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Best Places to Stay in Rabat

First things first! You have come to Rabat; where do you stay for your vacation? If this has been lingering in your mind for the longest, you shouldn’t have to worry. You are in the right place!

Please understand that Rabat has a fantastic selection of staycations, and hotels, for the different kinds of tourists and travelers. If you are a couple and are looking for an intimate retreat, a family with a child or children, or you are coming as an individual; there are different peaceful and serene neighborhoods you can stay.

best places to stay in Rabat

Nevertheless, choosing the ideal and best places to stay in Rabat to stay relies on personal expectations and interests.

Since Rabat is a relatively big city, it could be overwhelming for first-time tourists to choose a neighborhood for their stay. However, there are numerous things to see and do, and selecting a closer place to the main attraction sites is advisable. For instance, choosing a hotel closer to the Hassan region or the Quartier des Orangers. While there, you will not have to travel long distances to the major attraction sites.

Also, if you are traveling on a budget, it is essential to book a hotel in the Agdal area, which is relatively affordable. If you are also coming to Rabat for work, consider a place near your workstation, to avoid all the highways traffic in the morning and evening.

Most of the hotels in Rabat ranges from about $30- $150 for the average hotels and more for the luxury hotels. However, the prices can change depending on the timing of your visit.

Besides, remember that since Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, it attracts a lot of people, including business explorers, making the large hotel chains more costly. If traveling on a budget, look out for the smaller Riads hotels that won’t hurt your pockets while you still get a fantastic experience.

The Atlantic Ocean flanks rabat and the city offers a wide range of things for the interested tourists who find their way to this renowned city.

The city is located a few kilometers from Casablanca. It has a relaxed atmosphere, with unique features, making it a desirable place to experience the Moroccan lifestyle, and much more than the other eminent Morocco cities.

Rabat is an accessible port of entry worldwide due to Sale and Rabat’s leading domestic, international airport. For individuals who want to take a long walk throughout Morocco.

A brief history of Rabat, the city, was officially declared the capital city, taking the title from Fes in 1912. It still held the title even after the country’s liberation in 1956. All these were done during the era of ruler Yaqub al-Mansour, who began the construction of a mosque that was intended to be the largest in the world. The remains of the mosque are the most popular attraction sites.

Rabat has numerous attraction sites, including Chellah, where the Phoenicians and the Romans resided while carrying out their activities. It is situated just outside the city center. Challah is a historic site that hosts numerous events, such as the annual jazz festival.

The medina in Rabat is also a great place to get all your authentic Moroccan ware. The medina stands out than in other cities since the bargaining of shop owners is not aggressive compared to other cities. While here, you will find different handmade crafts, including the Rabat carpets, which resemble the Turkish ones, compared to the Morocco ones. Visitors also experience the craftsmen’s workshop, as they buy all the crafts they wish to get.

Tips for getting ideal hotel deals in Rabat

  • If you come to Rabat on a budget, consider planning your visit in the low season. It is easier to get cheap hotel accommodation during the low season. It is usually during Feb and July.
  • Although hotel accommodations prices differ with different factors, it is possible to get the best arrangements in Rabat when you book your reservation for a stay on a Monday. Often, you will be charged the highest amount if you visit on Wednesday.
  • Book your reservations about 90 days before your travel to get the best price for your accommodation.
  • If you want to stay in a cheap hotel room in Rabat, check a 3-star hotel. Most people often book their reservations for about four days. The cheapest is approximately $49, while the most expensive is $165 per night.
  • Avoid the central trains station in Rabat if you are looking for cheaper accommodation.  For instance, you can check out Dar Al Taaj, a more affordable option and a 25minutes walk from the train station. It is convenient for travel anywhere in Rabat.
  • If you are looking to have a good view of the historic sites in Rabat, it is recommended that you stay close to the most important landmark attraction sites. For instance, you can stay in a Des Oudaias hotel, a 6-minute walk from the citadel of Kasbah of the Ouidaias.
  • Supposing you want to go swimming in the ocean, you would be recommended to stay close to the beach as possible. You can book your reservations in a hotel that is 10-minutes’ walk to Rabat beach, such as Riad Dar El Ghali.
  • For anyone who wants to relish the nighttime in Rabat, you can book your reservations close to the Administrative Quarter, close to numerous bars and restaurants. There are popular launches such as the Yucatan and the Jazz Bar, and all are an approximately 7-minute walk to Ubay Hotel.
  • Besides, if you are up for entertainment in the evenings, don’t hesitate to book your reservation in a hotel close to a theatre. For instance, Onomo Hotel is a good example, and it is situated close to the national theatre and the Royal Cinema, for movie time.

Since you have all the tips you need for your stay in Rabat, let’s get right into the best places you can stay in Rabat.

The medina

The medina Rabat
The medina, Rabat, Morocco

An old medina is a popular place for visitors. More often than not, most tourists always have the image of the medina when visiting Morocco since it is the pulse of Rabat. The medina is a lively central district where most travelers can observe the daily activities of the local population.

If you visit Rabat for the night, it is the best place to stay. It is an active central area, and you will experience the daily life of the Moroccans.
The accommodation in the medina is also affordable, and one can survive with a tight budget. The most common accommodations here are hotels, riads, and Dars. They have beautiful rooftops with beautiful terraces, onsite hammams and swimming pools, and other vital features.

A medina is a great place for your stay, and absorb the atmosphere while strolling around the narrow streets from the Mohammed V to the main market street Rue Souika.

If you stay in medina, you be will be a walking distance from the major attraction sites in Rabat, such as the Rabat beach, Lighthouse, and the Hassan Tower. Besides the Agdal is neighboring to the medina, and you can easily walk around or use the public transport means of the bus, to reach any part of the city. Taxi services are also available and are cheaper than the other car hire option.

You can book your stay in the medina if you want to stay in a central location, for a perfect place to explore Rabat. Also, if you’re going to be close to most tourist attraction sites, it is an ideal place. Besides, if you are interested in traveling to Rabat to experience the locals’ daily life and activities, the medina is the right place for you. While here, you have a limited budget to spend, and you will get value for your money.

However, if you are looking for a quiet and serene environment, it is not the right place for you. Also, if you want a family-friendly site, it is not recommended to stay in the medina.
The best places to stay in the medina region includes

Riad Dar Karima

Riad Dar Karima Rabat 1
Riad Dar Karima, Rabat, Morocco

It is the best luxury hotel in the medina area. The Riad Dar Karima is a glitch fiction oasis in Rabat’s loud and blast medina. The riad is located in a place that is easy to walk around. It is approximately 500m from the Kasbah. It is also about 2 km from Chellah and about 600 m from the Medina central station.

If you want to head to the airport, it is also five km away. The raid has free WIFI and is a 24-hour guest reception. Each room has its style and is equipped will all the necessities you require for your stay.

Riad Meftaha

Riad Meftaha Rabat 2
Riad Meftaha, Rabat, Morocco

It is the best mid-range hotel set in the Marassa Ocean. All the guests are welcome, and they enjoy different activities in the surroundings, such as golf, cycling, and fishing. The riad is close to Kasbah and the Moroccan parliament.

Their rooms are affordable and are equipped with digital TV. All the rooms have a private bathroom with a hot shower. Besides, you are provided with all the toiletries for use. Riad Meftah is located about 8 km from the Rabat-Sale airport.

Chambre Haut Standing

Chambre Haut Standing
Chambre Haut Standing Hotel, Rabat, Morocco

The hotel is the best low-budget hotel near the National Library of Morocco, the National Railway station office, the Ministry of Education, and SRET.

The rooms have free WIFI, a private balcony, a shared lounge, and digital TV. The staff are very welcoming and make you feel at home. It is also an excellent place for your stay since they provide a paid airport shuttle service.

Agdal Ryad

Agdal Ryad Rabat
Agdal Ryad, Rabat, Morocco

Agdal is a central location with numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants. Agdal is located on the south side of Quartier des Orangers. This makes it easy for young travelers to book their stay. While in Agdal, the 18-hectare garden created in 1914 by the French Jardin is the leading attraction site for a visit in the neighborhood.

Besides, the Noble Palace of Rabat, Urban Forest, and the Valley of Roses are also the major attraction sites. These are perfect places for taking some of your award-winning shots while taking a stroll in the tranquil and tree-lined park.

Agdal is an ideal place for having Moroccan cuisine, shopping in a quitter place, and taking a relaxation. The food tour and food tasting make the place ideal for food lovers. One has a chance to taste the diverse dishes prepared in Rabat, ranging from Italian to French words. Besides, the traditional dishes are available at an affordable price.

On the contrary, if you want to enjoy the nighttime life that Rabat can offer, this is not the ideal place for your stay.

Accommodation in the Agdal neighborhood is mostly the self-catering apartments. Most of them include a separate living room and a kitchen. It is a perfect place for the budget tourist, who would love to prepare their food.

Although some places lack in-services and amenities, they ensure affordable, spacious rooms. Also, the close bars, restaurants, and grocery supplies make it easier to access everything you would require for your stay.

Some of the hotels and restaurants in the Agdal area includes:

Gardenia Hotel

Gardenia Hotel Rabat
Gardenia Hotel, Rabat, Morocco

The Gardenia Hotel is located about 2km from the National Library and features free private parking, a restaurant, a bar, and a shared lounge. The hotel also has airport transports, 24-hours reception, and free WIFI.

The staff are well trained, give you a warm welcome, and work towards making sure you feel at home. You definitely cannot go wrong with booking your stay in this hotel.

Flower Town Hotel & Spa

Flower Town Hotel
The Flower Town Hotel & Spa, Rabat, Morocco

The hotel is situated about 1.5km from the National Library and 4 km from the famous Hassan Tower. Besides, other close points of interest near the area include the Ministry of Education and SRET. They provide a 24-hour reception, free WIFI, and room services. All rooms have a balcony, air-conditioned, a private bathroom, a hot shower, and a spacious wardrobe.

The Flower Town Hotel also provides an indoor pool and a fitness center for the guests that love keeping fit. They also offer transport to the airport, hence no need to worry about that. All the staff work hard to ensure you feel welcome and at home.

If you are worrying about breakfast, they offer a la carte breakfast. When visiting Rabat, make your reservations to enjoy the best scenic views of the city.

Stay in The L’ Ocean District Neighbors

L Ocean Rabat Morocco
L’Ocean district neighbors, Rabat, Morocco

The L’Ocean district neighbors the South Western side of medina. The place offers surfers and shore fans an opportunity to enjoy their stay. The area is close to the medina and the different market stalls. Besides, palace Kabbaj ensures visitors can quickly stop and explore the various attractions sites before moving to quiet housings in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fort Rottembourg neighbors the coastline, just outside the District, hence a closer historic landmark to the neighborhood.

The nearby intimate cafes welcome your stay in this neighborhood. You can grab a come of coffee while you watch people continue with their daily activities. The area also has a handful of people in the community, which ensures that you have easy access to a quick dinner after the long tour of Rabat and surfing on the beach.

The neighborhood directly hugging the L’Ocean is rocky and offers a pretty view of the waves hitting against the rocky scenery. If you are lucky enough to get a table at the numerous cafés providing sea views, it will be a fantastic experience for you.

At the Plage de Rabat, you will find a more ancient beach, surf shops, and schools, which could give you everything you need for your day on the waves. Quartier L’ Ocean also gives you a bonus point for incredible views of the ocean when you book your reservations.

Besides, the prices in the area are affordable, compared to the medina area. You can get an apartment with several bedrooms, much cheap compared to staying in the luxurious riads in Rabat.

Hassan District – Qaurtier Orangers

Hassan District Rabat
The Hassan District, Rabat, Morocco

Although the medina is the most popular area to stay in Rabat, the Hassan neighborhood gives one a more restructured glimpse of the city’s daily activities. The environment is calmer and relaxed compared to the Medina district. It is also home to several famous attraction sites.

If you want to spend some time in Rabat visiting the museums, the Hassan district is the best neighborhood to stay. Most of Rabat’s best museums are situated here. Besides, the area is quieter, an ideal place for your stay after a long tiresome day of visiting the attractions.

The central train station is also situated in this neighborhood; hence, tourists can easily access other cities such as Casablanca.

The region has plenty of bars and restaurants, including numerous international cafés and some of the best tagines in the city.

The Hassan region offers numerous hotels and restaurants that are affordable for anyone traveling on a budget. Besides, suppose you still want to stay in a luxurious hotel. In that case, there are several high-end accommodations in the area, such as apartments, perfect for people traveling as a group or simply anyone looking for spacious staycation rooms.

Most of the mid-range hotel selections in the area often include breakfast in their package, onsite spas, shuttle service, and other bonus services.

The hotels in the Hassan region includes:

Hotel La Capitale

Hotel La Capitale Rabat
The Hotel La Capitale, Rabat, Morocco

The Hotel La Capitale is located a walking distance from the central train station. The hotel has a restaurant and coffee tuck shop. Besides, all the rooms are air-conditioned, with free WIFI, and a private balcony.
Also, they are stylish and give a warm welcome to make your stay comfortable. The food is also top-notch and includes French, Italian, and locally produced dishes.

FAQs when booking a hotel in Rabat, Morocco

Are the hotels in Rabat safe during the COVD-19 crisis?

Although the COVID-19 crisis affects the global world, the hotels in Rabat are safe for tourists, and there is no need to worry. They adhere to the protocols laid by the government is trying to combat the virus.

However, you are advised to inquire from the local authorities about the procedures for the Rabat hotels.

How much does a hotel cost in Rabat?

Most Rabat hotels vary in prices due to their location, season, and amenities. However, if you are looking for a double room for your stay in Rabat, you will most likely pay approximately $90 for a three days reservation.

Do hotels in Rabat have free WiFi?

Most of the hotels in Rabat offer free WIFI to the guests. This is a great way to save some coins, compared to the roaming charges of your internet mobile provider.
For instance, if you book your reservations at the Riad Andaluz Marco, you will be an 8-min walk to Rabat beach and enjoy the free WIFI provided to the guests in all the amenities in the hotel.

Do Rabat hotels offer breakfast?

The best way to start your day could only be made better by having a free breakfast at the accommodation site of your choice. Having breakfast in the hotel you are staying in removes the morning hassle of looking for something to eat elsewhere. You get re-energized in the morning for a healthy, productive day ahead.

If you visit Riad Dar Saidi, they offer complimentary breakfast to the guests. The hotel is also strategically located and about 15 minutes from the Lighthouse. This ensures you explore the historical sites around you with ease and give you the comfort you deserve at Rabat.

Are there hotels in Rabat for parking?

If you plan on hiring a car for your exploration in Rabat, you must look for hotels with parking garages. This will ensure that your vehicle is safe when you are not driving.

A good example is the Belere Hotel. It offers the guests free parking space. It is also located 10 minutes away from the St. Peters Cathedral, a central location for your tour with ease.

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