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Best Places to Eat in Rabat

Being the capital of Morocco, Rabat has a diverse culture, and they embrace it significantly.
Food joints are the first places you would visit in Rabat since they are so many, and the town has a history of making the best Moroccan cuisines.

We shall tour you around the great city of Rabat is discovering different cuisines and traditional recipes only in this city. There are several best places to eat in Rabat.

best places to eat in rabat

Get ready to experience the best natural Foods with various flavors. If you want to taste the
Finger licking food in this city, you have to get ready to experience world-class recipes.
Restaurants around Rabat city take recipes for making delicacies to the next level. International Tourists and local tourists come here to enjoy different dishes made from different ingredients.

The Berbers were the first inhabitants who came to Morocco around two thousand years. Tagine and couscous were the first staple dishes introduced by the Berbers. While preparing large amounts of poultry and lamb steaks, the essential ingredients in the cuisines, were dates and figs.

Here are the best places to eat in Rabat

Cooling down after a long trip around the pacific would need you to relax and
enjoy a cocktail and delicious food. Imagine relaxing in a yacht-like restaurant with
fantastic music, a sweet aroma from the chef’s kitchen, and cool weather. What an experience!
Below is a list of the places or joints you can hoop in and enjoy the Moroccan cuisines and
traditional dishes.

Dinarjat Restaurant

Dinarjat restaurant rabat
The Dinarjat restaurant, Rabat, Morocco

When it comes to Morocco’s traditional cuisine, this is the best restaurant to visit. It is one most Magical restaurants in Rabat. Tourists and the locals love enjoying the food in this since It is located at the central business center of Rabat.

Guest are allowed to choose their Favorite dishes made with local ingredients to make it an outstanding restaurant. Quality and Service are considered significant in this restaurant. This is a place to visit every time you tour the great city of rabat.

Le dhow Restaurant

ledhow restaurant rabat
Le dhow restaurant, Rabat

This is a lounge and restaurant located in the dock of Casba Oudayas. This restaurant was made Like a vintage boat. This feature makes it unique and attracts a lot of tourists and locals. Comfortability and quality service are what they give priority.

Imagine having dinner in a boat-like restaurant, isn’t it heartwarming and the best feeling in the world. They offer their Guests various French cuisine and Morocco traditional dishes with extremely natural flavors that taste unique and perfect.

They make different cocktails for their guest as they listen to karaoke, DJs, and live band. This must be a breathtaking experience.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

Cosmopolitan restaurant rabat
The Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Rabat

Cosmopolitan is known for its unique modern art décor villa. This feature makes you want to visit this restaurant and experiences the world-class service of their professional staff. It is along the Streets of ramparts to RabatRabat and close to Bab Rouah, the gates of the winds.

They Carefully Crafts the dishes to make sure they fit world-class experience. The deserts are of classic French Flavors and textures. Dinner dates could not have been romantic without visiting cosmopolitan and tasting their variety of fine wine straight from the cask.

Dar Naji Restaurant

Dar Naji rabat
Dar Naji restaurant, Rabat, Morocco

Their striking food and traditional French cuisines will make you want to visit Rabat every Summer. While in the company of family and friends, take a seat and enjoy the many types of cocktails prepared by the bar attendants and feel the experience of the city of Rabat.

Dar Naji has an exceptional reputation that has brought tourists from all over the world to enjoy a variety of authentic Morocco dishes and their very famous and delicious mint tea made from natural Mint leaves. The décor gives you a splendid experience of all times.

La Menora Restaurant

La Menora rabat
La Menora restaurant, Rabat, Morocco

The elegant touch on their indoor area will make any guest feel at home while enjoying their Chefs’ specially made dishes from the traditional herbs and staple food that are cultivated in their own garden.

La Menora has a Spanish Moorish vibe that makes it a classic place where the guest can
Decide to sit in its indoor area or its Moroccan style patio and have a chance to experience and Taste their specialty of grilled dishes at their barbeque corner.

Guests enjoy their specially made food as they watch the winding streets of Rabat.

Le Ziryab Restaurant

Le Ziryab restaurant Rabat
Le Ziryab restaurant, Rabat

Its Moroccan architect and interior and exterior design make it elegant and popular. Le Ziryab offers a world-class experience where the staff with a jar welcomes the guests
Rosewater and a towel to wipe their hand before starting their dining experience.

This gesture makes it a unique part of Moroccan culture. The furniture will give you a home experience with its unique touch and comfortability. When it comes to the menu, you can expect to find Moroccan staple food and their traditional dishes.


samaky rabat Morocco
The Samaky, Rabat

It’s a simple yet elegant restaurant with outdoor and indoor decorations with arts and crafts from Moroccan artists. It Is located along in the historical part of rabat city. This restaurant Specifies high-quality and well-prepared seafood.

They use traditional and natural ingredients to make these delicious see foods. It creates a relaxing backdrop for diners to experience the Moroccan cuisines as they enjoy the cool breeze.

If you want to experience finger-licking seafood, the Samaky is the best place to tour in the city of Rabat.

Ty Potes

ty potes restaurant rabat
Ty Potes restaurant, Rabat

Ty Potes is a combination of a restaurant and a grocery. The grocery store provides its customers with imported products from other countries like France. Among these products are Gallic delicacies.

Ty Potes have a colorful interior design and a garden patio set to the scene for the guests to enjoy their unique and light dishes are like the unique mixed global tapas. When it comes to the Dining experience Ty potes gives its best by offering the best-grilled lamb steak and fine wine for dinner dates.

Yamal Acham Restaurant

Yamal Acham rabat
Yamal Acham restaurant, Rabat

Its traditional Middle East name is Beauty of Syria, an Arabic name. Yamal Acham restaurant has colorful decollations in a lavish Arabic red and golden décor. The menu consists of Syrian cuisines such as shawarma and kebabs.

It has a friendly and warm, and relaxed atmosphere that allows the guests to relax, enjoy and experience different dishes made from their traditional Asian ingredients. The chefs use simple recipes to make the delicacies. If you want to enjoy the oldest wine straight from the cask, then Yamal Acham should be your next destination.

Facts about Food in Rabat

Food made in Rabat has worn an iconic global status as being the most colorful, and its contrasting flavors charm the mouth of every eater. They see food as a basic need and a factor that brings together family and strangers.

History of Morocco Food Culture in Rabat

The cultural interactions, religion, and geographic location of Rabat have a significant role in shaping the Moroccan food scene. Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of Arab, Mediterranean, Amazigh, and Andalusian cuisines. These cuisines have some European and sub-Sahara touches.

The often-cultural interactions with the Arabs have brought about the introduction of new foods in the Morocco city of Rabat. These foods include grains and bread.

The Asians still were responsible for introducing spices such as cinnamon, saffron cumin, and ginger. Asians are believed to love cooking with sour and sweet spices. They have introduced these techniques to the people of Morocco. Andalusia introduced Moorish dishes in the city of Rabat.

Morocco has a geographic face in front of the Atlantic Ocean, the mountains, and deserts. So, it is usual to find kinds of seafood, almonds, figs, figs as part of its cuisine. Unlike beef, poultry and lamb steak are readily available. Due to inadequate grass fields, beef is not readily available.

The high population in rabat city are Muslims. Therefore, this population has a more significant say on the ingredients used in these cuisines. The Muslim religion prohibited the consumption of alcoholic drinks and pork. Thick soups like Hariri are made during religious holidays and commonly break the fast.

The Geographic Religion Of Moroccan Food In Rabat

Rabat has a diverse religion. Although it makes a lot of dishes, there are still regional specialties. Due to the production of many seasonal foods, rabat city has contributed to flavor specialization. The following is a list of what the city of Rabat offers from the Atlas Mountains cultural region.

  1. South Coast region
  2. Fes
  3. Casablanca
  4. High Atlas
  5. Essaouira
  6. Chefchaouen

1. South Coast region

In this region, organic honey and organic oil are the commonly found cuisine. Every dish made in this region is likely to have these two ingredients. They enjoy their meals best with honey and cook their food with organic oil. These ingredients are natural and healthy.

2. Fes

Fes or Fez city is located in the northeastern part of the country. This area is very fertile and produces high-quality ingredients used to make their delicious cuisines. Fez is popularly known for the production of kennarai, a very nutritious stew that is made with artichoke or thistle.

3. Casablanca

This is the most popular commercial hub in the country of morocco. It is a city at the port. It is strategically located at the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Casablanca is known for the production of seafood. It is located in the western part of Morocco and makes cuisines with seven vegetable ingredients.

4. High Atlas

This vast region of Morocco starts from the tremendous Algerian border and ends at the Atlantic coastal region. There are lots of seafood among other cuisines like shrimp.  They make a type of stuffed and slow-roasted lamb or beef.

5. Essaouira

This is another city located in the western region of Morocco and is another resort and port city that fronts the Atlantic coast. The most popular dish served in this region is fish and seafood. They have an extraordinary cuisine they call fish tagine prepared with ingredients like ginger and saffron.

6. Chefchaouen

This city is found in the northern part of Morocco. It is also called the blue city. Its beautiful bluish shades make it the most searched city in the world. It makes most appearances on social media like Instagram and tweeter. Their favorite dish is chicken served with prunes. This specially made chicken makes people travel worldwide to come and enjoy it. It is believed to be the most beautiful city.

Interesting Facts About Moroccan Food

Having discussed the geographical region of the Moroccan foods, below is a list of interesting facts about Moroccan food.

  • There are a lot of homegrown foods like vegetables and fruits; these include tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, oranges, lemons, pawpaw, and many others.
  • The northern part of Morocco is in the Mediterranean Sea, and the most food produced in this part is fish and other seafood. It has an abundant supply of fish.
  • The northern part of Morocco is in the Mediterranean Sea, and the most food produced in this part is fish and other kinds of seafood. It has an abundant supply of fish.
  • The most popular dish in Morocco is couscous. This dish is served all over the world. People travel from all over the globe to morocco to be served with this delicious dish.
  • All of the Moroccan dishes are prepared using spice and herbs. These are crucial in preparing any dish in morocco. Food without spices is not a delicious meal in this city.
  • The five most basic spices used in Moroccan cuisine are commonly used. These ingredients include; paprika, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, and turmeric. These are the essential spices that can not be luck in Moroccan dishes.
  • The most common breakfast in morocco is pancakes, also known as baghrir, stewed beans cooked with paprika, and cumin are also known as beyssara, and bread.
  • Moroccan dishes are diverse. They include a mixture of cuisines from different regions.
  • Mediterranean, Arabic, Berber and Andalusian. When brought together, they make delicious dishes that create an attraction from all over the globe.
  • Morocco is a culturally diverse country with regional specialties being the most basic of these towns and their strategic location.
  • The first inhabitants in Morocco were the Berbers. They came to this country and introduced Tagine equipment used for slow cooking. This was an improvement in the technology of cooking and improving food storage.
  • In the 7th century, the Arabs who arrived in morocco brought with them spices that were meant to improve the cooking idea of the people. They brought about a significant change in how food used to taste. They brought these spices from India, China, and Malaysia.
  • The interactions of the Arabs and the Persians influenced and brought about the sour and the Sweet Food flavor. They used a lot of dried nuts and fruits to make their cuisines, among other spices.

Morocco Popular Food

This topic will discuss the most popular foods found in Morocco and its town. So far, I have discussed the facts about their cuisines and the commonly used spices, where they originated from, and how they have positively changed the typical idea of food production.

Morocco being a culturally diverse country, we have seen the results of the interactions with various communities across the globe. Below is a discussion of the most popular foods in morocco.

  • Brochetes
  • Couscous
  • Tagine
  • Tangia
  • Bisara
  • Hirara
  • Mint tea
  • Zalouk


They are also known as kebabs. This is a snack that is made from meat. It is readily available on the streets of Rabat.


These are small steamed balls with crushed durum wheat semolina. It is a staple food in morocco prepared in almost every home.


This is the most famous Moroccan entrée. It is the most established slow-cooked stew. It is a traditional cuisine cooked in a ceramic or clay pot. It is then mixed with certain spices and vegetables and slowly cooked in the clay pot.


Tangia means two things: a stew made in a pot and an urn-shaped tetra cotta pot. This dish involves meat dishes such as the fatty parts, tendons, and bones. It is simmered to ensure the complex parts are softened.


This dish is prepared in the morning by northern and eastern Morocco. It is a delicious thick soup made from fava beans. The stew is seasoned with salt, chili, and cumin spices to improve its taste.


Harira is also one of the most iconic dishes in Morocco. It is a chicken soup made with fine noodles, chicken pie, and lentils. This dish is mainly prepared during the winter months and used for breakfast like Ramadan.

Mint tea

Mint tea is part of the Moroccan culture. Green mint tea is a delicious drink. It is served with different staple food at different times of the day. Green mint tea has various health benefits.


It’s a typical dish in most homes and restaurants. Zalouk is mainly served with crusty bread, and its spread is made of olive oil, tomatoes, eggplants, and a few spices. Note that the eggplant must be first grilled before being seasoned with the spices.


In conclusion, Rabat has the most healthy and natural food that everyone would love to taste. Variety of exceptional cuisines and the good of quality. Their natural ingredients and touch and texture to the food. The restaurants are designed with a home feeling of cuisines hence the ideal destination for your tour.


Why should I choose to eat at Rabat Restaurants?

After touring and exploring the city of rabat, enjoying the cool weather, and mingling with the people to learn the new cultures, you may need a place to cool down and relax.
Rabat city has several joints you can relax, have your diner and drink a cold cocktail as you cool down your body.

Which factors should you consider while choosing a place to have your diner?

There are several factors to consider while choosing a place to go and relax after a long day of exploring. It is essential to do thorough research on the places you should visit to avoid unnecessary budgeting.

Should you choose a strategic location of where you should eat?

The location of the restaurant should not be an inconvenience. You should choose a location that is easily accessible and convenient according to where you are. Rabat city has restaurants in all corners easily accessible by any tourist.

What kind of foods do I get in Rabat?

Restaurants in Rabat have cuisines from different cultures all over the world. Starting from making traditional dishes to everyday recipes. Almost all kinds of food are prepared in the restaurant.

Do they make good food?

Restaurants in Rabat are believed to make the best foods from the natural ingredients they harvest from their farms. One thing that makes their food exceptional is that they use natural ingredients, and they have the best way of preserving their food.

This guarantees that they make the best quality and healthy food in morocco. Remember, healthy foods are crucial for ensuring you have all the energy you require to perform your daily duties.

Do they offer a variety of food?

Food has an essential role in the culture and cuisines of every nation. Different types of food create a tasty culinary that brings people together.

The city of Rabat has many cuisines from different cultures across Morocco that you would love to taste. Starting from seafood, poultry, vegetables, salads, barbeques, among others.

Can you give orders for specific cuisines and prepare them?

The answer is yes. You can go to a restaurant and make your order, give instructions on how it should be prepared and have it exactly how you would love it. You may read a book and find recipes that you would love to try; restaurants in rabat city accept orders from their guests.

How are the services offered in the eateries?

They offer the best services since they have professional staffs that are well trained. The staff trained on the tips for quality services and how to handle their guests.

From kitchen staff to the service team. The service team makes sure that the tables are well arranged the cutlery is placed appropriately.

Their welcoming gestures are excellent. The kitchen team is organized and is responsible for making sure they prepare quality food.

Will you revisit Rabat?

With the excellent and quality food that restaurants prepare, you would love to stay here and enjoy the different cuisine from different cultures in morocco. Rabat has the tastiest food and the healthiest food from their natural ingredients. They have a cuisine that rings out different tastes and textures.

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