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Best Places to Stay in Fes

To experience an authentic Moroccan culture unraveling itself right in front of your eyes, you need to, first of all, find a place for your stay. There is certainly no shortage of luxurious and exotic hotels and riads for you to check in and spend your days in Fes, but discovering the most comfortable and ideal spot can be a little difficult for tourists. Don’t fret because we’ve got you all covered with that.

best places to stay in Fes

Here’s a carefully curated list of some of the best places to stay in Fes to ease your troubles:

Riad Sara

Riad Sara Fes
Riad Sara, Fes, Morocco

The Riad Sara is situated right in the heart of Fes near the iconic Batha Museum. The guesthouse emphasizes its value for money slogan and offers tons of additional quality of life improvements along with the usual services, including soundproof windows to avoid disruptive environmental noises and first-rate air-conditioning and heating services.

The riad has eight roomy suites, including a Presidential Suite adding a layer of luxury featuring top-grade furniture and offering much bigger accommodation. All rooms come with an attached balcony with breathtaking views of the city, soft and comfy bedding created from high-quality fabrics, and a sophisticated dining area.

Make sure to visit the riad’s à la carte restaurant to experience classical Moroccan cuisine with exquisite taste and customer service. Visit Riad Sara on

Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace

Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace
Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace

Hidden deep within the expansive gardens of Ville Nouvelle, the famous Marriott is a five-star luxury hotel of epic and grand proportions. Experience iconic tourist attractions like the University of Al Quaraouiyine, Quartier Al-Atlas, and the wondrous Batha Museum just minutes away from the entrance.

Emphasizing fitness and health, the hotel offers first-class equipment and services, including saunas, steam rooms, a swimming pool, and even a jogging trail. There is also an onsite solarium available to get some work on your tan as well. The hotel provides fitness classes and counseling services for a fee along with state-of-the-art gym services. The dining area is filled with all sorts of different cuisines, including Italian, Middle Eastern, and French cuisines.

While the style and character of the hotel aren’t something to look forward to, the exceptional hotel services and facilities make it a worthy option. Visit Fes Marriott Hotel on

Riad Fes Maya Suite & Spa

Riad Fes Maya Suite Spa
Riad Fes Maya Suite & Spa

This 4-star riad has recently become popular because of its stunning architecture, which is a mix of contemporary Moroccan style and authentic Moorish structural designs. The quaint and peaceful ambiance of the riad can be considered as a blessing when touring in a boisterous city like Fes.

The Riad Fes Maya is known for its special spa and hammam services that use olive oil soap and black eucalyptus for deep cleansing and an in-depth exfoliation treatment along with a full massage package. They also offer zellige and pottery workshops, Moroccan cooking classes, and guided tours throughout the city.

The restaurant features authentic Fassi cuisine capturing the taste and flavor one would expect from traditional Moroccan cooking. This is also one of the few riads that offer beers, wines, and champagnes to its customers. So, alcohol lovers should definitely put this place at the top of their lists. Visit Riad Fes Maya on

Riad Fes Bab Rcif & Spa

Riad Fes Bab Rcif spa
Riad Fes Bab Rcif & spa

Situated within the very heart of Fes el-Bali, this 3-star riad is known for its low prices and value for money services. There are 13 guestrooms available with a minibar and free Wi-Fi. You may participate in a tennis match in the indoor or outdoor tennis courts, loll around the expansive library, have a relaxing time in the spa, or go on a gambling spree at the casino if you wish so.

The riad’s restaurant features a diverse Moroccan cuisine to choose from, such as a savory pastilla and tagine, but the complimentary breakfast offered here from 8 AM to 10:30 AM is what takes the cake. Additionally, the rooftop terrace and BBQ grills make for a lovely little party time.

This riad is your best bet when it comes to cheap accommodations and 3-star hotels in terms of services, facilities, and hospitality. Visit Riad Fes Bab Rcif on Booking.

Hotel & Spa Dar Bensouda

Hotel Spa Dar Bensouda
Hotel & Spa Dar Bensouda, Fes, Morocco

The hotel and spa Dar Bensouda’s renovated architecture pays tribute to its seventeenth-century roots with minimalistic Islamic motifs, a lush courtyard, and finely done woodwork at the forefront. Additionally, the good old fireplace and tranquil plunge pool make for quite a relaxing evening.

Well-known for its hammam and spa services, Dar Bensouda stands in a league of its own compared to most bathhouses. If you’re looking for an authentic traditional rubdown, this is the place you need to visit.

Divided into 18 rooms and three separate courtyards, the architectural structure of this hotel is of an extravagantly grandiose scale. All the rooms come with luxurious bathtubs, blazing fireplaces, and flat-screen televisions. Visit Dar Bensouda on Booking.

Riad Fes Nass Zmane

Riad Fes Nass Zmane
Riad Fes Nass Zmane

Situated near the sprawling Batha square, this is one of the best 4-star riads available in the locale. Built on a solid foundation of the lost Berber dynasty, the guesthouse has come on its own by embracing its ancient Merinid roots.

The riad features eight spacious guestrooms with attached bathrooms, breathtakingly scenic rooftop views, and an indoor and outdoor dining area with a complimentary buffet breakfast, a magnificent shared lounge, and an isolated library with a diverse book collection.

The staff members follow a strict policy focused on guest privacy while maintaining high customer service standards. This hotel is the place for you if you’re looking for a nice retreat from the usual hubbub of the city. Visit Riad Fes Nass Zmane on Booking.

Riad Al Makan

Riad Al Makan Fes
Riad Al Makan, Fes, Morocco

You will find this riad located around 16.9km away from Fes Sais and 2.9km away from the Fes railway station, situated near the iconic city gate of Bab Bou Jeloud, Bou Inania Madrasa, and Marinid Tombs.

This lovely 3-star riad has nineteen elegantly furnished bedrooms available for its guests, along with a rooftop featuring heavenly views of the medina. Lolling around the hotel, you will find famous tourist attractions like Der Batha Museum, Nejjarin Fondouk, and the University of Al Quaraouiyine, minutes away from the entrance.

In addition to all the standard hotel services, the Riad Al Makan is also equipped with a golf course for recreational sports, a wellness center for body and mind relaxation, and a spa for rejuvenating medicinal baths. Amongst all these things, the leisurely Turkish bath is perhaps the best thing about this fancy establishment. Visit Riad Al Makan on

Riad Myra

Riad Myra Fes
Riad Myra, Fes, Morocco

Myra is one of the rare 5-star riads in the city, situated 2.9km away from the airport near the well-established tourist attraction, Dar Batha Museum. The owners have created this majestic guesthouse while incorporating modern sensibilities by taking Moorish architecture as the leading source of inspiration.

The riad has become popular amongst tourists because of its rustic aesthetic and classical charm maintained during a lengthy restoration process to capture the structural integrity of the old building. The available accommodations include three standard rooms with the usual facilities, four comfort rooms focused on coziness, and seven leisurely suites with maximum space and additional facilities.

The guesthouse also offers specialized cooking workshops to promote their cultural dishes and traditional recipes, alluring massage services in the hammam, and extensive excursions across the city. Visit Riad Myra on Booking.

Riad Laaroussa

Riad Laroussa Fes
Riad Laroussa in Fes, Morocco

Situated right in the middle of two of the most chaotic shopping districts in the city, the Taala Kbira, and Taala Sgira, this is considered as one of the best riads in Fes. The interior and rooms emanate a traditional touch while offering all the modern facilities one would expect from such a fine establishment.

The rooms are spacious with elegant furnishing including, custom-made armchairs, sofas with arabesque designs, and beds with soft cushioned mattresses. The hand-embroidered wall designs, strikingly exquisite wall hangings and wonderfully designed lampshades go further and beyond to give it a personalized touch.

Whether it be poolside dining by the tranquil atmosphere of the pool, or a calming walk around the stunning outdoor terrace of the riad, or even a soothing bath at the private hammam (bathhouse), all of these places are available for the customers to take a moment and relax amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The room service is excellent, and the staff is very accommodating and cooperative, which makes for a remarkable hotel experience. Visit Riad Laaroussa on Booking.

Palais Amani

Palais Amani Fes
Palais Amani in Fes, Morocco

Palais Amani is another family-run riad that has more than 17 rooms to entertain its guests. It is located near Fes-el-Bali and attracts a large number of customers all over the year. Sky-high minarets, stifling tanneries, and frenetic souks are practically your next-door neighbors. The establishment has gone through about four years of reparation and renovation work before being restored to its former grandeur and becoming fully functional.

The friendly staff members offer unparalleled room service to ensure a memorable stay at their majestic and serene palace consisting of a transcendent courtyard and expansive lodgings. Hand-made scarlet red carpets, silky smooth drapes, and brilliantly done woodwork make this riad worthwhile.

They also offer Moroccan cooking classes for those who have acquired a taste for their fusion of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine in addition to wine tasting and calligraphy courses. And you may have guessed it already, the food here is also splendid as ever. The owners here also take notions like environmental impact very seriously by focusing their sources on recycling and reusability. Visit Riad Palais Amani on Booking.

Dar Seffarine

Dar Seffarine Fes
Dar Seffarine hotel in Fes, Morocco

Dar Seffarine is a small chic hotel well-known amongst the locals for its panache and classiness. The hotel’s situated near the University of Al-Karaouine in the middle of traditional souks and shopping districts. It took over seven years to finally renovate the six hundred years old building. Now, being transformed into an ideal dwelling for foreign visitors, it has been attracting customers for a whole decade.

The traditional spirit of architecture is still intact to promote the city’s magnificent cultural heritage. Most of the furniture uses high-quality wood polished to perfection with traces of fine-grained veneer sticking on it. The building design follows age-old Islamic models with an emphasis on geometric arabesque patterns. These motifs signify the infinite nature of the only transcendent entity Muslims believe in, Allah (God).

The hotel consists of a total of six capacious suites along with two courtyard lodgings. The rooms are furnished with carpets and cotton sheets with brass lanterns replacing the commonly used lampshades. The owners have a long-spanning background in architecture and graphic design and offer workshops to study enigmatic Islamic patterns. Visit Dar Seffarine on Booking.

Riad Tizwa Fes

Riad Tizwa Fes
Riad Tizwa Fes, Morocco

Riad Tizwa Fes is a 3-star riad located near some of the most iconic eating places in the city. This is probably the cheapest riad you will find in the city, but the low-priced stay does not mean that they cut corners to meet expenses. Although inexpensive, this riad stands on par with some of the most luxurious hotels in the vicinity. Their service quality, room conditions, and food standards are all on point.

They offer more value for your buck than any other riad in the city and are the ideal choice if you’re tight on budget. The staff members are very courteous, welcoming, and hospitable. They make sure that their standards live up to your expectations of their services. Visit Riad Tizwa Fes on Booking.

Riad Karawan

Riad Karawan Fes
Riad Karawan in Fes, Morocco

The Karawan recreates the time of the sultans and pashas of the old with painstaking effort re-imagined for the modern era. The riad leaves its customer enamored even at first glance. The riad offers the perfect place to fulfill your sightseeing needs as it’s located near countless fondooks, tanneries, plazas, and souks.

Karawan combines the architectural designs of Islamic structures dating back to a lost era of kings and queens with modern-day building models. These designs offer a unique perspective on the constructional evolution along the ages.

The rooms are traditionally designed with hand-made artifacts covering the shelves and tons of books to pass the time. The interior uses a vivid and vibrant color scheme aimed at stimulating the senses of its customers. The meticulous woodwork, fantastic tile work, top-notch furniture, and a vast library lounge with a dazzling chandelier are what sets it apart. Visit Karawan Riad on Booking.

Riad Idrissy

Riad Idrissy Fes
Riad Idrissy in Fes, Morocco

The Riad Idrissy is located near the shopping districts of taala Kbira and taala Sgira, but the place itself is as silent as can be. The calming ambiance of the riad acts as a sedative to soothe the mind and soul after journeying through a chaotic city of wonders.

It pays tribute to the Fassi architecture of the old while keeping things minimal and going overboard on the flashiness. However, what it lacks in style, it makes up for in service. The owners are very polite and follow the motto of “customer is always right” at all times.

Opt for this riad if you want a peaceful serene atmosphere to relax and have a break after a hectic day of sightseeing. Visit Riad Idrissy on Booking.

Riad Salama

Riad Salama Fes
Riad Salama in Fes, Morocco

The riad is situated right in the middle of the two most prominent streets of Fes. Originally built as a private household for a member of the nobility, the now renowned guesthouse is the result of a long-term restoration project by the owner spanning five years.

The Riad Salama features a lushly planted central courtyard installed with a plunge pool, a private hammam and massage services, and fast laundry facilities. It goes without saying but the rooms come with both air conditioning and heating utilities.

The staff members are helpful in providing detailed maps and directions and offering guided tours through the fascinating world of the medina at all times. Visit Riad Salama on Booking.

Riad Anata

Riad Anata Fes
Riad Anata in Fes, Morocco

Located just off the chaotic neighborhood of Batha, Anata is a riad famous for its dazzling interior design and jazzy mood, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The cozy bedrooms, small wooden cupboards, comfy courtyard sofas, and a very minimalistic bedroom décor will all make you feel right at home.

The riad comes with a small pool to soak in and have a relaxing little private time, a rooftop terrace giving way to the tanning rays of the sun, and an up-to-date library within the boundaries of the courtyard salon. They also offer in-depth Moroccan cooking classes to brush up on your essential spices and herbs.

All the rooms have their color-coded scheme to spice things up that adds another layer of personalization compared to the usually monotonous, drab, and uninspiring room setups. Visit Riad Anata on Booking.

Conclusion: Best places to stay in Fes, Morocco

Fes or Fez is the second tourist city in Morocco after Marrakech, staying in at the most beautiful and convenient accommodations is a dream for most of the Fes’s visitors, I hope that you find your dream hotel for your next visit to this amazing city.


Which are the cheapest guesthouses or riads available in Fes?

Riad Fes Bab Rcif & spa and Riad Tizwa Fes lean more on the cheaper side of things but do not compromise on the quality of the service and hotel facilities whatsoever.

Which are the best 5-star hotels in Fes?

Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace and Riad Myra are the best options amongst available 5-star hotels, not only in the city but the country of Morocco. They feature some of the most luxurious accommodations and facilities attributed to their high price packages.

What is the difference between a typical hotel and a riad?

Most of the facilities and services of a conventional hotel and riad are identical, the only difference being that a riad is usually managed by family members rather than employees and the standard hotel staff. The people at riads are more humble and accommodating when compared with the ones hired by hotel management due to this very reason.

Is staying and traveling in Fes costly?

Depending on your budget, a trip to Fes might not be as cheap as you think. Some of the more sumptuous hotels and restaurants can be pretty expensive for some people. So, take adequate measures in the budget department before planning your trip.

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