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Best Hotels to Stay in Meknes

Located right in the heart of the country, the city of Meknes was once hailed as the capital of Morocco under the influential and powerful rule of Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif which lasted for an astonishing period of 55 years. Serving as the focal point of strategic military endeavors during the country’s expansion, the city is filled with all sorts of amazing architectures and historical landmarks inspired by an authentic Moroccan culture open to all tourists for sightseeing purposes and exploration.

Best Hotels to Stay in Meknes

Take a look at this handpicked list in order to choose from the best hotels and riads available in Meknes.

Ibis Meknes

This is one of the highly-rated 3-star hotels in the city known for offering a luxurious staying experience within a reasonably affordable budget. The staff here does not compromise on hospitality and services despite its lower price range. It’s what makes it one of the best hotels to stay in Meknes.

hotels in meknes morocco
Hotel Ibis Meknes, Morocco

The hotel offers a calm and serene ambiance with a variety of recreational activities for its guests to relax after a long and exhilarating touring experience within the wonderful city of Meknes. Beware that the hotel has a strict policy against smoking on the premises, so take appropriate measures before having a cigarette.


Ibis Meknes is situated just within a sixteen-minute walk from the Great Mosque and around 38 miles away from the Fes-Saiss Airport.

Room Amenities:

The soundproof guestrooms are large and luxurious with air-conditioning, private bathrooms, premium satellite television streaming, free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, and 24-hour room service. The bed is laden with snow-white sheets and soft, squishy, and comfortable pillows. The rooms are furnished in a minimalistic but modern fashion making you feel right at home.

Property Amenities:

The hotel provides concierge and security services along with a 24-hour open business center with high-quality office equipment to fulfill your corporate needs during travel. The property also includes an outdoor and children’s pool, a lounge/bar, and a top-notch restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The hotel’s affordable prices, focus on hygiene and cleanliness, welcoming environment, private terraces, large pools, and stunningly decorated interior and exterior makes it worth your while. Moreover, the soundproof rooms add a layer of tranquility to the already peaceful atmosphere of the hotel which is a plus point.

Ibis Meknes Contact

  • Address: Avenue Des Far, 50000 Meknès, Morocco
  • Phone: 05354-04141

Riad Yacout

Riad Yacout is a 4-star guesthouse that is influenced by the age-old Moroccan traditions and culture. The building’s architecture is a sight to behold which makes for an exciting stay for the tourists. The wonderful night lightings, elegantly furnished courtyard, flawless mosaic tilework, and beautifully decorated pillars all add to the beauty of this majestic establishment.

meknes hotels
Riad Yacout, Meknes, Morocco


The riad is located within an 8-minute walk from the Medina of the city and a short distance away from some of the most popular hallmarks in the area, including Dar Jamai and Meknes Museum, Kara Prison, El-Hedim Square, and Bab-el-Mansour. There is also a bustling shopping district near the guesthouse which can act as a great opportunity for buying souvenirs.

Room Amenities:

The guesthouse features comfortable accommodations with a strict emphasis on privacy. All the rooms come with air-conditioning, free and easy access to the Internet through a fast-speed Wi-Fi network, balconies with breathtaking views of the city, extravagant minibars, beds, and cribs for adults and infants respectively, and private bathrooms with showers and hair drying facilities.

Property Amenities:

The riad provides airport shuttle services and tour assistance to all its guests. The property features a Turkish spa and deep tissue massage, a seasonal outdoor pool, dry cleaning and housekeeping, a front desk safe, and hospitable room service. Relax by the pool or partake in a leisurely massage with full-body scrubs and facials to beautify and look the best you have ever been.

Top Reasons to Stay:

One of the topmost reasons to stay at Riad Yacout is its ideal location. The guesthouse is situated near iconic tourist attractions which makes it worth your money. Furthermore, the staff here is very cooperative in accommodating customer requests and takes feedback very seriously. Recreational activities such as horse riding are also available in the nearby vicinity. This is the perfect oasis for fulfilling all your hotel needs!

Riad Yacout Meknes Contact

  • Address: 22 Place Lalla Aouda, 50000 Meknès, Morocco
  • Phone: 05355-33110

Hotel Swani

This 3-star hotel is known for its à la carte restaurant offering mouthwatering delicacies and dishes. The contemporary décor with a very sophisticated and minimal architecture style is the highlight of this fine establishment. The building and rooms are as clean as can be with strict policies against unhygienic practices because of its travel sustainability program which emphasizes recycling and waste management.

meknes riads morocco
Hotel Swani, Meknes, Morocco


The hotel is located near many famous tourist spots, including Bou Inania Medersa, Bab el-Mansour, and the Great Mosque. It is less than an hour’s drive away from the Fes-Saiss Airport. There’s also a golf course situated about 3.9 kilometers away from the hotel. While the drive can certainly feel a bit longer than you’d expect, the experience here makes it worth it.

Room Amenities:

The accommodations here are spacious with separate options for rooms with single, double, or triple beds. The rooms are soundproofed and contain complimentary toiletries and clean private bathrooms. The hotel also gives access to free uncapped Wi-Fi internet with flat-screen TVs as a bonus. The rooms use modern air-conditioners for both heating and cooling purposes depending upon the season.

Property Amenities:

The hotel’s free breakfast is the best thing about its expansive range of services. The à la carte restaurant within the hotel serves delectable and appetizing Moroccan dishes to its customers. In addition, there’s a business center, airport shuttle facility, excellent room service, and an exquisite coffee shop offering the best treats in town.

Top Reasons to Stay:

One of the best things about this hotel is that pets are allowed on the property unlike other establishments, so you can bring your pets around here and have a lovely stay with those adorable babies. The prices here are low, the food is as good as it gets, and the hotel staff is extremely hospitable.

Hotel Swani Meknes Contact

  • Address: 6 rue numéro 1 quartier belair، Meknes 50010
  • Phone: 05355-15032

Hotel Akouas

The 3-star hotel Akouas takes pride in its Moroccan roots with an architectural layout focused on Moroccan history and culture. It mixes contemporary building design with traditional mosaic tilework to create a vibrant and stunning piece of architecture.

Hotel Akouas Meknes
Hotel Akouas, Meknes, Morocco


The hotel Akouas is located about 79 kilometers away from the Fes-Saiss Airport near the Meknes Medina. It is situated about 27 kilometers away from the historic ruins within Volubilis which can be a great tourist destination along with the historic medina.

Room Amenities:

They offer 4 options for accommodations, including standard single, double, and triple beds as well as a spacious suite offering more space than the usual rooms. You can further decide between non-smoking rooms if you prefer as well. With some additional charges, you can also avail yourself of dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, and grocery delivery services.

Property Amenities:

The hotel offers airport transportation for a small amount fee in the form of a shuttle service. They also offer currency exchange, luggage storage, and concierge services with a 24-hour front desk reception to boot. There is also a swimming pool and a wonderful restaurant situated right within the hotel.

The food here is as good as it gets and the staff behavior is excellent with impeccable attention to detail. The property also places a strict focus on the safety and security of its guests. They have CCTV cameras, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers to deal with all sorts of accidents and mishaps.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The hotel staff here is multilingual and can speak a wide variety of languages, including Arabic, English, French, and Italian to assist their guests. Affordable prices, amazing food, and hospitable staff make this establishment well worth the consideration.

Hotel Akouas Meknes Contact

  • Address: 27, Rue Amir Abdelkader , 50000 Meknès, Morocco
  • Phone: 05355-15967

Hotel Plaisance

Hotel Plaisance is a 3-star establishment offering affordable accommodations while retaining all the facilities expected from a high-end guesthouse. The uniform tilework and woodwork within the interior along with carpet flooring and mosaic designs sets it apart from the others.

Hotel Plaisance Meknes
Hôtel Plaisance, Meknes


The hotel Plaisance is located about 50 kilometers away from the Fes-Saiss Airport and around 20 kilometers away from Volubilis. There is a nearby market area called Kobt Souk in the vicinity along with the Dar Jamai Museum and Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail as well.

Room Amenities:

The hotel offers the option of one, two, three, and even a four-bedroom to its guests for accommodation with VIP room facilities for extra charges. The single room has enough space to accommodate 2 people within it, so it might be worth it to go for a standard 1 room package if you’re a couple. The room service is excellent and the rooms are spotless. Housekeeping, ironing, and dry cleaning services can also be availed if necessary.

Property Amenities:

Distinctive features of the property include an expansive and lush garden with rich greenery and an outdoor terrace with beautiful views of the city. The hotel also offers free valet parking, business facilities, and airport transfer services. There are also appropriate security measures in place to ensure customer safety and protection.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The staff here is multilingual and speaks multiple languages, including Arabic, French, Spanish, and English, so it will be easier to communicate your needs and have them fulfilled without the need of using an interpreter or translator. The rooms are spacious and they are willing to provide extra beds if needed within the same room for a few extra charges.

Hotel Plaisance Meknes Contact

  • Address: 4, Porte de Fes el Menzeh, 50010 Meknès, Morocco
  • Phone: 05355-02349

Riad Idrissi

This popular 2-star guesthouse is located within a very quiet neighborhood of Meknes and offers splendid views of the countryside and an extensive mountain range from atop its terrace and balconies. The peaceful ambiance of this riad is unbeatable and it’s the best place for you to relax and have a leisurely breakfast or lunch while being immersed in the majestic sights it offers. The interior is very elegantly designed and the place radiates an aura of blissful calmness.

Riad Idrissi Meknes
Riad Idrissi, Meknes, Morocco


The Riad Idrissi is located around 53.9 kilometers and about 45 minutes of drive away from the Fes-Saiss Airport. There are many famous restaurants in the nearby vicinity, including restaurants Baraka, Aisha, and Ya Hala Meknes. Some of the nearby historical sites include Bab Berdaine Mosque and El-Hedim Square.

Room Amenities:

All the hotel rooms include clean carpeting, air-conditioners and purifiers, a modern fireplace, BBQ equipment, linen sheets, and mosquito nets to deal with those pesky little bugs and flies. A babysitting service is also provided within the family rooms. The room service is exceptional, especially for a 2-star guesthouse such as this one.

Property Amenities:

The riad provides a rental car service for getting around the city which can be very helpful. There is onsite parking available along with an airport shuttle service as well. There are specialized menus available depending on the dietary concerns of the customers resulting in one of the best dining experiences. Cooking classes, walking tours, and a variety of entertainment programs are available as recreational activities. Relaxing hammam and massage services are also provided for additional charges. 

Top Reasons to Stay:

The cheap prices and more than ideal location are the highlights of this fine establishment, so if you’re on a budget and still want something that’s on par with the high-end sophisticated and costly alternatives, then this is the riad to go for. This strikingly stunning hotel with its crimson red color scheme and marvelous architectural design should be on your list for consideration.

Riad Idrissi Meknes Contact

  • Address: 20 Db Lalla Sti Hennou (Ville Ancienne، Meknes 50000)
  • Phone: 0613-728216

Riad Safir

Riad Safir is a 3-star guesthouse that offers alluring and attractive views of timeless and classic Moroccan sites. Make yourself comfortable while having a scrumptious breakfast, hearty lunch, or exquisite dinner on the terrace under the enchanting moonlight or the gleaming rays of the sun. The interior and exterior design of the building amplifies and evokes the local culture and tradition that Morocco is known for.

Riad Safir Meknes
Riad Safir, Meknes, Morocco


The riad is located about a 6-minute walk away from Mellah and around 49 kilometers away from the Fes-Saiss Airport. There are a couple of famous restaurants in the nearby area, including Zitouna, Khadija, Salma, and Omnia. Some of the tourist spots which can be spotted in the locale include the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail and the Medina.

Room Amenities:

There are 4 different types of rooms in this riad, including standard, comfort, and superior double rooms as well as a suite for that extra space if necessary. All the rooms come with showers and air-conditioning, except the superior double room which also features a bathtub in its bathroom for washing away all the pent-up exhaustion and fatigue from your travel.

Property Amenities:

Notable features of the property include a solarium for wellness purposes, an outdoor pool, an extensive library, and a sun terrace. There is also a designated area within the riad for fulfilling your smoking needs. Daily housekeeping along with other cleaning services and airport shuttle facilities are also provided as expected. Secure safety deposit boxes and luggage space also come in handy for many of its guests.

Top Reasons to Stay:

One of the topmost reasons to stay at this riad is its massage services which come heavily recommended by the guests. You can easily relieve muscle tightness and have your blood circulation improved within minutes to make the most out of your trip. Furthermore, the complimentary breakfast offered between 7:30 AM–11 AM is also something to look forward to.

Riad Safir Meknes Contact

  • Address: Bab Aïssi, 1, Derb Lalla Alamia, Meknès 50000
  • Phone: 05355-34785

Riad Ritaj

Riad Ritaj is a 5-star guesthouse with a luxurious, serene, and tranquil environment. The riad promises to offer an authentic Moroccan experience to its guests by offering a wide array of traditional services and facilities. The hotel’s focus on delivering a comforting yet entertaining stay is what sets it apart from the others.

Riad Ritaj Meknes
Riad Ritaj, Meknes, Morocco


The riad is located around 49 kilometers away from the Fes-Saiss Airport in the heart of Meknes near famous and culturally rich sites, including royal palaces, beautiful mosques, and astonishing military architectures.

Room Amenities:

There are a total of 4 kinds of rooms available for the guests, including basic, large, and superior double rooms along with deluxe king accommodations to make things interesting. All of the rooms come with handcrafted carpets, more than sufficient lighting, and side tables with uniquely designed lamps. They also include private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and electrical sockets near the bed.

Property Amenities:

The property features a stunningly magnificent courtyard with a splashing fountain of sparkling water, outstanding room views, and a very impressive sun terrace. Cooking classes, entertainment events, and themed dinner nights are also offered for additional charges.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The best thing about this riad is that they are so confident in the top-notch services that they let you pay afterwards your stay. Moreover, their 24-hour restaurant offers some of the best food in the city and it is always there to satisfy those late-night cravings.

Riad Ritaj Meknes Contact

  • Address: 13, Sidi Amer Bouaouada Medina -, 50000 Meknès, Morocco
  • Phone: 05355-34808

Riad Lahboul

Riad Lahboul is a 3-star hotel one of the most traditional guesthouses in the city which has been renovated while retaining its beautiful architectural elegancy. The original owners of the riad, Simon, and Mouna have given it away into the capable hands of Hassan and his excellent team of employees which make sure to make your stay here as peaceful as possible.

Riad Lahboul Meknes
Riad Lahboul, Meknes, Morocco


The riad is located on the edge of the Meknes Medina around 0.9 miles away from The Great Mosque and about 50 miles away from the Fes-Saiss Airport.

Room Amenities:

There are a total of 7 rooms within the riad with air-conditioners, free Internet services, room service, and private bathrooms with showers. The rooms are cozy and fully carpeted which adds a layer of comfort to the already excellent accommodations.

Property Amenities:

The riad is famous for its exotic botanical gardens full of greenery and teeming plant life. A leisurely walk in this garden can be very refreshing and revitalizing after a long day’s journey. The property also offers activities like cooking classes, musical events, and belly dancing shows to partake in.  

Top Reasons to Stay:

Mouna’s exquisite Moroccan dishes and excellent cooking classes are one of the top reasons to stay at this marvelous riad. The prices are relatively cheap for all the services that they are offering and can be a blessing for those who are on a budget. Make sure to check out this riad if you want bang for your buck.

Riad Lahboul Meknes Contact

  • Address: 6 Derb Ain Sefli, Rue Rouamzine, Meknès 50030
  • Phone: 080-8521352

Zaki Suites Hotel & Spa

Zaki Suites Hotel & Spa is a 4-star hotel that provides luxurious accommodations to its guests for affordable prices. The hotel’s located in an idyllic location which draws a large number of tourists every year. Its imposing architecture is built on a grand scale with an impressive layout and design scheme which is further amplified by its charming natural setting.

Zaki Suites Hotel Spa Meknes
Zaki Suites Hotel & Spa, Meknes


This hotel is situated about 6 minutes away from the Fes-Rabat motorway interchange near the expansive river of Oued Boufekrane. The old Meknes medina is also located in the nearby vicinity which is visited by a huge influx of tourists every year.

Room Amenities:

There are an astonishing number of rooms within the hotel with its special suites taking the cake. The spacious and roomy suites have every service and facility you can imagine. The views from their private balconies can feel very rejuvenating and regenerating for the tourists after going through the bustle of the chaotic city. VIP room facilities are also provided for additional charges. All rooms come with clean private bathrooms with bidets and showers.  

Property Amenities:

The property features a variety of different restaurants, swimming pools, snack bars, nightclubs, conference rooms, a wedding room, and massage centers. The hotel lobby is wonderful and staff behavior is very friendly. This lovely hotel is something to look forward to if you want a leisurely stay in the city with premium quality and facilities.

Top Reasons to Stay:

The hotel’s grand scale and accommodations can fit in a large number of tourists within its spacious and roomy suites. So, if you’re not able to find any suitable riad or hotel, make sure to give the Zaki Suites and Hotel ago to have all your needs fulfilled by the courteous and hospitable staff of this establishment.

Zaki Suites Hotel & Spa Meknes Contact

  • Address: Boulevard Al Massira, 50000 Meknès, Morocco
  • Phone: 05355-14149


Meknes is a city proud of its rich cultural heritage which is reflected in its very traditional hotels and riads known for their hospitable nature and relaxing atmosphere. All the establishments within the area mix the old-fashioned architecture with modern layouts and blueprints.

Before you select any of the listed hotels or riads, make sure that it can fulfill your travel needs. Choose a place that is within your budget with an ideal location near the most popular tourist destinations to make the most out of your trip.

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