasty fish, among other tantalizing celeriac. Besides, Plus 61 restaurant offers unique cocktails and mocktails that change seasonally together with the sustenance set menu. Keep an eye on the enthusiastically prevalent pop-ups once the sous-chefs come to do some magic with their Moroccan ingredients. Their prices are pocket-friendly, making them a to-go-to restaurant.

  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
  • Address: 96 Rue Mohammed el Beqal, Marrakech 40000
  • Hours: Open 12 – 4 PM, Reopen 6 to 11 PM ⋅ Closes 4 – 6 PM ⋅ 11 PM + Sunday & Monday
  • Phone: +212 524207020

Patisserie Amandine

Patisserie Amandine marrakech
Amandine Patisserie in Marrakech

If you are looking to get the best pastries in Marrakech, look no more. Amandine patisserie is a traditional, light-filled café that has both Moroccan and French pastries, cookies, in addition to other breakfast meals, rolls, and sandwiches. You also get a full drink menu whenever you want to take a seat and stay for a while.

You can order a plate of Moroccan cookies, especially the sweet briquet; made with honey-soaked, fried phyllo pastry with almond flour, sugar, and blossom water. Top it up with French pastry like the religious cream puff bursting with caramel unguent and a top of honey sprinkle. Furthermore, there are available to-go boxes, which makes them the ideal souvenir or gift.

  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway
  • Address: 6 Rue de la Liberté, Marrakech 40000
  • Hours: Open 8:15 AM ⋅ Closes 8 PM
  • Phone: +212 5244-35683

La Trattoria

la trattoria marrakech
La Trattoria Marrakech, Restaurant – Bar – Lounge

This is among Marrakech’s ancient transnational restaurants. It is located in the Art Deco Villa situated in the city. Inclusive is a full bar, dining room, and courtyard. The tables are organized around a spectacular big swimming pool. The restaurant is also surrounded by western and vintage style blends, with old-style Moroccan details.

Guests are served with Italian dishes, particularly seafood, fish, and spaghetti. However, if you choose to have your meals there, don’t forget to order the tiramisu for your dessert.

  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
  • Address: 179 Rue Mohammed el Beqal, Marrakech 40000
  • Hours: Open 12 ⋅ Closes 11 PM
  • Phone: +212 5244-32641

Bacha Coffee House

bacha coffee house
Bacha Coffee House

You wouldn’t want to miss the experience of walking back in the 1920s. The restaurant I tucked away in the heart of the fabulous Bacha Palace. The elegant designs and touch of the velvet barrel seats, chinoiserie wall covering, and enormous potted palm trees. 

The Art Deco designs are less common in Marrakech, as compared to Casablanca. The rare style is blended with palatial Moroccan housing architecture, making Bacha coffee house more fascinating to discover.

If you are a caffeine lover, then Bacha Coffee house is a must-visit. There are hundreds of coffee varieties, counting the sporadic types. You can couple your joe choice with the orange bloom churros with molten chocolate. Besides, the menu also has a mix of Moroccan and French dishes, such as layered pastry pie and the barramundi tagine fish, which are often mouthwatering.

  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
  • Address: Dar El Bacha, Rte Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakech 40000
  • Hours: Open 10 AM ⋅ Closes 6 PM
  • Phone: +212 5243-81293

La Famille

la famille restaurant marrakech
La Famille Restaurant in Marrakech

La Famille restaurant was opened about five years ago and is the ideal lunch address. It is built in the shade of lemon trees. It gives an ingenious vegan menu in a shaded medina orchard. Every item here is light, fresh, and entrenched in typical local savors.

For instance, you will get sweet onions, almonds, dried figs, and mint, served with cousins, are among the dishes served. Besides, there are a lot of homemade desserts that are delicious and often feature a seasonal rotating fruit tart. The fruit juices blend herbs and water with no alcohol content, making them suitable for your health.

Another exciting thing is that the menu changes daily. All the vegetables used for making the fruits and the salads are bought from the local market to enhance freshness. There is no better way to enjoy your lunch meal than visiting La Famille restaurant. Don’t forget to book your reservations!

  • Service options: Dine-in
  • Address: 34 Derb Jdid, Marrakech 40040
  • Hours: Open 12 ⋅ Closes 4:30 PM + Sunday
  • Phone: +212 5243-85295

Nomad (NOMAD Restaurant Marrakech Medina)

nomad restaurant marrakech
Nomad Restaurant in Marrakech

Nomad is possibly the busy feasting restaurant. It was opened in 2014 and spread over numerous floors, with several insides and outdoor sitting rooms. The restaurant is luminously located in the central Souks, precisely at the Spice Square edge.

Its lofty rooftop is in constantly high demand, hence the need to have your booking if you want to enjoy a seat facing the sunset. The décor used is very stylish and playful. It has woolen cushions and carpets sluggish to the building’s earlier lifespan as a carpeting shop.

Nomad offers a Mediterranean menu, interspersed with Moroccan flavors, all stylishly presented food. The sardine tart and vegetarian pastilla innovatively give a Moroccan taste. You can also get other dishes, such as the roasted lambs’ cuts and cardamon ginger cakes, a gluten-free welcome treat for visitors.

Their pricing is mid-range, and payments with cards are accepted. Often in the evening, the souks to the north are shut, so you will be required to get to the Square to go home. You can also walk home after dinner. It is fun anyway.  Nomad is the best lunch spot you could go to.

  • Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
  • Address: 1 Derb Aarjane, Medina، Marrakesh 40000
  • Hours: Open 11 AM ⋅ Closes 11 PM
  • Phone: +212 5243-81609


Naranj restaurant marrakech
Naranj Restaurant in Marrakech

The restaurant is owned by a mixed-race couple, who oblige up outstanding Middle East flavors, starting with the mezze dish, a good choice for the vegans. The Syrian-Lebanese couple restaurant is decorated with stripy textiles and hand-cut lanterns, which perfectly suits downtown Beirut.

The owners have migrated from Vienna, hence considering it to display their best Lebanese culinary offers. Their servings are large, so you would consider sharing.

There are numerous sandwiches to choose from, such as the spiced chicken or the fate batinjan. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. However, one is recommended to book their reservations for evening dinner.

  • Service options: Dine-in · Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery
  • Address: 84 Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid, Marrakesh 40000
  • Hours: Open 12 ⋅ Closes 10 PM + Sunday
  • Phone: +212 5243-86805

Dar Moha (best places to eat in Marrakech)

dar moha rstaurant
Dar Moha Restaurant in Marrakech

Dar Moha is contained in an ancient traditional style building, besides the Dar Bacha palace. It is a 15-minute walk from the Bab Ksour, although the trip is straight. It was once a habitat of the Marrakech pasha.

This historic neighborhood makes Dar Moha surprisingly attractive. Although the creative art may not satisfy the purists, it incorporates if Feudal Andalusian impacts people to yield somewhat extraordinary things. Payment with a card is acceptable, so you don’t have to worry about having liquid cash with you.

This is among the best restaurants in Marrakech, featuring modern Moroccan dishes accompanied by a nouvelle cuisine slant, though with a sizable size. The food here is presented by excellent staff, ensuring you enjoy your meal pretty well. After getting to Dar Moha, don’t skip the salad course composed of 14 spinning salads prepared with raw and cooked periodic ingredients.

 You also get several combinations of warm appetizers. The served salads are a perfect substitute for a light meal. However, if you want to eat a heavy meal, there is a bowl of sea bass, and pawns which are exclusively delicious.  

Moreover, live music soothing to your ears, players, and singers for entertainment sing that. Tables are arranged in a poolside, which is the best position for the summertime, to ensure you get the most satisfaction from the menu and the great selection of dishes.

  • Service options: Dine-in
  • Address: 84 Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid, Marrakesh 40000
  • Hours: Open 12 PM ⋅ Closes 1 AM
  • Phone: +212 5243-86400


Foundouk restaurant
Foundouk Restaurant in Marrakech

The restaurant is past the Medersa and the Museum, a 10-minute straight-forward trek from the Zohar. However, keep watch because it is trickier while returning. There is a turn to the right, which you can miss if you had not marked the coverage while on the way.

The place has gorgeous scenery, presenting attentive staff, and essentially tasty food. It is an excellent spot for lunch, mainly if you visit the Museum or Maderssa and the newfangled snap exhibition hall, 50 plots off the Foundouk. Their prices are friendly, and you ought to ignore the scallywag saying it’s closed. Payment with cards is acceptable.

  • Service options: Dine-in
  • Address: RUE SOUK EL FASSI N°55 – KAT BENNAHÏD – Marrakesh
  • Hours: Open 7 PM ⋅ Closes 12 AM
  • Phone: +212 524378190

Jemaa el-Fna Stalls

Jemaa el Fna Stalls 1
Jemaa el-Fna Stalls in Marrakech

It is probably the biggest, rowdiest, and most popular restaurant in Marrakech. It is the most bustling Square in the city. This zone was, at one time, the most prevalent spot amongst the Moroccans, but you will find most visitors enjoying their food here. This is undoubtedly the open-air roast and snaps daily, starting at 5 pm.

The food reaches in scuffs carts while the owners unload and set up their space to begin the food preparations. The more than a hundred stall owners set up the shops and grill their magnificent meat meal of skewers, tagines, grilled hearts, and brains. It offers a perfect opportunity for clean grilled meat and fresh meat. Be advised to be on the lookout for bottled water, and use your bread rather than cleaned utensils.

If you are a spice tooth, stall 34 offers spicy merguez sausages. Also, stall 31 can make you a mean fried potato cake. Among other things is the sole reason you should not look further than the Jemaa el-Fna Stalls.

Stall 14 is also worth seeking out. Here you will be served a menu of seafood and fish, which is usually fresh and sourced daily. The servings include calamari, sole, sardines, and shrimp, which are consistently prepared, along with the mad apple salad, sweetened fresh tomatoes, and French chips.

Dar Yacout

Dar Yacout marrakech
Dar Yacout Restaurant in Marrakech

It is a beautiful old-style restaurant, established in an elegant riad subterranean, north of the medina. The address of these parts gives a multi-course gastronomic Moroccan banquet for a preset price. 20years later, it has lost nothing of its sparkle.

Dar Yacout is ideal for one to take aperitifs on the scenic roof walkway and relax for the tasty dish in one of the ornamented salons.

  • Service options: Dine-in · No delivery
  • Address: 79 Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Marrakesh 40000
  • Hours: Open 7 PM ⋅ Closes 11 PM
  • Phone: +212 5243-82929

In conclusion, is BlackChich Cafe

BlackChich Café

BlackChich Cafe Marrakech
BlackChich Café Restaurant in Marrakech

Since Marrakech is a growing city, it has become a home to a rising populace of settlers from the numerous republics in the West of the African continent. The BlackChich café is among the several restaurants which reflect Senegal’s gastronomic inspiration in Morocco.

The restaurant offers a blend of Moroccan and Senegalese dishes, making it an excellent spot for your lunch, dinner, or anytime meal. Here, you will be served with a wide range of dishes, such as the mafe nague, topped with vegetables and rice plate.

Besides, there are tartines filled with fresh constituents like goat cheeseflower, hoummos, and various vegetables. They not only leave you drooling but also wanting to have some more. Just don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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