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If you plan to travel to Morocco, take a look at this blog first. We explain what you will find there and we give you some useful tips.

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We intend to give you the best and most up-to-date travel tips and advice through our local travel experts and guides at Morocco Tours Agency with our Morocco Travel Blog.

Here you will find practical information such as visa info, tips for saving in each city, places to sleep, places to see, and things to do. We want to share all the information that everyone wishes would have liked to have before planning his trip to Morocco.

We try to update this information every so often, we also accept new contributions to help each other with travel tips and tricks.

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Volubilis Archeological Site in Morocco
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Morocco is home to many archeological sites, which attract many tourists due to their history

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Traveling in Morocco

Get inspired & Prepare for Traveling to Morocco!

If you are thinking of making an exciting trip with your children, family, friends… and one of your greatest wishes is to be able to share with them a first contact with the African continent, Morocco is the travel destination you were looking for.

A destination that in addition to offering you a lot of exciting adventures, thanks to the variety in its beautiful excursions, culture, gastronomy, religion, and ways of living, will make sure that in addition to enjoying an unforgettable vacation, you can also learn about what life is like in a world totally unknown to them. Traveling with children to Morocco is a very wise decision.

Of course, it is a country that gives some qualms, especially if you have never visited a country of Arab & Amazigh culture. But leaving behind the stereotypes, we would like you to visualize it as a very attractive place for tourists and travelers’ love. It is very safe and stays away from all that talk that it can be brand new or chilling at night.

What matters is to take the backpack and venture because there is nothing better than to remove our fears and go flying to explore new lands. 

Morocco Tours Agency Travel Blog

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