Shopping in Casablanca – Morocco

shopping in Casablanca

Coming to Casablanca, Morocco, and not having some time for shopping is impossible! Morocco is famed for its dark, fragrant medinas overflowing with spices, handmade items, and traditional Moroccan pastries. We all know a vacation is not complete without a souvenir, particularly in Casablanca. The question shouldn’t be what to shop, but where to shop. … Read more

Best Places to Stay in Casablanca

best places to stay in casablanca

Casablanca, the major city of Morocco. It is home to multilingual people, beautiful scenery and great beaches… But what are the best places to stay? Casablanca is a melting pot of cultures, historical relics, and modern life. Choosing a place where you will be staying could determine whether your experience in Casablanca would be a … Read more

14 Best things to Do in Casablanca

things to do in Casablanca

Ever been to Casablanca? There are many things to do in Casablanca, it has a populace of about five million people. The climate is moderate; hence one can plan the visit at any time. The months of July to September are the hottest, with temperatures of 70-90℉. On the other hand, the coolest months are … Read more

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