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Best Things to See and Do in Zagora

Zagora is a beautiful city located in Morocco. It is known for its rich culture and diverse landscapes, with everything from the Sahara Desert to snow-capped mountains. If you are planning on visiting Zagora anytime soon, here are the top things you should do while there!

Best Things to See and Do in Zagora

Let’s discover the best things to see and do in Zagora and its region.

Visit Draa Valley

The Draa Valley is an extremely beautiful desert valley set among dramatic sandstone outcrops, cliffs, and gorges. Traditionally villages were built among the date palms which grow plentifully in the valley – this has given rise to Zagora’s reputation as a ‘town of dates’.

In particular, there are many important primaries along the many wadis that cut through the area. Although not a major tourist destination, it does have its own charm for those willing to be patient enough to discover it by foot or 4×4 adventure.

Zagora best places to visit
Daraa Valley, Zagora, Morocco

What can I expect at Draa Valley?

The Draa Valley is located in the south of Morocco. It stretches between Zagora and Merzouga, near the Algerian border. The valley is surrounded by mountains with different shapes, mostly shaped like an animal or human figures. These mountains are usually 800 meters to 1,000 meters (2,612 feet to 3,281 feet) high.

The area has lots of palm trees that provide shade for the nomads’ tents. Most people live in rural areas around hand-made mud buildings, which can be found anywhere you go in the valley.

Many tourists visit this area every year to see its authentic beauty and meet local nomads coming from all over southern Morocco to reach one of the biggest weekly centers at Zagora; where they sell and buy products such as livestock, vegetables, or other Central-African goods. The valley is also known for its year-round warm weather and open landscape, allowing the nomads to keep their goats and migrate with them yearly.

What kind of activities can I find here?

In the Draa, you can enjoy camel back riding, 4×4 tours, hiking, and of course a lot of suns. There are no major activities for children here as there is nothing to do in the valley itself besides visiting nomads or going for a walk down its palm-lined streets. The best thing to do in this valley is to go camping with friends and enjoy yourself outdoors.

Why should I visit it?

It is one of the places with the most exotic landscape in the south of Morocco. It has unique scenarios that only nature can produce; if you are an adventurer or willing to discover things then this is your place!

Explore Tamegroute

Tamegroute is a small town in the Draa Valley, located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Zagora and 32 kilometers (20 miles) away from Mhamid. The village has about 2,000 inhabitants who are still living as they did centuries ago without losing their culture and traditions. Even today you can see families living together in large tents made of goat hair that surround the palm groves.

If you want to experience all these local customs then you should definitely go there as it is very authentic and doesn’t have those annoying tourist men trying to sell you something just because you’re white!

Tamegroute Morocco
Tamegroute village, Morocco

What can I expect at Tamegroute?

You can expect to find a nice, quiet place with many palm trees and goats around. The people are very friendly therefore it is easy to communicate with them; even if you don’t speak any Arabic or Berber (the local dialect). It is not that touristy like Merzouga, hence the prices are lower for anything you buy there.

Another important thing to keep in mind before going there is to bring drinking water with you as Tamegroute does not have a drinking water infrastructure. Also, make sure your mobile phone has enough credit for making calls because only some companies work well out there!

What kind of activities can I find here?

There isn’t much to do besides going for walks around the village or buying some of the local products. It is a nice place to be if you want to escape city life, have a picnic or enjoy the sun.

Why should I visit it?

Tamegroute has an interesting history that involves one of Morocco’s saints Sidi Ahmed al-Tijani who lived there during his last days where he left many manuscripts and parts of the Quran behind. There are still two mosques in Tamegroute; one built by Sultan Moulay Sliman in 1912; which is now named after Sidi Ahmed El Tijani and another one inside the ancient ksar (fortified village). If you like history this is your place!

Musee des Arts Et Traditions de la Vallee de Draa

The Museum of Arts and Traditions is located in the heart of the Draa Valley, just in front of Zagora. Inside this beautiful building, you can discover an exhibition about everything related to the culture, art, and traditions of people living in the valley.

For example, there are several costumes that nomads used to wear in their daily life such as traditional clothes, jewelry worn by women and men (rings made from silver or gold), special sandals for walking into the desert, or historical weapons used during battles between tribes.

Also, there is a room dedicated to handicrafts; it shows all kinds of products Nomads used to sell on weekly markets like carpets and bags made from camel hair, wooden painted with natural colors using henna, silver bracelets, and necklaces, etc. Also, there are several instruments Nomads used to play during social events, ceremonies, or even battle raids.

Some of these are tbel (hourglass-shaped lute), tbal (small tambourine) which is mostly played by women, darabul drums…There is also a room where you can watch videos about daily life in the desert and how nomads used to live their life years ago.

draa valley Zagora desert
Musee des Arts Et Traditions de la Vallee de Draa

The museum is a peaceful and quiet place where you can discover an unknown part of Morocco. It has a beautiful garden with palm trees and flowers, so it’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

The museum itself has two kinds of floors: the first one consists mainly of photos about the valley and its culture; on this floor, there are also some rooms dedicated to children who can play with different toys such as puzzles or others, that help them to discover their culture through games.

The second floor consists of three rooms that show all kinds of artifacts Nomads used in daily life, during ceremonies, or even weapons they used against other tribes.

What kind of activities can I find here in this museum?

The museum itself has two kinds of activities you can do while visiting it. The first activity is guided tours that take place every day at 10 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 3 pm. An English-speaking guide will show you around the museum and tell you interesting facts about everything you see on your way. The second activity takes place inside one of the rooms where there are some puzzles children can solve to learn more about Nomads’ culture in a fun way!

Why should I visit it?

The museum is a very good place to visit if you want to discover Nomads’ culture in a fun and interactive way. You can learn about their traditions, clothes people used to wear thousands of years ago, music instruments they used for ceremonies… The tour guides who work here are all university-educated or have a high level of knowledge in archaeology or anthropology so they can answer any question you might have about this culture.

Tinfou Dunes

The Tinfou Dunes is found in between two mountain ranges in the south of Morocco. It is one of the most popular places for desert excursions and activities such as sandboarding, camel back riding, quad biking, and hiking. It’s what makes it one of the best things to see and do in Zagora.

The high altitude of these mountains gives Tinfou its dune formations that stretch all the way down to Zagora. The area has some beautiful views during sunset but can get quite crowded with tourists visiting on organized day trips from Marrakesh or Agadir so it’s recommended you spend at least a night here.

Tinfou Dunes Zagora Morocco
The Tinfou Dunes, Zagora, Morocco

What can I expect at Tinfou Dunes?

The dunes are located on the outskirts of Zagora close to Merzouga, which makes them easily accessible. The dunes are so high you can even see them from the city of Zagora itself, that’s how tall they are! The temperature here will get pretty hot during the day but once the sun goes away, it gets extremely cold. During wintertime, snowfall is common in the region making it an amazing place for snowball fights and snow building; you’ll definitely feel like a kid again!

What kind of activities can I find here?

The main activity on Tinfou Dunes is sandboarding thanks to its big slopes with very soft sand. You can also go hiking through some nomads’ trails (careful not to get lost) or enjoy quad biking in between dunes. In addition, you have some cafés and restaurants where you can have a drink or a meal. And of course, don’t forget to take some pictures!

Why should I visit it?

The Tinfou Dunes is a great place for a family getaway or with friends from Zagora or around the region. It’s very easy to reach the city so you’ll have no problem going by car or on foot. It gets pretty crowded during sunset time so plan accordingly if you go there! But after all, isn’t sharing good times with friends what makes an experience better?


Tizi-n-Bensalmane is a significant pass in North Africa on the border of the Draa Valley and the Anti-Atlas Mountain Range. It is located at an elevation of 1,934 meters (6,329 ft), making it a popular scenic attraction for both drivers and off-road enthusiasts alike. The Tizi has been described as “spectacular” with deep gorges crossed by very narrow bridges that can get slippery when wet or icy. Off-road vehicles from all over Morocco travel through the Tizi on their way to Azilal.

Zagora desert Morocco
Tizi-n-Bensalmane, Zagora desert

What can I expect at this site?

This mountain pass is a landmark in North Africa which forces cars up a series of steep hairpin turns on the southern side. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, but can be an exhilarating experience for drivers as they shift gears and try not to lose control on some of the tightest turns known to man.

What kind of activities can I find here?

The pass offers adventurous activities including off-roading with dunes, magnificent views, mountains, and gorges. Another region where you can make a stopover or simply enjoy the landscape is between Ait Benhaddou and Tinghir through the Ziz Valley which is also very interesting psychologically – this makes it one of the most important valleys in Morocco. It’s amazing how time has stopped in some parts that are still inhabited by people living just like centuries ago.

Why should I visit it?

It is a very exotic and gorgeous pass to drive through and discover the beauty of Morocco. It’s not so hard to get there for people who live in Europe as it will only take 5 hours from Paris while you can see wonderful landscapes while driving throughout this area. This area offers lots of places where tourists can discover other cultures such as kasbahs, towns that are still living like before or other activities such as horseback riding, climbing mountains and lots more!

Camel ride, Nature & Wildlife Tour

The Zagora region is home to many natural wonders, including the Valley of Death. This is one of Morocco’s most thrilling and mysterious places. The Valley covers over 100 square kilometers (39 square miles), all covered in sand dunes that can reach up to 50 meters (164 feet) high in some places.

It’s not something you’ll want to wander through on your own; there are no marked trails or water sources in this desolate place, which makes it dangerous for hikers. However, well-organized tours that go into the Valley of Death offer a fascinating experience as they navigate these vast dunes on camelback and discover amazing rock formations carved by the wind.

zagora desert
Zagora camel ride

What kind of activities can I find here?

The Zagora region is located in the south of Morocco and it stretches between Zagora and Merzouga, near the Algerian border. The best activity for this area is to take a camelback riding tour to enjoy the wonderful desert scenery with your family or friends.

What can I expect at a Nature & Wildlife Tour?

Every day you will spend out in the desert, exploring ancient abandoned towns built by Berber people a long time ago. You will also ride on horses or camels to discover more about local culture and explore beautiful landscapes of sand dunes against rock formations while listening to nomads’ stories about their life living in this amazing landscape.

Why should I visit it?

The location has perfect weather all year round so you can choose whatever season is the best for your travel. You will be able to find several activities here, like 4×4 tours or hiking, so everyone in the family will enjoy their time here.

Rock Carvings Nkob Tazzarine

Nkob Tazzarine is a place where you can enjoy yourself with your family. The site contains rock carvings from the Neolithic period, estimated between 5000 and 200 B.C., as well as a medieval necropolis of about 300 tombs dating from the 12th to the 14th centuries.

This valley is located 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Zagora in south-eastern Morocco, near Erfoud and Er Rachidia. Rock engravings representing animals such as giraffes, cows, and horses can be seen on many rocks around this area.

Rock Carvings Nkob Tazzarine
Rock Carvings Nkob Tazzarine

What can I do here?

This archaeological site has a large number of prehistoric engravings of different periods, covering an area of 70 meters by 60 meters (230 feet by 197 feet). The site has been protected since 1937. There are about 30 carvings visible today, of which only a few have been described and cataloged. Visitors can see giraffes, cows, horses, ostriches, and camels on the rock outcrops around the area. However, over 150 other prehistoric sites have been identified in this valley alone

Why should I visit it?

This place is very unique because it contains multiple different periods of engravings. It also offers you a chance to be part of an important discovery while enjoying your time off! If you want to start knowing more about the history of Morocco then definitely take some time and enjoy yourself in Nkob Tazzarine!

Best time to go there?

The best period of the year to visit this place is from November to February because it is not that hot yet and you will have a good time without sweating too much.

In March, the days can become very warm but the nights are still nice. But make sure you pack some thick clothes if going in April as it might snow at night…though it’s a rare case, I personally wouldn’t risk it.

The best way to enjoy your trip is during the autumn months (September–October) or spring months (March–April).

Kasbah Des Caids Du Mezguita

This is an ancient Kasbah built in the 17th century, it sits at the mouth of the Mezguita gorge. It has four towers with characteristic features, including horseshoe arched windows, cooling breeze channels, and large cisterns to collect rainwater.

It’s a great place to wander around by yourself or with friends for an afternoon just to escape from city life! Make sure to head up high on the tower where you will be able to enjoy amazing views across palm plantations towards desert hills beyond.

Agdez Morocco
Kasbah des Caids du Mezguita, Agdez, Morocco

What can I expect at Kasbah des Caids du Mezguita?

The village provides few activities apart from visiting the Kasbah itself; it also has basic serving tajines (traditional Moroccan food) and basic rooms for rent. One of the most attractive things here is its small river where you can find ducks, pigeons and tourist fish; it’s a beautiful place to visit if you want to relax!

Why should I visit it?

It has great views across palm plantations towards desert hills beyond. You also have the opportunity to learn more about local life in this village since it is not as touristic as other areas in Morocco.


If you’ve been to Zagora before, I hope this post has given you a few new ideas on what to do next time. And if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting Morocco, then hopefully this list will inspire your travel plans! Whether it’s exploring old Kasbahs or going for a camel ride – there are so many things to see and do in Zagora that no two trips can ever be the same.

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