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If you plan to travel to Morocco, take a look at this blog first. We explain what you will find there and we give you some useful tips.

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With our free Morocco Travel Blog, we intend to give you the best and most up-to-date travel tips and advice through our local travel experts and guides at Morocco Tours Agency.

Here you will find practical information such as visas info, tips for saving in each city, places to sleep, places to see and things to do. We want to share with you all the information that everyone wish would have liked to have before planning his trips to Morocco.

We try to update this information every so often, we also accept new contributions to help each other with travel tips and tricks.

If you are thinking of making an exciting trip with your children, family, friends... and one of your greatest wishes is to be able to share with them a first contact with the African continent, Morocco is the travel destination you were looking for.

A destination that in addition to offering you a lot of exciting adventures, thanks to the variety in its beautiful excursions, culture, gastronomy, religion and ways of living, will make sure that in addition to enjoying an unforgettable vacation, you can also learn about what life is like in a world totally unknown to them. Traveling with children to Morocco is a very wise decision.

Of course, it is a country that gives some qualms, especially if you have never visited a country of Arab & Amazigh culture. But leaving behind the stereotypes we would like you to visualize it as a very attractive place for tourists and where travellers love. It is very safe and stays away from all that talk that it can be brand new or chilling at night.

What matters is to take the backpack and venture because there is nothing better than to remove our fears and go flying to explore new lands.

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Merzouga or Zagora? - Best Desert in Morocco

Best desert in Morocco

We dedicate this post to our travelers. Many times they write to us to make the excursion to the desert from Marrakech or Fes, and they ask us what differences there are between one and the other. Here we are going to give a little more information so that each traveler can choose the most suitable tour for their needs or expectations.

Transport in Morocco

Transport in Morocco

Once inside Morocco, the idea will be to get around to know the different attractions that the country has to offer, that is why offers you the best advice and the most complete information about transport in Morocco.

Best places to visit in Morocco

Morocco best places to Visit

There are many essential places to see in Morocco, a country with a culture and traditions very different from those of its nearby Europe, which we are sure, will catch you as soon as you arrive.

Best Time to visit Morocco

Morocco Travel blogger

Morocco is a country where visitors can enjoy culture and nature in equal parts: leisure, emotions, the discovery of a civilization, festivals, hiking through the desert or in the mountains, everyone will find what they dream of in this country of geographical and human contrasts. And if you are here it is because you already know everything it can offer you but you need to know what is the best time to travel to Morocco. Well, let's see it in great detail.

  Morocco Tourist Visa

Morocco blog tourists

This visa is issued by the Diplomatic or Consular Missions of the Kingdom, free of charge, to holders of a service passport or equivalent (as they are called). The duration of the service or mission visa can vary depending on the reason for the trip, from 03 to 90 days, with 01, 02 or multiple entries.

  Morocco Travel Tips & Advice

Morocco Travel tips blog

Looking for recommendations and tips to travel to Morocco? Do you already have your flight but don't know where to start organizing the trip? Do I need a visa? We are going to try to give you the best travel tips and advice.


FAQ Travel blog

We are going to try to answer the most frequent questions that arise before your trip to Morocco and to give you a few tips to travel to Morocco.

Morocco Camel Trekking in Merzouga

Morocco travelers blog

Morocco Camel Trekking in Merzouga is the most popular camel trekking tours in the Merzouga desert and its impressive Erg Chebbi sand dunes, customized by Morocco Tours Agency local travel experts to make the most of your stay in this beautiful desert village.

Merzouga Desert Activities

Merzouga activities

Once you have planned to visit the Merzouga desert and its charming sand dunes that rise up to 150 m. The question is how to discover all this?! Therefore we recommend the most popular and exciting activities for you in this article.

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